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Conair of Scandinavia
Consolidated Aircraft Corporation

Last updated 15 th January, 2021

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Flying Enterprise DC-7, OY-DMP

Simon Spies, the owner of Spies Holidays acquierd in early 1965 the Danish charter airline Flying
Enterprise A/S which had faced ecconomical problems. A week later the company was renamed to
Conair of Scandinavia and started its operations with five DC-7s.

* * *

The Jetage!

In 1971 Conair of Scandinavia launched the first jet-services by using five Boeing 720-025. All
aircrafts were paid in cash, 55 milj Dkr. At the same time the new livery was introduced.

* * *

Boeing 720-025B, OY-DSL cn18241/247 in service 1971 - 1985
here seen on the apron at Kastrup Cophenhagen Int. airport.
Photo: Alain Picollet

Airbus A300, OY-CNL cn 128 at Son San Juan, Palma de Mallorca 1988.
Photo: Toni Marimon

Airbus A320, OY-CND cn 0163 at Verona Villafranca Airport, Italy
Photo: PSC Verona

In 1994 Conair of Scandinavia merged with Scanair, the SAS subsidsary to
become the new Scandinavian charter carrier, Premiair and then renamed My
Travel Airways in 2002.

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Safety card BOEING 720

More Safetycards

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