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This site is dedicated to the Vietnam Veteran & their families....if you were a draft dodger, or ran to some foreign country to avoid the draft, or spat on us when we returned from Vietnam.........YOU are NOT Welcome at this site!....PLEASE Leave and do not return!

My task is to help as many veterans as possible. I have accumulated some links that may help in the presentation of an organized Veterans Administration Compensation Claim. Some aids such as VVA Guides for filing claims for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Agent Orange and basic claims. Also included are forms for requesting lost or destroyed DD Form 214, which is required to initially file any VA claim. Included on my web site are many VetLinks for information on Agent Orange. Its composition and by-products, which may be affecting YOU the Vietnam Veteran. We as Vietnam Veterans have all been exposed and do not have to prove this fact, but have to show our medical problems are related to Agent Orange. I would also suggest that you sign the Agent Orange Roster at Fire-Base Hope along with signing the appropriate rosters noted on my Agent Orange page.

Vietnam Veterans must unite and make the public aware of the government's negligence in treating the medical problems caused by Agent Orange.

We are inflicted with many problems such as mine: Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) (nerves dying, numbness in our feet, hands, fingers, legs, arms, etc.)
Chloracne: Skin rashes, open sores, redness, discoloration of the skin, cyst's, boils, etc.
PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder),

and many others which the government denies after a small time period of leaving the service. Many doctors believe that it takes time for some of these problems to manifest themselves and should not be held to the time limit that the VA has determined.

I hope that these pages will help in filing and retrieving the proper forms for your claims and give you some ammunition to fight and win your claim. I also have other information, in the VetLinks pages, that you may want to browse when you have a chance.

The VietNam Veterans' Memorial Wall Page
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