Shocking Blue

Scorpio's Dance - Red Elephant 1970

Tracks: 1. Scorpios Dance / 2. Alaska Country / 3. Sally Was A Good Old Girl / 4. Deamon Lover / 5. Scorpios Dance / 6. Little Cooling Planet / 7. I Love Voodoo Music / 8. Seven Is A Number In Magic / 9. Keep It If You Want It / 10. Water Boy / 11. Send Me A Postcard / 12. Mighty Joe / 13. Hello Darkness / 14. Pickin Tomatoes (Bonus Track)


"Scorpio's Dance" from 1970 was Shocking Blue's third album. It contunues the 1960's rocking approach of their breakthrough album "At Home", which contained the the smash-hit "Venus". This album does not have any hits of that calibre, but it does have some catchy rocking songs.

Most notably are the songs "Alaska Country" and "Sally was a Good Old Girl". The standout song though, I think is the ballad "Demon Lover", which demonstrates that the songwriting of Robby Van Leeuwen was both varied and strong.

Compared to other Shocking Blue albums this one may not belong among the very best - a handful of the songs are not really that memorable. Fortunately all 4 bonus-tracks are very strong. Three hit singles "Send Me a Postcard", "Mighty Joe" and "Hello Darkness" are Shocking Blues at their best. Also the upbeat B-side "Picking Tomatoes" is great. So with the 4 bonus tracks, the CD easily deserves the five stars.

What I like about Shocking Blues are the catchy tunes, the great slighly raw and polished sounds of the guitars and of course the charming vocals from Mariska Veres. You easily forgive her a couple of pronunciation problems along the way.

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