52.  Proper Names.

A great latitude has to be allowed in any attempt to indicate the correct pronunciation of the Proper Names in the Bible.

Our knowledge of their original pronunciation is imperfect; and names have undergone changes in becoming transliterated from one language into another.

Custom also has in many cases sanctioned a pronunciation which, while incorrect according to the original languages, is yet so universal that any interference with it would be pedantic, not to say intolerable.

Again, we sometimes meet with a varying pronunciation of the same name in different English-speaking countries.  Thus, an exhaustive list of Biblical names, with a perfect and final system of syllabification and pronunciation, is not practicable.

There are, however, a certain number of names too uncommon for custom to have fixed their pronunciation, and hence, generally acknowledged to present difficulties to the general reader.

Some 250 of these are here gathered together, and presented in alphabetical order, with such division of syllables and accentuation as approximate to the original tongues, and will serve as a guide to their more or less correct pronunciation.

The hyphen ( - ) marks the division of syllables, and the accent ( ' ) the syllable to be emphasized.

It has been thought better to present them in an Appendix, and in one list, than to burden the text with an innumerable variety of hyphens and accents, which, while attempting to remove one difficulty, would introduce a greater.

A-bed'ne-go' Beth-dib-la-tha'im Ha-a-hash-ta'ri
A'bel-beth-ma'a-cha Beth-hac-ce'rem Ham-me-da'tha
Ab-i-al'bon Be-zal'e-el Ham-mo-le'keth
A-bi-le'ne Biz-joth'jah Ha-nam'e-el
Ab-i-sha'lom Bo'che-ru Ha-nan'e-el
A-cel'da-ma   Ha-ru'maph
A-chai'a Can-da'ce Ha-se-nu'ah
A-cha'i-cus Cap-pa-do'ci-a Hash-ba-da'na
Ada'dah Car'che-mish Has-sen-a'ah
A-da'iah Ca-siph'i-a Ha-ze-lel'-po-ni
Ad-i-tha'im Cas-lu'him Her-mog'e-nes
A-do'ni-be'zek Cen'chre-a Hi-e-rap'o-lis
A-do'ni-ze'dek Cas-lu'him Ho-dav'iah
Ad'ram-me'lech Cen'chre-a Hor-ha-gid'gad
Ad-ra-myt'ti-um Cha-ra'shim Ho-ro-na'im
A-gee' Char'che-mish     
A-has-u-e'rus Che-dor'la-o'mer Ib'ne-iah
A-hi-e'zer Che-ma'rim I'ge-al
A-hi-sa'mach Che-na'a-nah I'je-aba'rim
A-hi-sha'har Che-na'a-nah Il-ly'ri-cum
A-hi-tho'phel Che-nan'iah Iph'e-de-iah
A'holi-ba'mah Che'phar-ha-am-mo'nai Ish'bi-be-nob'
A'iah Chu'shan-rish-a-tha'im Ish'bo-sheth
A'lam-me'lech Col-ho'zeh Ish-ma'iah
Al'mon-dib-la-tha'im Co-nan'iah Iz-e-ha'rites
Am-mi-za'bad Dab-ba'sheth Ja-a-ko'bah
A-na'har'ath Dal-ma-nu'tha Ja'a-re-o're-gim
A'nam-me'lech Di-o-nys'i-us Ja-a-zan'iah
An-dro-ni'cus Di-ot're-phes Ja-i'rus
A-pel'les   Ja-sho'be-am
A-phar'sa-chites Eb-i-a'saph Ja-shu'bi-le'hem
A-phar-sath'chites El-ea'-leh' Ja'son
Ap'phi-a El-ea'sah Je-ber-e-chi'ah
Aq'ui-la Ele-a'zar' Je-di'a-el
Ar-che-la'us E-li-e'nai Jed-i-di'ah
Ar'che-vites El-iho-e-na'-i Je'gar-sa-ha-du'tha
A-re-o-pa'gus E-li-ho'reph Je'hal'e-lel
Ar-is-to-bu'lus El-io-e'nai Je-ho-ia'rib
Ar-tax-er'xes E-li-pha'let Je-hu-di'jah
A-sar-e'lah E-li'-phe-leh' Je'rub-be'sheth
As-nap'per E-li-phe'let Je-shar-e'lah
A-syn'cri-tus E-li-sha'phat Je-sheb'e-ab
  En-eg-la'im Je-sho-ha'iah
Ba'al-sha-li'sha E-pae'ne-tus Jo-ia'rib
Ba-ase'iah Ep'a-phras Jo'nath-e'lem-recho'kim
Bak'bu-kiah E-paph-ro-di'tus Josh-be-ka'shah
Ba'rach-el E-phes-dam'mim Ju'shab-he'sed
Be-el-ia'da Eu-bu'lus     
Be'er-la-hai'-ro'i Eu-ni'ce Kar'ka-a
Bel-te-shaz'zar Eu-o'di-as Ke-he-la'thah
Ber-ni'ce Eu-roc'ly-don Kib-roth'-hat-ta'-a-vah'
Be-ro'dach-ba'la-dan Eu'ty-chus Kir-ha-re'seth
Be-so'de-iah   Kir-ia-tha'im
Beth-bi're-i Ge'dero-tha'im     
La-hai'roi Ner'gal-sha-re'zer Sha-ash'gaz
La-o-di-ce'a Nic-o-la'i-tanes Sha'ge
Lyc-a-o'ni-a   Sha-ha-ra'im
  Olym'pas Sha-ha-zi'mah
Ma-a-cha'thi On-e-siph'p-rus She-de'ur
Ma'a-leh-ac-rab'bim   She-phu'phan
Ma-a-se'iah Pa-gi'el Shu'thal'hites
Ma-as'i-ai Par-shan-da'tha So'pa-ter
Mach-nad'e-bai Pat'ro-bas So-sip'a-ter
Ma-hal-al'e-el Pe-thah'iah Sta'chys
Ma'her-sha'lal-hash'baz Phe-ni'ce Steph'a-nas
Ma-le'le-el Phi-lol'o-gus Syn'ty-che
Me-che'ra-thite Phle'gon    
Me-he-tab'e-el Pi'ha-hi'roth Ta'a-nach
Me-he-ta'-bel' Po-che'reth Ta-hap'a-nes
Mel-chiz'e-dek Proch'o-rus Tah-pan'hes
Me-o-no'thai Pto-le-ma'is Te-haph'ne-hes
Me-phib'o-sheth Pu-te'o-li Tah'tim-hod'shi
Me-she'lem-iah'   Thim-na'thah
Me-she-zab'eel Rab'sa-ris Tig'lath-pil-e'-ser
Mik-ne'iah Rab'sha-keh Til'gath-pil-ne'-ser
Mi-le'tus Re-a'ia Tir-ha'-kah
Min-ia'min Re-a'iah Tir-sha'tha
Mis're-photh-ma'im Re-e-la'iah Tych'i-cus
  Sa-la'thi-el Ur'bane
Na-ha'li-el Sa-mo-thra'ci-a    
Na-ha-ma'ni Sar'se-chim Va-je-za'tha
Ne-bu-chad-nez'zar Se-ca'cah    
Ne-bu-chad-rez'zar Se'la-ham-mah'le-koth Zaph'nath-pa-a-ne'ah
Ne-bu-shas'ban Se-na'ah Ze-lo'phe-had
Ne-bu-zar'-a-dan Sen-na-che'rib Ze-lo'tes
Ne-phi'she-sim Seph-ar-va'im Zu'ri-shad'dai
Ne'reus Sha-a-lab'bim