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Since the government has taken White Sides Mountain and Freedom Ridge the only place left to get a look at Area 51 is Tikaboo Peak. Tikaboo, being 25 miles from the heart of the base doesn't offer nearly as good of as view its predecessors (which were only 10 miles away) but with a telescope or decent pair of binoculars you can still a nice look at the base. (Note: due to its elevation, Tikaboo peak in nearly inexcessable in the winter and sure therefore not be attempted.)

Getting to Tikaboo requires a 22 mile off road drive followed by a 1 1/2 hour up hill hike. The dirt road is good and can be made in almost any vehicle, but a high clearance vehicle is definatly preferable and a 4 wheel drive vehicle is ideal. The last half mile of this trek does require 4 wheel drive.

BE WARNED, THE HIKE THAT FOLLOWS IS NOT EASY! There is no trail to speak of really, but the path to the top is (poorly) marked with rock carnes. The vast majority of the hike consists of loose rock and small cacti. Hiking shoes are definatly recomended! Also remember to bring plenty of water! It wouldn't be difficult to get lost out there and the last thing you want is to be searching for your car without water. Which brings me to another point, remember how to get back to your car! You won't be able to see your car from the peak (and vise versa) so know the way back incase you loose the carnes.

Unless you are an avid adventurer adept at reading topographical maps do not attempt to set out towards Tikaboo on your own. Do yourself a favor and shell out the $15.00 for Glenn Campbells Area 51 Viewers Guide, NOT the Area 51 & S4 Handbook on sale at the Lil' Al e' inn. The Area 51 & S4 Handbook does have directions to Tikaboo Peak, they are very vague however and will most likey get you lost. The Viewers Guide has indepth directions which should get you there safely if you know what your doing.

If your dead set on seeing the base but you are not confident you can get yourself there and back in one piece there are usually some guides in Rachel who will take you there for a price. Inquire at The Quick Pik gas station.

One last note: It appears that I was mistaken in reporting that there was a surveilence device on Badger Mountain monitoring Tikaboo Peak. Upon closer inspection I no longer believe that the purpose of the device in question is surveilence.

The Viewers Guide is avaiable at Glenn Campbell's website