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April 8th, 1994, Kurt Cobain, lead singer of the band Nirvana, was found dead in the greenhouse of his Seattle home after he had been missing for several days. The coroner determined that he had been dead roughly 72 hours and that it was death by suicide. From the very beginning, Nirvana fans, even some of the Cobain's closest friends, didn't think Kurt's death was a suicide. Thus, the Murder Theories began. Tom Grant, the Private Investigator Courtney Love hired to find Kurt (when he was missing) opened an investigation looking into what really happened April 5th shortly after Kurt was found. The information he gathered was enough to make upset Nirvana fans look a little deeper for the truth about Kurt's death. The facts that Tom Grant and dedicated Nirvana fans turned up all pointed to one person as the murderer. Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain's wife. I believe that Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain.

For your convenience, I have a list of people's names that appear in this essay and who they are: Kurt Cobain: lead singer/guitarist for the band, Nirvana Courtney Love: Kurt's wife and suspected murderer Dylan Carlson: Kurt's best friend PI Tom Grant: Courtney's private investigator, founder of the Murder Theories El Duce: musician in an underground metal band, hit man Frances Bean Cobain: Kurt and Courtney's daughter, age 2 at fathers death Iris Cobain: Kurt's grandmother Cali: the Cobain's hired nanny for Frances Bean Nick Broomfield: creator of the movie "Kurt and Courtney" that looks into the murder theories

Evidence directly related to Courtney as the murderer: A month or two before Kurt was found dead he had suffered from a drug overdose in Rome while on tour with his band. Courtney Love referred to it as an accident. However, just after Kurt's death she said it was a suicide attempt. If she thought it was a suicide attempt, why didn't she do anything to protect Kurt from trying again? Why didn't she say anything to Dylan Carlson before he bought another gun with Kurt? Kurt was in the midst of divorcing Courtney. He had also made a new will, which he hadn't yet signed. According to several insiders, he excluded Courtney from his new will. What it meant for Courtney was that once he had divorced her, she would no longer have access to all his money. Kurt had stated that his band Nirvana was not going to take part in Lollapalooza, for which they would make millions. "Courtney went ballistic", says Dylan Carlson. She was totally pissed off that Kurt was giving up so much money. When Courtney hired PI Tom Grant to locate Kurt, she failed to mention that Cali had seen Kurt at the Lake Washington home (the Cobain Mansion) the day before. Wouldn't that be the first thing you would tell someone if they were looking for your missing husband? Further more, Courtney asked Tom Grant to setup surveillance at various points, but NOT at their house at Lake Washington, the last place he had been seen. El Duce, an LA musician featured in Nick Broomfield's documentary, claimed that he was offered $50,000 by Courtney to kill Kurt just a couple of months before Kurt's body was found. He passed two lie detector tests by the world's top polygraph expert when questioned about that offer. Just a week after he was interviewed by Nick Broomfield, he was found dead. A train hit him while he was going to buy some beers with a friend he had just made whom nobody had ever seen before. The police stated that his death was an accident. Nobody ever saw the person he was with again. That's totally useless information except that he had just revealed a somewhat large piece of evidence against Courtney to a video documentary that a great deal of people were going to see. Some believe it looks like Courtney covering her tracks. Just a week before Kurt's death Courtney called the place where El Duce worked and said that she needed him for something they had arranged. At that time El Duce was on tour with his band. Courtney went ballistic (again) according to the person that answered the phone. The medical examiner in Kurt's case knew Courtney well before she got married to Kurt. In fact, they were pretty good friends and used to go out barhopping together. This should be reason for someone else to handle the examination. Shortly after this potential conflict of interest was revealed, he left the King County medical examiner's office and took a job in a small town in Florida. Coincidence? I think not. The electrician that found Kurt's body was sent out by Courtney to make sure everything was working correctly at the Cobain Mansion. No one was going to be at the mansion any time soon. This random task for the electrician leads me to believe that he was sent out to discover Kurt. Courtney went on tour with her band "Hole" a few weeks after Kurt's death. This wouldn't be worth mentioning, except for the fact that she was his wife and she should've been mourning his death, not playing concerts. It is a FACT that Courtney Love is violent by nature. Proof of this is her tendency to attack and threaten people that speak against her. Both people of the media and people like myself. Courtney's own father believes she killed Kurt. He wrote an entire book about the murder theories. When Courtney still lived with her father she often wrote poetry, but threw it away. Her father salvaged many of the poems. There was one that interested him particularly, but he didn't realize its significance until Kurt's death. The poem was about how she planned to marry people, use them for all they were worth, and kill them. Though this sounds unreliable (or maybe just untrue), it's entirely fact. The documentary "Kurt and Courtney" shows the original copy of the poem and has Courtney's father reading it.

