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Ask LANA9 Anything!
LANA9 has been a member since April 11th,1999.
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6.24.00 - LANA9 taking the plunge, I think. Received a message asking me to do this so will give it a try. Can't think of anything that I haven't answered before though. PLEASE make them easy!

Heyteach asked: OK, tell us what makes you most proud of your kids.

My oldest son, age 26, gives so much of himself. He is a volunteer fireman and a volunteer in the County Sheriff's office. He does a lot of volunteering with the Rescue Squad also. A.C. works in the ER at a hospital.

Son 2, age 24, is a real dipshit because he won't let me on the computer when he is home. Well, I'm still proud of him. Has a good job, new car and never did drugs and that kind of crap. Troy gives so much of himself to friends and family. His friends all pour their heart out to him with their problems and they know it will never be told by him to anyone.

Swords asked: What was your more memorable vacation and what happened to make it so memorable?

Wow Swords, all of my vacations have been memorable. Florida, Canada, Niagara Falls and everything in between. Washington D.C. I love and have been there many, many times.

I think I would have to go with Texas. Not because of the state so much though. I took my Grandmother there to see her two sisters. None of them would fly because of health reasons and no way to travel. So I took her by car. It was a wonderful trip and to see these three sisters finally getting together and talking about the old times was a joy to behold. All three were in their 70's. My Gram passed on a couple years later but that trip was a highlight of her life and I am so happy I could give it to her before she passed on.
[Updated at 06.25.00 3:25:57 AM]
Obbop asked:Are you even remotely aware that your screen names spelled backwards is 9anal ???? Is there some signifigance to this bizarre occurance??? Is there a Fruedian slip emerging?? The world wonders!!!!!

Wonder how I knew this was you obbop even before I rated it????? No, I wasn't aware of what my name was spelled backward. Never entered my mind to try it and find out. I don't know if there is any significance to it or not. As for a Freudian slip emerging, I don't think so. If you have the answer, let me know....LOL

Prncss asked: How is your rating so phenomenally high? I bow to you, Lana9!

Prncss, first off, no one other than the Pope and the Queen Mother are worthy of a bow from you.

Back in the good old days, you got points for silly questions, types of questions that are now considered poll questions and the such. We had a lot of them back then. Course we all answered them and it did wonders for our ratings. LOL I have answered serious questions and also fact type questions. Seems like now, giving out a 5 is unheard of just about. What a 3 or 4 will do to the QPA's I don't know. I haven't been answering questions and haven't been watching anyone's QPA so have no idea what is going on. Check my answers sometime when you have time and you will see what I mean.

Psykomom asked: You are one of my bestest friends ever and I still don't know any of your favorite songs, favorite movies, favorite tv shows or your favorite books. An answer to any one or all will be very enlightening and fun. Thank yew, Ma'am.

Jackie, don't have a lot of favorites to list. SONGS I would have to say Alabama's "WHEN WE MAKE LOVE" is one of my favorites. Then we get into Snap's, "RHYTHM IS A DANCER" and also the music from Grease and Dirty Dancing. So as you can see, I can go to my son's low bass songs to country and also some classical. Lot depends on my mood. MOVIES, well, Dirty Dancing, Grease, anything with Clint Eastwood, Patrick Swayze, John Travolta and loved the John Candy movies, so again, depends on my mood what I watch. I never pass up the chance to watch Dirty Dancing though just to hear the music and see Patrick. TV SHOWS, the medical shows of course, ER, Chicago Hope, Trauma and I watch a lot of Discovery and The Learning Channel. Oh, the soaps, Days of Our Lives, Young & Restless and Bold & beautiful although right now I am disgusted with all of them. BOOKS, I love mysteries and detective stories, Robin Cook, Thomas Cook, Stephen King, Dean Koontz. Once I read a lot of romance, but after a while it was like you read one you read them all. Same beginning and same ending and few changes between the sheets, I mean, well, you know what I mean. LOL

Thanks for asking, ceremail me if you have any questions.

WhyKnot asked: I have been very slack about writing you lately even with you being someone I feel is very special to me. I owe you a LONG email.  What does it take for you to feel someone is special to you?

I am awaiting that long email. LOL

When I can relate to someone without a struggle, meaning I like to have a relaxed feeling in talking or emailing. That is the first thing I have to feel. Then they have to be on my wave length, not that they have to always agree with me, but not get pissed if we differ on something. I like for a person to accept me the way I am, not try and change me. Morals are also important. I like to feel I can trust them as I hope they feel they can trust me. Trust is very important. I like to think I am a little special to them and not another name in an address book or their little phone book.

Hey, I said to make them easy!!! LOL

Hismel asked: Lana, I've enjoyed your answers since I first logged in to KP. You are definitely one to watch!! My question: What were the three happiest days of your life so far and why? And what one choice would you make differently in your life?

I think the one largest thing I would have done differently was not move away from my family in WV. I live in PA now and it's not all that far, but it isn't home. Home is where the heart is. I have lived here for 38 years but it still isn't home. Then I would have never married and I wouldn't have had kids. I love my kids, BUT!!!!

As for the three happiest days of my life, gee, I've thought about that since you posted your question earlier today. Other than the day my divorce was final I haven't been able to come up with anymore. Yea, I know, two marriages should have been happy days and they were at the time but now I can't say they were. Take that back, fist marriage was a happy day. For the third happy day, I would say getting on the internet and finding out there is a whole world out there at my fingertips. I'm sorry I can't come up with any other happy days off hand, been on a downer and everything I think of is on the negative side of things. Sorry, sad but true.

Thanks for asking!

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