Shocking Blue

Dream On Dreamer - Polydor 1973

Tracks: 1. Time Slips Away / 2. Dowee Dowee / 3. So Far from Home / 4. Take Your Time / 5. Little Bit of Heaven / 6. Now He's Gone / 7. Diana in Her Dreams / 8. Just a Song / 9. In My Time of Dyin' / 10. Wild Rose / 11. Save Your Love / 12. Devil's Suite ( CD reissued with "Good Times" )


"Dream on Dreamer", Shocking Blue's 1973 album, has been released on a "two originals on one" CD; the other being "Good Times" from 1974. Furthermore there are 3 bonus-tracks - singles from 74-75.

The trademark of Shocking Blue was always their crafty and catchy rock-based tunes, irresistibly sung by female singer Mariska Veres. The arrangements were usually simple, but the sound tight and the playing solid. Nearly all their material was written by unique songwriter/guitarist Robbie van Leeuwen.

They had a world-wide smash hit with the classic "Venus", but they were not able to repeat its success.- They had minor hits with "Never Marry a Railroad Man", "Mighty Joe" and other great singles, but their sound was probably too much out of the 1960`s to compete with the new trends and sounds of the early 1970`s. Nevertheless they kept on making terrific albums and singles.

"Dream on Dreamer" their seventh from 1973 is one of their most obscure, and probably not known by very many people. This is quite undeserved, as it features many great van Leeuwen songs. "Time Slips Away", "Diana in Her Dreams" and "Save Your Love" are classic Shocking Blue type of songs. Another highlight is the quite piano ballad "Just a Song" beautifully sung by Veres - in the same vein as "I Like You" from the Inkpot album. Oddly enough the great title track "Dream on Dreamer" was not originally featured on the album. This song and its equally strong B-side are perfect additions.

Robbie van Leeuwen left the band shortly after the release of "Dream on Dreamer" and he is only featured on a few of the songs on the follow-up album "Good Times".

They recorded 3 singles without van Leeuwen with no great success and singer Veres also left. Soon the band fell apart. They have been reunited in recent years, but have only recorded very little since their great 1970's days.

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