Holger Dall was a Danish painter. He was born in 1903 and died in 1986.

His earliest works are mostly figurative compositions and landscape paintings with motifs from Jutland, Denmark. Later, the biblical motifs became central to Holger Dallís art with themes such as the Crucifixion, Entombment and Christ and the disciples on the road to Emmaus. They are painted with a broad brush, where the color, even at times put on with spatula, becomes a means of expression in itself. There is something powerful and far from sentimental about the treatment of the biblical motifs, and they are strong in their coloristic expression. In the religious paintings there are expressive tendencies that at times are reminiscent of Larsen Stevns and Emil Nolde, without in any way becoming a slavish mimic of them. In his later years Holger Dallís compositions are tighter. The colors come out easier and more delicate, and you feel in his paintings his experience from working with glass mosaics a tendency to divide the pictures into smaller parts, thus the compositions often have a more abstract appearance, at times even purely abstract expression. Holger Dall has made his mark with a series of public decorations that are primarily composed of stained glass windows, done with tightness in lines, a cheerful color effect, fine contrasts between light and darkness.

Source: Weilbach

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Selected Works
Boy and Girl - 1970's ? Christ - 1970's Apostles - 1970's
Red Girls - 1970's Christ Mosaik 1970s Horses 1960's?
Komposition - 1960's Red Christ - 1970's Red Hens - 1960s'
3 Horses - 1970's Flamingos - 1960's ? Red Poppy - 1960's
Relgious Motif - 1970's Girls - 1960's Fruits - 1960's
3 Girls raw - 1960s Madonna - 1960's More Horses - early 1970's?
Girls again - 1960's? Children 1960's ? Vase of Flowers - 1960's ?
Autumn? Golgata? Apostles
Flowers 3 Horses Abstract
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