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"Empty Chair"


The Stairs ( formerly Jesper Vindberg Band) was founded around 2002 by schoolmates Jesper Vindberg (songwriter and guitarist) and Jacob Klitgaard (bass). Through 2002-03 they regularly played around the Viborg area with various drummers and under different names (e.g. "Supersonic")

Around early 2004 Mads Pugholm joined as their regular drummer and the band began calling themselves Jesper Vindberg Band. With the addition of two more skilled musicians; guitarist Thomas Rytter and keyboardplayer Thomas Albrechtsen the base to progress further musically was there. The band began to rehearse for their first 5-track CD and during 3 days in Jailhouse Studios early 2005 their CD "A New World" was completed. In spite of the limited recording time the CD was artistically quite succesful; but the band soon realised that it did not represent the sound they were aiming for, so Jesper began writing material for a new release.

In autumn 2005 Pugholm decided to leave the band, and they had to look out for a replacement. Fortunately they soon ran into an equally skilled drummer, Sune, whose style was just what they were looking for.

By May 2006 a new 5 track CD "Songs About Something/Nothing?" was released.
Unfortunately founder member and bass-player Jacob Klitgaard has decided to quit. Jacob is leaving Aarhus to study in Copenhagen and consequently it will be difficult for him to rehearse and play with the other s on a regular basis. A new competent bass-player, Janus Valsted, has already been found.

In September The Stairs contributed their song "Song About Something/Nothing" to the Danish sampler "Monotoner". The release was celebrated with a release-party concert featuring The Stairs and 3 other Danish up-coming bands.

By October the new 4 tracks mini album "Songs From The Special Offer's Mind" was released.

By early 2007 at least 2 new songs are expected to be recorded. The songs "Magic Carpet Ride" and "Little Bird" have both worked excellently live, so the band obviously want to record them as soon as possible.
By early March "Little Bird", "Back From the Sky" (re-recorded) , and "Song About Something/Nothing" (Re-recorded) and the semi acoustic "Sleep Time" were recorded in the professional AB Studios and were ready for the final mixes; some unexpected delays has given the band the opportunity to record a couple of more new songs for a forthcoming May 2007 release. "Magic Carpet Ride" which was partly will probably one of these additions.

March 07:
It seems that "Magic Carpet Ride" will not be included on the new EP after all; two complete new songs called "Taking Back Control" and "Sitting in the Sun" will probably be the two new songs the band records for May 2007 release.

August 07
The Stairs have been given the opportunity to record all full album; so the band is still recording for the album which is hoped to be ready for release this summer. More early songs like "That´s Not a Man", "Take Me Back", Everything is Open" and "A Bit of All Right" are considered for re-recording. A new song "Sherlock Holmes" is also likely to be included.

October 07
After several set-backs the Stairs' new EP is ready for release, and it's expected in early November. Producer and member of Danish Indie band "Carpark North" Soeren Balsner ( b a l s n e r ) has mixed the 4 tracks , and given the group a new a more modern sound.
In June 2008 the Stairs went to Stillwalker studios in Copenhagen to record two songs for a single. The songs are titled "What Loneliness Does" and "Some Space for Me"

Reviews of "What Loneliness Does" - Nov. 2008
The song "What Loneliness Does" has been very well received and has reached the no. 3 position on the new Tracktesting list - TRACKTESTING

Listen to the song on MySpace - WHAT LONELINESS DOES

October 08

By October 2008 Thomas Rytter decided to leave the band, after having moved to Copenhagen to study. The four other band-members decided to continue as a four-piece band, and to change their musical approach towards a more basic and raw style. 4 new songs ( "Empty Chair", "Raise My Spirit", "What You're Looking For" and "If You Don't Know by now" ) have been worked on and the plan is to release them as a live-in-studio project - and then in the beginning of 2009 after some live-jobs, do proper studio-recordings of the new material.

The band is very enthusiastic about the new direction, which leaves more room for improvisations. The band's by influenced by bands like the Doors and the Kinks is now more obvious than ever.

July 09

Bassist Janus Valsted left the group in spring 2009, and the band found a very competent replacement for him in Martin Egknud. New recordings went very well, and the band was very optimistic about the future.

