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Excuse Me Darling
I Forgot The Date


The great love I have to express for you
Is false, and my indifference to you
Increases daily. The more I see you, the more I
Hate you. I assure you I never intend to
Love you. Our last conversation has
Left an impresion on my mind that by no means
Impressed me of the high standards of your characteristics
Your temper would make me entirely unhappy
If we were married I could expect nothing but the
Hatred of my friends, and the everlasting dis-
Pleasure of living with you. I hope you will
Quit me, and you need not trouble yourself to
Answer this letter, as your letters are always full of
Unimportance and have no assurance of
Wisdom and good sense. Believe me I am
So absurd to you that it is impossible to be
Your Affectionate Darling.

P.S. I wrote this letter
I've changed my mind
Go back and read every other line
Starting with the first line...