Check out our new skate terms page. There, you will be able to see just what all of those words that your friends use that you don't know what they mean. Click here to go to the Skate Terms Page.

One of the new pages we have here at EISW is an Inline Skate Chat Room. There we will feature chats and is poen 24 hours a day seven days a week for you and your friends to chat in. So make sure you check it out!!! Click HERE to go to the Inline Skate Chat Room.

We have made a new page for all of you to submit your favorite tricks to us!!! You can also read all of the favorite tricks of those around the web. So get cracking and sed in those tricks!!! Click here to go to the Tricks Page. E-mail your tricks to VrtlPrince@aol.com

We have had a new addition to the Skate Park Page. To check it out, click HERE to go the Skate Park Listings.


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