Sometimes the word "man" is added in translating the Masc. Gender of Adjectives or Nouns, in which case it is not one of the words given below.

1.  anthropos = an individual of the Genus Homo; a human being as distinct from animals.  See Ap. 98. XVI, for "the Son of man".

2.  aner = an adult male person.  Lat. vir, an honourable title (as distinct from mere "man", No. 1);  hence, used of a husband.

3.  tis = some one, a certain one.

4.  arren = a male; of the male sex.

5.  arsen = The same as No. 4; being the old Ionic form, as No. 4 is the later Attic form.

6.  teleios = one who has reached maturity as to age or qualification, or by initiation.  Rendered  "man" in 1Cor. 14:20.  See note there; also Ap. 125. 1, and cp. 1Cor. 2:6.