Shocking Blue

Live in Japan - Pink Elephant 1972

Tracks: Tracks:1. Venus / 2. I'm a Woman / 3. Sally Was a Good Old Girl / 4. Poor Boy / 5. Tobacco Road / 6. Classical Gas / 7. Hot Sand / 8. Long and Lonesome Road / 9. Boll Weevil / 10. Blossom Lady / 11. Mighty Joe / 12. Never Marry a Railroad Man / 13. Shocking You / 14. Venus.


"Live in Japan" was first released in 1972, when Shocking Blue was at the height of their career. Their 1969 monster-hit "Venus" had brought the group around the world, and strong followers like "Mighty Joe", "Never Marry a Railroad Man", "Shocking You" and "Blossom Lady" ensured the group's continued popularity at the beginning of the 1970s.

All of these hits are to be found on "Live in Japan", which shows the group as a tight playing band with the excellent guitarist Robbie Leeuwen and singer Marijska Veres as the major attractions. The arrangements are very close to the studio versions, but now and then Van Leeuwen comes in with nice surprises on his guitar.

This is an album that clearly demonstrates that Shocking Blue was much more than a "one hit wonder". In fact, the group released eight solid albums before the creative main force, Van Leuween, left in 1973.

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