[copyright and art use]

If you beleive any of the content on this site belongs to you or any other person and is used without permission or noted credit, please E-Mail me. I will gladly do as you ask, either take down or give credit.

Terms of Use
If you would like to use any of my art, I will 95% of the time allow you to, as long as you follow these guidelines:
Ask me. If I find that my art has been used without my permission, I will be VERY mad, and I will not give you permission to use it if you have done so.
Do not alter my art in any way, unless, on a whim, you decide to CG one of my black-and-whites or make a button for some reason, and give it to me. Do not put altered art on your website, and claim it as yours, because the original picture is still my work. This includes making buttons and banners with my work for your webpage.
My art is not to be used for commercial purposes of any kind.
Do not copy my art. I have a friend who had a piece of work copied (with a few color altercations), and it was sold on E-bay. Copying does NOT make artists happy, and you don't want to see an unhappy artist.

All art on this website is ŠKayla 'JunJun' Durham, 1998-present.

Ya know what? We artists, lots of us are friends...we have powers beyond the comprehension of puny mortals...if you're a plagiarizer...we'll hunt you down...*maniacal laughter* o.O;;;;;;