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The Sultanate Of Oman

The Sultanate Of Oman ...err my country :-) *duuh* Well,I thought I'd make a page about my home sweet home...*arent I just full of idea's?hehe*'s a small country with even a smaller population thats barely 2 million people.By now you should be listening to the National Anthem at the background sound!=)
The Sultanate of Oman occupies the South-Eastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula and is located between Latitudes 16 40' and 26 20'...
The currency in Oman is the Omani Rial,and it breaks into Omani Baisas [i.e dollars would be the rials and cents would be the baisas]
A galon of petrol is like 4 liters, and a liter in oman is something like 118 baisas
Hercules, this is the answer to your question=)
And thank you Muscati For that info,and for the Khanjar Gif=)
The climate differs from one area to another. Its hot and humid in the coastal areas in the summer; while its hot and dry in the Interior with the exception of the higher mountains, which enjoy a moderate climate throughout the year. Rainfall is generally light and irregular; although heavy rains and thunderstorms can cause severe flooding. The South of Dhofar region has a moderate climate and the pattern of rainfall is more predictable with heavy monsoon rains occurring regularly between May and September,which is called "al-khareef" season,which means the fall (autumn).
Well...up to Now i really dont know what more to say!!Please read on and if you still have any more questions dont hesitate to e-mail me=)!!!!
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Links about Oman

If you want to check about any of the below,please do=),they are not much,it would really help if you send me any questions about Oman so i can post the answers here!

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Language and religion
Education and Health

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