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Ask WhyKnot Anything!
WhyKnot has been a member since July 14th, 1999.
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6.16.00 - WhyKnot submitting her attempt to satisfy a response to an "engraved invitation". You want to know, you ask the question. Shoot, I will even give 5 stars if I really like the question. :-) And I got points to burn here so make them questions good. LOL

I am doing the update before I rate because I want to answer without biasing my response by knowing who asked the questions.

I know that you've been working with the childrens organization. How difficult is it to do this
"online", not being able to see or touch these children. I have volunteered with children for
years. It would almost be like OZ working behind that curtain. Are there times when you just
want to reach out and hold one of these children in your arms? And how does this all affect
you emotionally? Are you able to do what you do and not let it get to you?

Babytisa on 6.16.00 -
I can't count the number of times I want to reach out and hug these kids. They have even given me a nickname of the hug monster for the number of cyber hugs I give them. When they share happy moments is actually the hardest believe it or not. They have so few of those that it is so fantastic when they can share one that I want to take them, hug them close and dance a dance of joy with them.

Emotionally, I have to mask my emotions with every ounce of energy I can find when I am in contact with them. Even with that precaution, feeling their pain sometimes is close to overwhelming. I focus on the small but significant positive changes in them as they survive each day. This is my emotional salvation. When they say things like they are glad I hug them because they don't get hugged much, it rips me apart. All this said, when one single kid gains the courage to stand up and take charge of their life or situation, it is all worth it. Every single tear I shed. Every single heartbreak I anguish over. Every single time I want so much to go rescue them from their lives of Hell.

It gets to me in a way I never expected. It gives me hope. Yes, hope. It fills me with an inner delight I didn't know was possible to have. To see this kind of courage, bravery, stamina and determination to keep fighting to have a life in spite of obstacles that would fell most humans, is the most remarkable thing in the world. I could talk for hours about MY kids. Yes, that is how I feel about them now. I get to share them with anyone that wants to give a little love in their direction but heaven help you if you mess with MY kids.

I'm sure your work with Angels is emotionally draining. How do you handle it when you start
to feel overwhelmed? Do you vent your feelings with other Buds? The reason I ask is that I
very much would like to help but I know myself well enough to know I'd need an outlet to help
me metabolize my emotions.

artemis on 6.16.00
I expected when I started with these kids to spend all my time crying and knashing my teeth in pain and anguish over their distress and pain. Yeah, that stuff hurts some but it is replaced so quickly by seeing how much they give.

Because of the safety and security of the kids being paramount, I am very careful what I share even with other volunteers. These kids bestow their trust on me and I value that more than words can say. They have so few people that they can trust. The other volunteers are a lifesaver when you hit a situtation you don't know how to handle or is so emotionally overwhelming you are in a tizzy. We support each other a lot and take our lead from the kids themselves.

The kids also offer an outlet if you can believe that. They will let you lean on them if you are honest enough to share what you feel. I am and they do. It is a partnership. We love each other and that is more fulfilling than I have words to describe.

Has your participation in KP (soapboxes, questions, and answers) changed your perception of
other people? If so, how?

Scrooge on 6.16.00
My participation in KP has not really changed my perception but has strongly reinforced it. I always believed there were good and even great people if you would look for them. What I do find with KP is a willingness to help others that is very refreshing. There are some people that do not exhibit this trait here but that is ever so true off line also.

You didn't ask but what KP has done is change my perception of myself. The level of honesty and openness here forced me to take a closer look at who I am and who I want to become. It is a process. It will not happen overnight but I am finding that my involvement with this community assists me in defining my own goals, thoughts and even dreams.

Did you catch the lowlife scum?

cyndy10 on 6.16.00
Simple answer is no. :-) Fuller answer is security is much tighter so any impact will be significantly lower or even eliminated. The stress caused by the "lowlife scum" had a positive impact. The community is much more cohesive and even productive. I guess you could say this is a prime example of every cloud having a silver lining.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

prncss on 6.16.00
Anywhere? This one is so hard. I want to be so many places I need myself cloned into at least six people. I want to be home relaxing and getting my home in order. Laundry is piled up to mountain heights waiting for me. I want to be at my mum's house helping her with her gardening or just playing. I want to be where a dear, dear friend that I have lost touch with lives refreshing that friendship. I want to be on a remote mountain top sitting on a rock comtemplating bellybutton lint's impact on the cosmic patterns of the universe. I want to be strolling along the beach at the edge of the surf walking hand in hand with a person I love. This person can be friend or family or even that soulmate I am still seeking. I want to be walking around Edinburgh seeing all the sites I missed while there earlier this year. Overall, I am where I want to be. Location and activity are really irrelevant. Today, I am back in harmony with myself and that is a feeling that has been sorely missing for way too long.

Would you ever consider a career change? What would be your dream job? Why aren't you
doing it?

jmkm on 6.16.00
I have considered several career changes and have not done so. The reason I have not changed is my career fills me with a satisfaction I find enjoyable. Most days, I feel I get paid to play. That is a great feeling. My dream job would be to run a safe house for children. The reasons I am not doing it are many. I do not believe I have the emotional stamina to be the support for these kids that they need and deserve. Money is also an obstacle to this dream. To do it right would require a staff of medical professionals and counselors that I cannot afford to pay. Add in that I don't have the financial resources to even purchase such house and you have a dream that is not ready to be filled yet. Will it? Maybe some day. Or if not in total, maybe I will find the avenue to help bring the dream to pass for others.

What do you feel your purpose in life is and how close are you to accomplishing your mission?

heyteach on 6.16.00
If you had asked this question six months ago or even three months ago I would have said I was clueless. Now I do feel I have found my passion and yes even my mission. It is to help children. This will be a lifelong mission so I am nowhere near close to accomplishing it. I am doing what I can at the moment. I am mentoring several abused children in addition to my time spent at Angels in the Night. I am also mentoring several young adults where I work to solidify their career paths. My purpose in life is to give to others. What I do and can give changes often but I now realize I am only satisfied if I am striving to ease the burden of others in some way. So many people cross my life path that do this for me, giving in return to someone else is the only way I feel I can validate and expand on the gift they give me. The time and drain this way of life takes is so minimal in comparrison to the rewards I receive from seeing or feeling the joy passed on to another.

if izzy could talk, what would you ask her? and can i have bella?? :-)

waterlin on 6.16.00
Izzy does talk. I just don't understand the language well enough to talk back to her. One thing I have found out is she wants a video camera. Not sure what that little black fuzz butt is up to but I am confident it is no good. And NO you can't have Bella. She belongs to herself and lets me share this house with her and Izzy. :-)

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