Spring 2010

The band has by January 2010 finished their new 5-track EP, "Empty Chairs", which was released in spring the same year. Soon after finishing "Empty Chairs" Sune Johansen and Martin Egeknud decided to leave the Stairs. Jesper Vindberg and Thomas Albrechtsen continue the Stairs as a duo, occasionally using guestmusicians for their live-appearances.

By June 2010 original drummer Mads Pugholm rejoined the band, and the new line-up gave their first public performance on September 3, at the Fair Bar in Aarhus.

January 2011

The Stairs will in the spring of 2011 release their first full length CD. The album will consist of tracks recorded during 2010, supplemented with selected songs previously released on EPs in the period 2006-2009. These include live favorites like "Back From The Sky" and “Little Bird. " The provisional tracklist is: 1. What You're Looking for / 2. I've Got a Feeling / 3. Empty Chair / 4. If you Do not Know by now / 5. Little Bird / 6. Back From The Sky / 7. Song About Something / Nothing / 8. That's Not A Man / 9. A Bit of All Right / 10. Everything Is Open

There may be added one or two numbers to the list; maybe listed as bonus tracks. One of those could be the download only single “What Loneliness Does” from 2008. An album title has not yet been decided for, but it could well be "Empty Chairs", which was also the title of the recent EP.

In the meantime the group are well underway with songs for a successor, with completely newly written songs which the group hope to record during 2011.

May 2011

The plan of releasing a compilation album has been postponed. The band want to concentrate on recording a full length new album in collaboration with young producer Jacob Brøndlund, who may also join the band on a more regular basis, filling in on the bass.


In 2013 Jesper, Thomas and Mads decided to take a new name: "She's a Sailor" and in October 2014 they released a free download EP form their face book site. She's a Sailor - on facebook

The 2007 line-up, left to right: Sune, Thomas A., Thomas R., Jesper and Janus.

Band Members:

Thomas Albrechtsen: Born 1980, keyboards and harmony-vocals. Thomas is another very talented musician, capable of playing various different styles, and his entry gave the band a broader and fuller sound. Thomas is a graduate in music from Aarhus University.

Jesper Vindberg: Born 1982, songwriter, vocals and guitar.

Mads Pugholm: Born 1980, Drums. Pugholm is a very experienced drummer who has played in various bands. He left the Stairs in autumn 2005. Mads rejoined the group in autumn 2010

Jacob Brøndlund: Born 1985, Producer, bass + various instruments. In spring 2011 the Stairs started working with Brøndlund to do a full-length album

Past Members:
Jacob Klitgaard: Born 1982, bass. Jacob is a very talented bass-player with a very personal style, giving the band both drive and feeling. Jacob is studying music at the Aarhus music academy. Jacob left the band by April 2006

Thomas Rytter: Born 1981, lead guitar and harmony-vocals . Thomas has quite many years of experience behind him as professional musician, and he regularly plays in other connections; obviously the Stairs is his first priority.

Sune Johansen: Born 1983, Drums. Newcomer Sune is a great drummer with a style that at times make you think of Keith Moon of the Who. Left the Stairs in early 2010.

Janus Valsted: Born 1976, Bass. Joined to replace Jacob in April 2006. Left the Stairs in 2009.

Martin Egknud: Born 1980, Bass. Egknud is an experienced musician who has played in various bands. During his short time with the band he added a new punchier feel to the band's music. Left the Stairs in early 2010.


1. A New World ( As Jesper Vindberg Band ) - 2005

1. A New World / 2. Trainstation / 3. Back From the Sky / 4. Don't Give Up / 5. Lovely Like You
Rating : 7

2. Songs About Something/Nothing? - May 2006

1. The Devil / 2. Song About Something / Nothing / 3. A Bit of Alright / 4. Everything is Open / 5. Miss Right / 6. Back From the Sky* / Take Me Back*
Rating : 9

3. Monotoner ( sampler ) - MONO CD 01 - September 2006

Song About Something / Nothing + 17 other tracks by new Danish artists such as Xantom, Fran Go Heep, Mimas and Penelope Leaves
Rating : 8

4. Songs From The Special Offer's Mind - October 2006

1. That's Not a Man / 2. Glue / 3. Music Police / 4. Poor White Trash
Rating : 8

5. The Stairs - May 2007

1. Little Bird / 2. Back From the Sky (re) / 3. Sitting in the Sun / 4. Song About Something / Nothing (re) / 5. Sleep Time
Rating : 9

