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Both Rockology And Tale Of The Fox Are Now Being Shipped. My Rockology Pre-order came in oct 20th, And My Tale Of The Fox Came In Oct 26th And if you haven't ordered it don't Hesitate.
Here are my reviews of
Tale Of The Fox
I would also like to thank the Caravello Family for all their help with our Tribute Page.
And Thanks for Including my wife and I in the closing credits of Tale Of The Fox.
(Ben and Dana Lewelling)
You will never know how much that means to us.

All Our Love Loretta


On April 18th I had a interview with Adam Mitchell about him and his relatetionship with KISS and Eric Carr? Now we have posted the interview so everyone can read and hopfully enjoy it.
The KISS MY KISS Nation Interview
In Eric Carr's honor, Streetgang Productions have a T-shirt offer no Eric Carr fan could pass up. this is the front view of the shirt and the back features the words You will always be remembered in red lettering. The shirt is 100 % cotton, Black with short sleeves. Sizes: L & XL
Price info :
$21.99 Plus $3.00 shipping U.S.A. Total $24.99
Foreign: 22.99 Plus 9.50 Total $32.49 each
(international M.O. only)
Mail. M.O. Payable to:
Streetgang Productions
P.O. box 9325
Lyndhurst, N.J. 07071


Recieved 4/23/99

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