These are various pieces of art that I either have created for the sole purpose of selling, or that I just don't want anymore. For any questions, please e-mail me at JunJun@houston.rr.com.

I'm sorry, but at the moment, all available pieces have been sold! Thank you, buyers, you're getting me new art supplies! ~_^ Please come again later, I hope to post new pieces soon.

Achika, Tenchi Muyo! Animation-style handpainted cel
Achika (Tenchi's mother), from Tenchi Muyo!
This was sold to Sky Empress!
Eternal Sailormoon, Bishoujosenshi Sailormoon Prismacolor pencils, Sakura brand art pens, 8 1/2" x 11" paper
Eternal Sailormoon, Bishoujsenshi Sailormoon
This was sold to Heavy Metal Papillion!