5. Kinks Kontroversy - Pye 1965

Tracks: Tracks: 1. Milk Cow Blue / 2. Ring the Bells / 3. Gotta Get the First Plane Home / 4. When I See That Girl of Mine / 5. I Am Free / 6. Till the End of the Day / 7. The World Keeps Going Round / 8. I'm On An Island / 9. Where Have All The Good Times Gone 10. It's Too Late / 11. What's In Store For Me / 12. You Can't Win / 13. Dedicated Follower of Fashion / 14. Sittin' On My Sofa / 15. When I See That Girl of Mine / 16. Dedicated Follower of Fashion


The Kinks Kontroversy marks the end of the first hard rocking era of the Kinks; the follow-up album would be produced by Ray Davies himself. The album is mostly songs in the well-known Kinks-style. All songs except one are selfpenned, and though it is a mixture of rockers and and softer songs, this is probably on of the most hard sounding Kinks albums, which of course has a lot to do with Shel Talmy`s production style.

Apart from Estes`"Milk Cow Blues", which I find unnecessary and pretty uninteresting, there are not weak songs here. The single "Till the End of the Day" which was the first Kinks single I bought back in the 60`s, is another "You Really Got Me"- rip off; but it`s the best of them all. The B-side "I`m on an Island" is another highlight.

There are several indications of the more sophisticated songwriting that was to come. Songs like "Dedicated Follower of Fashion" (bonus-track) and "Where Have All Good Times Gone" show that Ray Davies had already developed as a songwiter both lyrically and musically. The great ballad "Ring the Bells" also shows Davies softer side. My favourites are "Till the End of the Day", "Ring the Bells", "I`m On an Island", "I Am Free" and "You Can`t Win".

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