Shocking Blue

Third Album - Metronome 1971

Tracks: 1. Shocking You / 2. Velvet Heaven / 3. Love Sweet Love / 4. I Saw Your Face / 5. Simon Lee And The Gang / 6. Serenade / 7. Don't You See / 8. The Bird Of Paradise / 9. Moonlight Night / 10. Sleepless At Midnight / 11. I'll Follow The Sun / 12. Never Married A Railroad Man / 13. Roll Engine Roll / 14. Waterloo / 15. Blossom Lady / 16. Is This A Dream / 17. Poor Boy (Long Version)


If you should give a description of the sound of Shocking Blue I think you could say that it lies somewhere between the early Easybeats and Jefferson Airplane. You might add that it has elements of folk music and it's generally very catchy and melodic."Third Album", which in fact is their fourth if you count in the early "Beat With Us" album, is probably their most consistent and with great bonus-tracks it could be right album to play for the non initiated.

The album contains three of their greatest singles - two of them were not on the original album. "Never Marry a Railroad Man" is simply great - in the same league as their big international hit "Venus". "Shocking You" is both heavy and catchy - and a great opener. On "Blossom Lady" the groups expands their sound with horns, which actually works fine.

The album has a string of varied and melodic tracks, spanning from folk through the blues till heavy Kinks/Easybeats sound - lead by guitarist and songwriter Robbie van Leeuwen. "Velvet Heaven" is quiet waltzy ballad, like the vast majority of their songs beautifully sung by Mariska Veres. Veres' vocals often sound a lot like Grace Slick of the Jefferson Airplane.On "Serenade" both melody and sound make me think of the Danish group Savage Rose - beautiful melodic organ line. "I'll Follow the Sun" has great driving guitarline, and it's overall a beautiful, optimistic, upbeat song.

There are also a handful of great melodic rockers, among which "Bird of Paradise" and "I Saw Your Face" stand out.

Among the bonus-tracks B-sides you'll find the great dramatic ballad "Waterloo" , which I truly believe could have been another hit-record. "Roll Engine Roll is a fine bluesy thing which backed the single "Never Marry a Railroad Man".

All songs mentioned would be indispensable songs on an ultimate 2CDs collection.

A highly recommended release.

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