Kurt related topics: When Kurt checked in to Exodus Recovery Center to try to get over his heroin addiction, he called his grandmother and made a date to go fishing with his grandfather the following week. Kurt's grandmother, Iris Cobain, recalls that he sounded very happy when he called her. Kurt loved his daughter Frances Bean too much to leave her alone. He said "Holding my baby is the best drug in the world". Frances was what he lived for, so why would he kill himself? Kurt used the phrase "I hate myself and want to die" often, which some people now point to as proof he was suicidal. The fact of the matter is Kurt was being sarcastic. He is quoted in many interviews as mentioning that he almost named Nirvana's "In Utero" CD, "I hate myself and want to die", but he didn't because he knew people wouldn't get the joke. On Monday April 4, a Michigan investment counselor says that he met Kurt in a park near Kurt's house. During their lengthy conversation, Kurt said that he feared for his life due to his refusal to have Nirvana in Lollapalooza. A lot of people were losing a lot of money as a result of that. Kurt's blood contained 1.52 ml of morphine and heroin per liter, which is more than twice the fatal dose even for a heroin addict who has built up a certain tolerance to the drug. According to a study on narcotics, Cobain's morphine/heroin level would be 75 times the lethal dose for a non-user and Kurt had been clean for around a month. Even if Kurt did survive this overdose, he wouldn't have been capable of much more than sitting around drooling. If he actually intended to kill himself after surviving all those drugs, why did he load the shotgun with three cartridges? In case he missed?

Facts from various other people indicating Kurt's mental well being: Kurt's best friend, Dylan, would have never bought a shotgun for him if he thought Kurt was going to kill himself. They knew each other inside and out, so if Kurt had been suicidal, Dylan would have known. According to Dylan, Kurt had made all sorts of plans (fishing with his grandfather for example) for when he got out of rehab. One of Kurt's visitors at the rehab later said: "I was ready to see him look like shit and depressed, but he looked so f!@#ing great."

Facts the Seattle Police department overlooked/Police neglect: When Kurt's body was found, the police automatically assumed that it was a suicide. Only a few Polaroids were shot in the greenhouse where Kurt's body was and other film that was taken was not even developed. The case was closed before it even opened. The police work was also sloppy, right down to taking Kurt's fingerprints. This lack of attention to detail and evidence is why I think Courtney hasn't been convicted of Kurt's murder yet. Two handwriting experts found that there were two different sets of handwriting on the "suicide note". The interesting point here is that the part that Kurt definitely wrote didn't say that he was going to kill himself. It implied that he was leaving the music business: A note for his fans rather than for his wife and child. No legible fingerprints were found on the shotgun Kurt used to "kill" himself, the pen used to write the note, or the box of drug paraphernalia sitting next to Kurt that had the needles he had shot up with in it. Wouldn't there be fingerprints on the trigger though? The gun that killed Kurt was lain across his chest. It would be nearly impossible to achieve that unless someone else placed it.

Summing it all up: With all these facts established, this is the scenario that would have had to take place: Kurt would have had to survived the overdose (or at least still be conscious), rolled down his sleeves, tucked all his drugs etc. neatly away in his box, wipe the fingerprints off of that AND the pen used to write his "suicide" note, pick up his gun, locate his mouth, pull the trigger, wipe all the finger prints off of the gun, and then place it on his chest. Not only is that EXTREMELY unlikely, but it's also physically IMPOSSIBLE. Certainly there are arguments such as, "He could've wiped fingerprints etc. before he shot up," but that would still leave fingerprints on the gun. And why the hell would he do that anyway? Why would he bother to wipe any of the fingerprints off of anything? In fact, why would he do any of the things that make this so obviously a murder case?