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Lucky Boys Poems

This poem was written by me about the loss of my precious
yorkshire terrier named Lucky
My heart is so broken since he died
It is the best way I can describe how I feel inside
Hope you enjoy reading it.
It will be one month tomorrow since you left
the earth.
My heart is still aching to see you, hear you
and touch you.
Mama loves you !

They say time heals all wounds
I have yet to feel less empty
but I am trying real hard every day to remember
all the good days we had together.
Mama still misses you and always will
My heart is still hurting my little guy.
But Im trying cause I know you would not want
your Mama to be sad.
LOve Ya little guy!!


A new poem I wrote for my lucky boy
The pain in still very raw for me
This is my way of trying to let go
I find it extremely difficult to do
My attachment to his soul is quite strong
I believe it always will be
Mama loves you honey boy !!!!


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