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DJ's Nozzle-less rocket pics and stuff

Here you will see some pics and a breif discription of what's going on in them.

Bottom view of my 1 lb rocket motor

This is what my 1 lb rocket motors look like when removed from the spindle. They contain about 75 grams of BP, and this is the actual rocket that is shown in the next few pic.'s lifting a "plastic" bottle with 1 pound of water in it to an altitude of 400 to 500 feet.

Assembled rocket with water bottle payload being loaded into launch tube.

Here you see the completed rocket with the water bottle 3/4 full of water (1 pound to be exact) being loaded in to the launch tube by my good friend Dan. The completed rocket with tape, stick and 1 pound payload weighs just over 650 grams. And a little flash just under the bottle to rupture it, I didn't want to knock someone out with a falling bottle of water.

Lift off!!!

This is the rocket flight, seen from a distance of 275 feet away. The animation aint the best, and neither was the video I took. But this stuff is still new to me, and trying to stay steady with a video cam while a rocket "your unsure of" is being lauhched is easier said than done.

Give it a minute to see the complete .gif in full motion.

Or click here to download .avi file with sound (380kb)


Click here to download a "zipped .avi" file showing a two stage 8 oz bottle rocket.

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Page 2 contains a slow down load animation file. Worth the wait! Your fingers will thank you!!!!

Page 3 One pound nozzle less tooling spec.'s and rammers

Page 4 One pound nozzle less spindle and base instructions

Page 5 Nozzle less fuel and tuning techniques