[may 7]- waiiii, uh, 6 new images in the sketchbook section.

[may 5]- Okay, I had some time, but it still wasn't a lot. I scanned and added 7 new journal entries in the sketchbook section. I should have the opportunity to do more tomorrow! ^_^;;;;;

[april 9]- Mou, sorry, min'na, for the lack of updates. I've been quite busy and haven't had much time to scan new artwork. But I do have a big update in store for ya, if you can wait just a teench longer. Maybe even this weekend! Again, sorry guys!

[february 15]- Added one picture to the color-pencil section of art! Hurrah! Finally, i'm doing regular-sized work again *sigh*. Its one of Super Sailormoon all beat up, kind of like in the SuperS movie O_o. I might sell this, so if you like it, keep a watch out. I love to draw Usagi, but I rarely keep what I do of her. So yeah, I might sell it later.

[february 13]- A little bit of indiscriminate tweaking done to the first page. O_o Its fairly unobvious, but I'm posting it anyway.

[february 10]- Sorry about the lack of updates. If you've been reading my online journal, you'll know I've been feeling quite under my usual self. Yeah, woo.
- sketchbook pages 26-64 added to the Sketchbook section.

[january 17]- Added the 25 journal entries to the Sketchbook section of art, so you don't have to access the directory.

[january 11]- I've uploaded the first 25 entries in my journal, here.

[december 23]- Oiii...I've rearranged the ENTIRE art section, added a few pieces here and there. Completely new sections; Oekaki art and Sketchbook. I also added a bunch of banners of mine to the links section. Sou ka, don't expect another big update until after Christmas! ^^;

[december 19]- new auction up in For Sale. Very sorry about the crappy update, I will scan some new things soon, but I've been quite busy.

[december 6]- 3 new pieces.
-1 in original
-2 in sailormoon