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Ask AmyLeigh Anything!
AmyLeigh has been a member since June 13th,1999.
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6.14.00 - Um...go ahead. I'm not as brainy as Norris. I'm not as informed as Heyteach. I'm not as interesting as Cyndy10. But ask AmyLeigh anything. I'll give you an honest answer.

Why did you jump on this bandwagon? by Swillpig

Lately I have felt out of touch with the members of Knowpost. Since the birth of my son I have not had as much time to read or get involved in the soapboxes or to ask and answer questions. Recently I have organized myself and managed my time enough to give myself the opportunity to log on more often. I thought this forum was a good way to get back "in".

How is motherhood going? What do you think of being a mom now that you've had a few weeks practice? What are your favorite parts? What are you really looking forward to? Are you back to getting a full nights sleep? by Cyndy10

Motherhood is going great. I love being a mom. Now that I'm getting used to it I feel more organized and I feel like this is what I was put here to do. My favorite thing is when Joey looks at me with his big, blue eyes and smiles really big. He has the cutest smile. I also love to see Steve interact with Joey. Steve is a great daddy; which I have to admit kind of suprises me. His own father is a nice guy but was not that involved with his kids. I'm looking forward to so many things but I'm especially looking forward to sharing books with Joey. There are so many great books out there and I really hope Joey loves books as much as I do. No, I'm not getting a full nights sleep yet. Joey wakes up for one feeding. But my body has gotten used to functioning on less sleep and I do try to catch up when he naps. And I kind of enjoy getting up to feed him in the middle of the night.

Tell us about your experience in Japan. That is a country I dearly wanted to spend some serious time in (and actually still would not object to so doing!)Were you prepared for any "culture shock"? Have you learned a lot of Japanese? How long have you been there? How much longer will you be there? What paret are you in and is it beautiful as I imagine it is? by heyteach

We have been in Japan since September of 98. I was glad for the opportunity to see Japan but I must admit I'm ready to leave. I was pretty much prepared for "culture shock". Having spent three years in Germany and toured some of Europe I can pretty much handle new things. The thing that suprises me most is their music. A lot of it sounds like little kiddie music. The videos feature women who look like little girls, sing with baby voices and feature lots of weird cartoon characters. Its rather annoying. I also didn't expect it to look dirty in the city. In Europe everything is so clean. Here there are a bunch of back alleys and the streets all look cluttered and dirty. But there are great places to eat and there is a store called the 100yen. Its like the dollar stores in the states only you can get good quality stuff at the 100yen. Its great. Our first Christmas here I bought ramen bowls, rice bowls, nice chopsticks and a teapot at the 100yen. I gave them to my brother in-law and his wife as gifts. They thought we spent a lot of money cause the stuff was pretty fancy but it was only about 700yen, which is roughly $7. Of course, I let them believe we spent a lot of money. He! He! Another thing I love about Japan is the people love the Peanuts Gang. So, every store I go into has a ton of Snoopy stuff. Its wonderful. When we first got here I took a Survival Japanese language class. Its a crash course in Japanese but I still don't know much and when we're out and about we communicate mostly with smiles, nods and bows. We live in Northern Japan on the tip of the main island. We are right on the coast. In fact the base has its own beach. The country side is beautiful, especially this time of year when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. We have a great view of the mountains when its clear enough outside. We can see them from our bedroom windows. We will be leaving sometime during the fall of 2001. Unless Steve decides to stay in the military, then we might stay here; although, I want to move to England.

Do you notice many Americans on billboards and in magazines there in Japan? How about on TV? Are there American theaters where plays are performed by Americans? Are there moviehouses that show only American movies? by Solana

We live in Misawa, Japan. Misawa is a small farming community. It is very rural so there are no billboards. We have not ventured any further than the surrounding towns and small cities and they are all void of billboards as well. So, I cannot help you there. The magazines do feature stories about famous Americans, especially musicians. But the Japanese do have plenty of their own celebrities to oooh & ahhh over as well. As far as American theaters where plays are performed...? I don't know. I can tell you that where we are that many of the Americans get involved with the Japanese community and I have heard of Americans being involved in community productions but its not strictly American. Misawa does have a moviehouse that shows only American movies. I have never been there but I have heard a lot about it. Its rumored that women will orally service the men sitting in the back row while the movie is playing. I'm not sure if this is true. Some of the Japanese channels run American television shows. We get Growing Pains and older episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Those are just a couple of examples. They also show American movies on certain nights. Famous Americans endorse a lot of Japanese products. Its amazing to see Meg Ryan doing a Japanese shampoo commercial or Leo DiCaprio endorsing credit cards. I have seen some Japanese shows with Americans as part of the cast. They are people I've never seen before and they speak Japanese. Anyway, I hope that helps a bit.

When your son grows up, what do you want him to remeber most about you? by Lawboy

When Joseph grows up I want him to remember me as being someone he could turn to and open up to. I want him to remember me as a happy, easy going person who didn't sweat the small stuff. We live next to a park and recently I was looking out the window and saw a woman screaming at her son because their two dogs were all tangled in the leashes. Gosh! What is the big deal and was it really any fault of that boys? I don't want to be that kind of person. I want Joey to remember that his mom had a lot of patience.

Would you rather be in America or Japan? Why do you want to be in England? What coutry are you originally from? by prncss

I was born in Scottsbluff, Nebraska in the good ole' US of A. But, I have spent most of my life traveling as I was a military brat who grew up and married a military man. Right now I would rather be in America than Japan. Why? Because we have been in Japan for almost two years and I'm just ready to leave. Its been a nice opportunity to experience something different but I think two years is enough. I want to go to England for two reasons. 1)I have traveled and lived in many places but I've never been to England. 2)but most importantly my brother and his wife (who are both military) are in England and i would like to live close to them.

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