The Kinks

Percy - Pye 1971

Tracks: 1. God's Children / 2. Lola (Instrumental) / 3. The Way Love Used To Be / 4. Completely / 5. Running Round Town / 6. Moments / 7. Animals In The Zoo / 8. Just Friends / 9. Whip Lady / 10. Dreams / 11. Helga / 12. Willesden Green / 13. God's Children (End) / 14. Dreams (Mono) (*) / 15. Moments (Mono) (*) / 16. The Way Love Used To Be (Mono) (*) / 17. The Way Love Used To Be (Mono) (*) / 18. The Way Love Used To Be (Mono) (*)


"Percy", which is a Kinks movie soundtrack is in itself an excellent album which, however, is weakened by some uninteresting instrumentals; particularly the version of "Lola" is somewhat annoying.

Otherwise, I prefer to focus on the marvelous songs "God's Children", "Moments" and "The Way Love Used to Be". Also "Dreams" belongs in the fine end. "Animals in the Zoo" with its Bo Diddley beat, also works fine while "Willesden Green", sung by John Dalton, is a good song that might mostly have been recorded for fun.

Among the lesser-known tracks the waltzy "Just Friends" is a typical soundtrack number. "Completely" sounds almost like a "Fleetwood Mac" instrumental, while "Helga" really is both melodic and catchy.

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