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X (12 Bankers)
Public Servants
Case & Statute Law

Public Servants
Statute Law
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The above chart is the "pecking" order for the two different types of government.
It runs from top to bottom and top is what comes first and bottom comes in last in importance...
Look where you (the individual) are in a Democracy and then where you are in a Republic...
Personally, I like the Constitutional Republic form of government and guess what ? That's what we are supposed to be !
Then WHY do the majority of our so-called "representatives" (public servants) in government, whether it be Federal, State, County, or City, keep calling it a Democracy ?
Because that is what "they" want you to believe.
"They" don't want you to know that YOU hold power over them. "They" don't want you to know that God's Law and the Constitution of the united states of America comes before "their" case & statute laws.
And because the majority of the people (past,present,and unfortunately future) have swallowed this garbage, "they" have and will continue to get away with it.
If YOU don't get off your butt NOW and get involved, we are ALL doomed to remain in a Democracy---Soon to be a Dictatorship (if it ain't already).And I will be really P.O'ed. Please help me and other fellow Patriots return this country back to a Constitutional Republic....
Call your "Reps" and ask them if they are in favor of a Democracy? If they say yes, come November, vote the traitors out of office...That's right, traitors...For no where in the Pledge of Allegiance or the Constitution of the united states of America does it mention being a Democracy, but it DOES mention Republic...........
Let's all start living the truth and get our heads out of the sand and DO something !!!!!!!!!
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N E X T - P A G E

P R E V I O U S - P A G E

"T A B L E - O F - C O N T E N T S"