How to be a Yuppy

The Top 20 reasons and ways someone is a yuppy, in no particular order. Compiled by Carl
1. must drive an SUV

2. Cellphones add to the persona

3. If a yuppy or YIT (yuppy in training) fits both of above, then cell must be used while driving SUV

4. Yuppies use AOL for internet access

5. A daily commute to Starbucks is necessary

6. Cargo shorts/pants are necessary. However, if these were worn before they became a trend by person in question, then this option is voided

7. Snazzy shoulder bags slung over shoulder. (only if used to fit in, and not for a real purpose, same with cellphone)

8. for young people: slutty girlfriend. for old people: a wife half your age

9. Can't have computer knowledge, must hire someone for help

10. Must use all Sony electronics, because they believe that they are truly the best.

11. Digital Cameras because they think they're better than film

12. too little time to believe in God

13. Cannot have knowledge that an SUV is in fact a truck with a covered back

14. Fly First Class because they think they'll get there faster

15. Have an obsession with money and think that the $200 polyester shirt they got at Nordstroms is of higher quality than one you get at K-Mart (high level yuppies only) Otherwise, they shop at the Gap and Limited etc.

16. Fear places like K-Mart.

17. buys a computer because they think it looks pretty (i-mac for example)

18. Yuppy kids listen to strange music, including Rap

19. wear shirts with flashy logos, but avoid umpa lumpas and other cartoon characters

20. loiter a lot in places and laugh at people while pointing


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