6. Blue Box Sampler - August 2008 ( including "What Loneliness Does" an early version of "Beautiful". "Some Space For Me" was also finished but never released )

1. What Loneliness Does / 2. Some Space for Me
Rating :

7. Empty Chairs - June 2010

1. Empty Chair / 2. If You Don't Know by Now / 3. I Got a Feeling / 4. What You're Looking For / 5. To Be With You
Rating : 9

8. Back From the Sky ( She's a Sailor )

1. Beautiful / 2. When the Failures Cry / 3. What's it All About
Rating :

My Suggestion For a 80 minutes (app.) Best Of Compilation:

1. Back From the Sky ( Vindberg ) A New World
2. Take Me Back ( Vindberg ) Songs About Something/Nothing?
3. Glue ( Vindberg ) Songs From The Special Offer's Mind
4. Music Police ( Vindberg ) Songs From The Special Offer's Mind
5. That's Not a Man ( Vindberg ) Songs From The Special Offer's Mind
6. The Devil ( Vindberg ) Songs About Something/Nothing?
7. Song About Something / Nothing ( Vindberg ) Songs About Something/Nothing?
8. A Bit of Alright ( Vindberg ) Songs About Something/Nothing?
9. Sherlock Holmes ( Vindberg ) Still unreleased
10. Everything is Open ( Vindberg ) Songs About Something/Nothing?
11. My Miss Right ( Vindberg ) Songs About Something/Nothing?
12. Don't Give Up ( Vindberg ) A New World
13. Magic Carpet Ride ( Vindberg ) Unreleased
14. Little Bird ( Vindberg ) The Stairs
15. Back From the Sky (re) ( Vindberg ) The Stairs
16. Song About Something / Nothing (re) ( Vindberg ) The Stairs
17. Sitting in the Sun ( Vindberg ) The Stairs
18. Poor White Trash ( Vindberg ) Songs From The Special Offer's Mind
19. What Loneliness Does - ( Vindberg ) single 2008
20. Some Space for Me ( Vindberg ) single 2008
21. Taking Back Control ( Vindberg ) Still unreleased
22. Fools Like Us ( Vindberg ) Still unreleased
23. Think of You ( Vindberg ) Still unreleased
24. Empty Chair ( Vindberg/Stairs ) Empty Chairs
25. To Be With You ( Vindberg/Stairs ) Empty Chairs
26. What You're Looking For ( Vindberg/Stairs ) Empty Chairs
27. If You Don't Know by Now ( Vindberg/Stairs ) Empty Chairs
28. I Got a Feeling ( Vindberg/Stairs ) Empty Chairs

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PULS- Festival Voxhall - May - 2007

2-Pack Show with Garbo - May 4 - 2007

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From their "2 Bands Show" with the Breakers - November 10 - 2006

Pics From "Monotoner" release-party - September 16 - 2006

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The Stairs to the Emergenza Finals! Link to see Pics! - 2006

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Pics From Emergenza Festival March 9 - 2006

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Watch the "Back From the Sky" video

Album Release expected from the Stairs in Winter 2011!!

Planned compilation album postponed

"What Loneliness Does" - Live

All Stairs CDs can now be ordered on-line.

1. A New World - 2005

Tracks: 1. A New World / 2. Trainstation / 3. Back From the Sky / 4. Don't Give Up / 5. Lovely Like You

2. Songs About Something/Nothing? - May 2006

Tracks: 1. The Devil / 2. Song About Something / Nothing / 3. A Bit of Alright / 4. Everything is Open / 5. Miss Right / 6. Back From the Sky* / 7. Take Me Back*

3. Songs From the Special Offer's Mind - November 2006

Tracks: 1. That's Not a Man / 2. Glue / 3. Music Police / 4. Poor White Trash

4. The Stairs - November 2007

Tracks: 1. Little Bird / 2. Back From the Sky / 3. Sitting in the Sun / 4. Song About Something / Nothing / 5. Sleep Time

5. Empty Chairs - June 2010

Tracks: 1. Empty Chair / 2. If You Don't Know by Now / 3. I've Got a Feeling / 4. What You're Looking For / 5. To Be With You

Price per CD including shipping :

UK £ 10

U.S. $ 20

Europe € 15

Please note that only few copies of "A New World" are left!

Payment through pay-pal possible.

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