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Ask febe Anything!
febe has been a member since October 30th, 1999.
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6.26.00 - Ask me anything. This is febe.

heyteach on 6.26.00 - How has what you think you want out of life changed for you in the last ten years?

Well heyteach, I think that my life has not exactly gone as I planned 10 years ago. I never wanted children and was on birth control for 12 years when my doctor told me that I needed to take a break from the pill. I did and used another form of birth control that resulted in the birth of my first daughter in 1989 when I was 32. I was single ,and a bartender in New Orleans. I of course had a major decision to make and I feel that I have made the right one. I have put most of what I want to do, such as Culinary Arts to become a chef on hold until I figure a way to care for my children without paying out the wazoo. Balancing work, school, and home have top priority on my to-do list. It is quite the task to take on with a husband and two young girls. I hope that I will be able to at least start taking classes this fall. Wish me luck!!!

norris on 6.26.00 - Whose legs are beside you in your picture?

The legs in question belong to my friend Cyn. She has been here once or twice(to kp)and is NOT an alias of mine. She is a real person. She lives in New Orleans and only comes to visit every now and again. I did not include her picture with mine as I did not WANT to. Her legs I just couldn't seem to crop out. She is a great looking girl.I never thought that so many people would be so curious about a spare of ghost legs.......

Jeni on 6.26.00 - So do you still hate me or are you over it yet? ( I am not being snide, I just want to know.)

I knew it was you before I rated this answer. The truth is I never hated you in the first place. We just had a heated disagreement and that sometimes happens betwwen friends and aquaintences. I think we are a lot alike in some ways espescially when it comes to speaking our minds and holding our ground. That is something that I respect and not hate. Rock on Jeni!

solana on 6.26.00 - hi febe.. you have mentioned being in the navy.. tell us a bit about it, and what it is like for a woman in the military? do you think it is a good experince for a woman.

I was in the Navy from 1979 till 1984. I was stationed on Treasure Island in San Francisco,CA. I wen to HT school. HT is the acronym for Hull Technichian. In other words I was trained in welding,bending and fixing pipes, sheet metal repair,and trouble shooting pumbing problems. The fact of the matter is that since I was one of the first women in the Navy to go through this school (it was not open to women before 1979) it was not easy. The instructors were almost hostile to a woman coming into a mans field and there were not even any restrooms designated for females. We had to have someone outside the restroom door when we would go in so that a male did not enter while we were using it. Despite all the harassment I did manage to graduate top 5 in my class much to the chargrin of the other classmates. Since women were not permitted to sea duty in those days I was assigned as an instructor assistant to help other females coming into this rate adjust. I found myself doing a variaty of others jobs,I set structure fires for fire fighting school and worked in the carpente shop repairing sheet rock,painting and tiling floors. I also had a slight stint in the supply office. I had a great ime and met a lot of people that I will never forget. I think the Navy was great and would do it again if I could. I think that the disapline they teach is a must for anyone. You learn so much about working as a team. There were times when I would be so jealous when a guy would go on a West Pac or a Med Pac (Western World Tour,Mediterranean World Tour) I was not permitted on board any thing bigger than a repair ship and those are always dockside. Things began to change in 1982 and women were sent to the USS Gompers, a ship in Scotland. I was not chosen to go to Scotland. They had decided to take the women fresh out of bootcamp for that. Now times are great for women and they can go and do all that the men can. It's not just for males anymore.

Seedy69 on 6.27.00 - Are you a real biker babe, and do you ride your own bike or passenge? If you don't ride your own, why not? If you do, brag about it.

I am a passenger. Yup thats' it. I ride on the back of Cthulhus bike. He would very much like me to have my own bike and ride along side him instead of behind him but,have you ever known a Harley owner to let someone learn to ride on their bike?

delilah on 7.1.00 - You are a lovely lady ( if that picture is actually you) so I wonder why you felt the need to post such a picture? Is that the way you normally dress?Provocatively, I mean. Does this interfere with people taking you seriously? I am not trying to insult you, honestly, I am just curious as to your motivation.

Dear deliah:
are you not the one who said I looked like a prostitute? In fact;I know that you are. Makes no difference, I saw your pic too and may have come up with the same assumption. So what is it that brings you back to me?

A KnowPost User on 6.27.00 10:24 AM unrated - What makes you feel most alive?

(Maybe somebody could tell febe to answer this!??)

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