Something Else - Pye 1967

Tracks: 1. David Watts / 2. Death Of A Clown / 3. Two Sisters / 4. No Return / 5. Harry Rag / 6. Tin Soldier Man / 7. Situation Vacant / 8. Love Me Till The Sun Shines / 9. Lazy Old Sun / 10. Afternoon Tea / 11. Funny Face / 12. End Of The Season / 13. Waterloo Sunset / 14. Act Nice And Gentle (*) / 15. Autumn Almanac (*) / 16. Susannah's Still Alive (*) / 17. Wonderboy (*) / 18. Polly (*) / 19. Lincoln County (*) / 20. There's No Life Without Love (*) / 21. Lazy Old Sun(*)


Kinks 1967 Classic. Filled with great songs, Ray Davies' songwriting in top. Great bonus tracks; mostly singles tracks from 1967.

"David Watts", "Death of a Clown" and "Waterloo Sunset" are well-knowns classics that were included on the original 1967 PYE album. But there's much more here; the moving "Two Sisters" has always been a favourite of mine.

Dave Davies contributes 5 songs to this album-reissue ( including 3 among the bonus tracks ) , and they're all very strong. He was planning to do a solo album around this time which unfortunately never came to be. Some songs were released as singles such as "Lincoln County" and "There's No Life Without Love".

3 more single hits, "Autumn Almanac", "Wonderboy" and "Susannah's Still Alive" are included as bonus-tracks, as well as the terrific B-side "Polly"

Additional comments to the Deluxe version:

This must be the ultimate version of this classic Kinks album. Earlier versions have suffered from uneven or poor sound. Like the other Kinks Deluxe the releases, both the stereo and the mono version of the album sound crisp and clear - sheer pleasure.

I believe the original album songs are well-known - no filler and most of them classics.

Singles from the the period have been added as relevant bonus-tracks. “Susannah’s Still Alive” and “Autumn Almanac” are both in stereo and in mono. Note that there is a fade-in on the stereo version of “Autumn Almanac” - I have never noticed this before.

Also “Mr Pleasant” is in both stereo and mono, but the stereo version is very different, and a completely different take.

“Act Nice and Gentle” is the mono B-side to “Waterloo Sunset”.

The only “new” title is “Sand in My Shoes”, which is really the same song as “Tin Soldier Man”, but with completely different lyrics. Great song at any rate.

Alternate versions or mixes are found of several of the album-tracks. “Afternoon Tea” even in three versions. One of them is an alternate version - more laid back and longer. In other cases you need to listen and compare carefully to spot the differences.

The BBC recordings are obviously interesting too. They are not live recordings, but recordings done for the BBC - a few do sound like the original recordings, though. Among those “Good Luck Charm”, performed by Dave Davies may be the most appealling. Unfortunately it’s not a very interesting song.

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