Shocking Blue

Inkpot - Polydor 1972

Tracks: 1. I Ain't Never / 2. Navajo Tears / 3. Shadows / 4. Blue Jean / 5. Jambalaya / 6. Ink Pot / 7. Tobacco Road / 8. Hey / 9. Who Save My Soul / 10. Red Leaves I + II / 11. The Queen / 12. I Melt Like Butter / 13* Blossom Lady / 14. Out of Sig* / 17. Is This a Dream*


"Inkpot" from 1972 was the fourth album from Shocking Blues with Mariska Veres as a leadsinger. It was also the fourth album released in three years, and you may suspect that songwriter and guitarist Robbie van Leeuwen has been under heavy pressure to continually come up with new songs to the group's records; perhaps this is why the group chose to record three cover songs. At any rate "Inkpot" appears less homogenous than the previous albums.

This does not mean that the album can be called weak; with strong Van Leeuwen originals like "Navajo Tears", "Inkpot" and partly also "Hey", it is an album not to be ignored.

It is worth noting that "Inkpot" was originally released in two different versions. One version replaces the somewhat pale "Blue Jeans", "Tobacco Road", "Who Save My Soul," "Red Leaves" and "I Melt Like Butter", with significantly stronger singletracks like "Out of Sight Out of Mind" "I Like You", "Blossom Lady", "Give My Love To The Sunrise" and "Is This a Dream". This alternate version obviously comes out far more attractive than the original Dutch version. The 6 rating is for the version with the singles.

As with the previous albums the musical side is top-class. It is a pleasure to listen to Van Leuuwens varied and effective guitar playing - and Veres, of course, is as always an indispensable focal point.

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