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The stars of Goodfellas

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I promised a better GOODFELLAS page, and here it is.

Goodfellas, is one great movie. Made in 1990, starring Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, Ray Liotta, & Paul Sorvino. (If you like Robert DeNiro, check out my DeNiro Page!) It's based on the life of Henry Hill. If you are a real fan, you should read "Wiseguys" written by Nicholas Pileggi (yes, he also wrote the book the movie "Casino" was based on.") Him and Martin Scorcese got together and made one hell of a script. Barbara DeFina produced it, and the cast was dynamite. It was all based on a true story too, which makes it cool. Wether they're beating up "Billy Bats" or robbing an airport, or just having a good time, it all shows what life is like in the mafia. Organized crime at it's best. When you add Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, and Frank Vincent, you have a classic. They're the trio also in "Casino" and "Raging Bull." What's wierd is how Pesci and Vincent always end up kicking the sh*t out of eachother. (I used the * because kids read this too, and we don't want kids saying this.) Goodfellas was a good movie though, and I hoped you liked it. Browse through the page, download some pictures, and have a good time.

Here's Some Goodfellas Pictures

Jimmy and Henry

Jimmy and Henry #2

All the Goodfellas

A Poster from Goodfellas

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