Shocking Blue

Attila - Polydor 1973

Tracks: 1. Rattler / 2. Never Release the One You Love / 3. A Waste of Time / 4. Wait / 5. The Devil and the Angel / 6. Rock in the Sea / 7. I've Spent My Money / 8. Will the Circle Be Unbroken / 9. Early in the Morning / 10. I Built My World Around You / 11. Don't Let Your Right Know / 12. Broken Heart / 13. Eve and the Apple*


Compared to its predecessor "Inkpot", "Attila" appears a somewhat more successful and inspired album. Guitarist Robbie Van Leuuwen, this time agreed to writing all the songs, and this as usual means songs of very high caliber.

Only one track from "Attila" was issued as a single, and although "Rock in the Sea" is in itself is a fine song, it is hardly surprising that the song did not do particularly well on the charts.

Much stronger is one of the album's highlights "Never Release the One You Love" which sounds like a sure hit. Other fine tracks, includes "A Waste of Time" and "Broken Heart", which has borrowed a little of Beethoven's "Für Elise". It is interesting that "Attila" was also released with the title "Eve And The Apple", named after the fine single of the same name. This song replaces the opening track "Rattler."

You may also note that, apart from "Never Release the One You Love" no actual ballads were recorded for the album.

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