Real Name: Kayla
Nicknames: JunJun, Princess, Juno-chan, KK, Kaira-sama, Purrincesu, Pimpmama J, Kayla Mae Ann Louise, Artista, Legs, Car, Ponko-chan, Yankee, Pop, Jersey-girl, Anime-freak, hey you, Miss Jun, Mae-dude, Mae, Man, Pimpstress, Bones, Tasuki no Loveslave, Tasuki no Ai, girl with too many nicknames, Trumpet-chick
Age: 16
Birthday: January 4, 1985
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 105 on a heavy day .
Hometown: Bartlesville, OK
Current Residence: Houston, TX
Other places I've lived: Mt.Vernon, IN, and Allentown, NJ
Nationality: American; heritage- Scottish and English
Spoken Languages: Fluent English, 2-years of Spanish, a handfull of Japanese
Immediate Family: Mother, Father, 12-year-old Brother
Pets: an old fat black cat named Sassy! ^.^ hes only 17!! :P

idiots- I'm sorry, if you can't say something intelligent, don't say anything at all
un-original people- Where's the fun in copying a style? Be original, be unique! I bet I'm the only punk artist anime freak chick in the city.
bad dubs- eeeew...Claire Danes as San [Mononoke]? Terri Hawkes as 'Serena' [Sailor Moon]? *shakes head* I don't think so.
close minded people- if you can't broaden your horizons of acceptance, what's the point? No, all anime is NOT porn, no, homosexuality is NOT bad, and no, religons other than christianity are NOT devilworship!

[anime and manga]
[art]- Drawing and painting in the Anime style is my strong area, though im not bad at working with clay.
[music]- Listening, Playing (Trumpet!), and Marching to :P
[bishounen]- >:D
[mythologies]- Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Chinese, and Japanese; i love studying other gods and peoples' beleifs.
[food]- Cooking, Eating...
[japanese language, culture, and art]
[random things]

Contacts [e.mail]- junjun@houston.rr.com
[AIM instant message]- JunJun1485
[yahoo! messenger]-JunJun1485