Shocking Blue

At Home - Pink Elephant 1969

Tracks: 1. Boll Weevil / 2. I'll Write Your Name Thru the Fire / 3. Acha Raga / 4. Love Machine / 5. I'm a Woman / 6. Venus / 7. California Here I Come / 8. Poor Boy / 9. Long and Lonesome Road / 10. Love Buzz / 11. Butterfly and I / 12. Harley Davidson [*] / 13. Fireball of Love [*] / 14. Hot Sand [*] / 15. Wild Wind [*]


"At Home" from 1969 is often regarded as the debut album of Shocking Blue. A fact is that an album was released in 1968 called "Beat With Us", but at that time their outstanding female lead-singer Mariska Veres had not yet joined. Besides Veres, guitarist Robbie van Leeuwen was they key member of the band. He wrote the vast majority of their recordings and he has a great skill of coming up with catchy guitar riffs. The mere sound of his guitar is always a pleasure to listen to.

"At Home" contains their world-wide hit-single "Venus", which alone makes this album essential; fortunately there are other great moments to go for. "California Here I Come" and "Long and Lonesome Road" are two classic Shocking Blue tracks and favourites among fans.

"I'll Write Your Name Through the Fire" is a quieter song with an unusual beat, and a personal favourite of mine. Interesting that Nirvana chose to record the band's relatively anonymous "Love Buzz".

4 early B-sides are added a bonus-tracks; all solid; with "Hot Sand" and "Wild Wind" as the most memorable.

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