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Ch. Esprit Catch A Rising Star and Ch. Esprit Spellbound

(Multi SBIS Ch. Chelsea Drakkar of Oxford JC Fch, ROMX x Ch. Watch Me Ms Annie Oakley SC)
Born 2-1-99

Riley & Max were two times all-breed Best In Show Brace! (link to pictures below)

Ch. Esprit Catch A Rising Star SC "Riley"

Riley finished his conformation title with all points coming from the bred-by-exhibitor class.
Palm Springs KC - WD and Best BBE for a 4 pt. major under Ms Sue Hamlin
Texas KC - Supported Entry -WD for a 5 pt. major under Shelley Hennessey (brother Max was RWD!)
San Gabriel KC (Pomona, CA) - WD, BOW for a 3pt. major under Dr. John Shelton
Reno KC - BOW & BOS - 1 pt. under Mr. Bill Bergum
Bonneville Basin KC (Utah) - WD & BOS - 1 pt. under Dr. John Shelton
Intermountain KC (Utah) - BOW & BOS under Keke Kahn to finish (Sister Kyra was WB that day also)
Riley completed his SC title with a BOB and was pointed towards his Dual Champion title!

He retired from showing and coursing and "Lived the Life of Riley" in sunny CA with Paul.

Ch. Esprit Spellbound "Max"
Max finished with 4 majors. Along the way he was also awarded 19 points in major reserves.
Bonneville Basin KC - 1pt Ms Dorothy Welsh
San Gabriel KC - 3pts Jacqueline Quiros-Kubat
Santa Maria KC - 3 pts Mr James Canalizo
Lompoc KC - 5 pts Mrs Linda Scanlon(see photo below)
Bonneville Basin KC - WD, BOW, BOB 4 pts Mrs Linda Scanlon
July 2001 at the Western Sighthound Combined Specialties in Lompoc, CA. SCWA Supported Entry Max won the BBE class under Katrina Hamilton.

July 27, 2001 - Lompoc KC
An AWC Supported Entry
Max was awarded WD for 5 points under Linda Scanlon!

Max lived the easy life under the covers and sharing his backyard bunny-catching with sister Kyra's daughter, Lacey.
Vaughn, Kim and the girls were the perfect family for these two lovebugs :-)
Everyone's hearts were broken when Max went to the Rainbow Bridge in March 2011. He was no doubt joyfully greeted by Mom Annie and nephew Alec.


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Riley & Max - a Multi Best in Show BRACE!!!
Sister Kyra
Riley & Max's Pedigree