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The Dodgers

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The Dodgers



About year after Badfinger had disbanded, due to the death of Pete Ham, Bob Jackson and Tom Evans had gathered musicians for a new band that eventually was named The Dodgers. The Band consisted of:

Tom Evans: Bass and vocals

Bob Jackson: Keyboard, guitar and vocals

John Wilson: Guitar and vocals

Dave Powell: Drums

This new band started writing and recording new material throughout most of 1976. They got a contract with Island Records and their first single "Don't Let Me Be Wrong" ( Wilson ) b/w Get To You ( Evans/Jackson ) was released in March. The songs were produced by Muff Winwood but although both songs were pretty good poprock songs, the single failed to do much impression in The UK. When released in The States it made it a bit better reaching Billboard Hot 100.

In June their second single was released on Island Records; Just Want to Love You" ( Wilson ) b/w "Don't Know What You're Doing"( Jackson ). Again two good songs in a similar style as their first single. This single too failed to chart and soon after the recordings drummer Dave Powell left the band. He was replaced by Bob Jackson's old friend from Coventry Paul Hooper.Tom Evans and Bob Jackson wrote both alone and together some great songs in this period, but the bands third single was also written John Wilson. The Dodgers appeared on a BBC show this year. These recordings can be found on the bootlegs called "Tommy Evans ( with Bob Jackson and The Dodgers)" or ""The Dodgers - Lost at Ebbetts Field


After the release of their third Island single "Down" ( Wilson )b/w " Don't Know What You're Doing"( Jackson ) they were persuaded by Clive Banks to leave Island Records and look for another Label. The got a contract with Polygram and were signed to record an album with an unknown producer Pat Moran. Moran's ideas of The Dodgers sound did not match those of the band's; especially Bob Jackson did not like the direction he was taking them. But new complication were on their way. Some of the people around the band thought Tom Evans was not good for the band. Tom had had some problems with his drinking and on a few occasions he had caused some problems for the band. According to Jackson these were minor incidents which could not justify throwing Tom out of the band. Also Paul Hooper has stated that Tommy's drinking wasn't a problem. Nevertheless this was what happened. In in middle of 1977 Tom Evans was kicked out to be replaced by Roger Lomas. Though Bob Jackson fought keep Tom in the band, he did not succeed, and for a long time Bob felt that he had not supported Tom enough. Later Tom and Bob got together again in the reformed Badfinger in 1982. Tommy's vocal parts and bassparts on the already finished tracks for the forthcoming album were erased and later replaced.


The Dodgers now finished album Dodgers-Love On The Rebound is released on Polydor Records. Also two singles are released "Love On The Rebound " b/w "Come Out Fighting" and later the same year "Anytime"b/w"Little Darlin'". Though especially the title-track on the album sounded like it had great commercial potentials, none of these records received any commercial success. Recordings for a second album did take place, but soon after Bob Jackson left The Dodgers due to differences in the views on what musical direction the Dodgers should go. Their managers wanted a band with a heavy commercial sound whereas Bob probably preferred to stick to the style he had experienced with Badfinger. None of these later Dodgers recordings have ever been released, and the band shortly after fell apart.


In 1995 Bob Jackson was reunited with drummer Paul Hooper in the sixties band The Fortunes; best known for their hit "You've Got You Troubles."

With Bob Jackson The Fortunes have recently released an album "Some Bridges that has received fine reviews; it has been compared to The Searchers' fine seventies albums.



Don't Let Me Be Wrong b/w Get To You1976

Island WIP 6292 (UK)

Island IS 058 (US)

Island 16995A (GER)

Just Wanna Love Youb/wDon't Know What You're Doing 1976

Island WIP 6342 (UK)

Island 17610 AT (GER)

Island 17634 AT (NL)

Downb/wDon't Know What You're Doing1976

Island WIP 6361 (UK)

Island IS 17610 AT (GER)

Island IS 17634 AT (NL)

Love On The Reboundb/wCome Out Fighting1978

Polydor 2059046 (UK)

Don't Let Me Be Wrongb/wCome Out Fighting1978

Polydor 2059074 (UK)

Anytimeb/wLittle Darlin'1978



Love On The Rebound
Polydor super 2383513 - UK-version

1. Love On The Rebound
2. Anytime
3. For Your Love
4. Come Out Fighting
5. I Call Your Name
6. Mr Music
7. Little Darlin'
8. Don't Know What You're Doing
9. It Was You
10.Take Another Piece
11.Just Wanna Love You
12.Don't Let Me Be Wrong
13.All I Do
14.Das Ende

Love On The Rebound
Polydor PD-1-6174 - US-version

1. Love On The Rebound
2. Little Darlin'
3. Anytime
4. Come Out Fighting
5. It Was You
6. Mr Music
7. Don't Know What You're Doing
8. For Your Love
9. I Call Your Name
10.Take Another Piece
11.Just Wanna Love You
12.Don't Let Me Be Wrong
13.All I Do
14.Das Ende

The Dodgers - Lost At Ebbetts Field
Popmeister POP-007 ( bootleg!)

1. Love On The Rebound
2. Little Darlin'
3. Anytime
4. Come Out Fighting
5. It Was You
6. Don't Know What You're Doing
7. For Your Love
8. I Call Your Name
9. Take Another Piece
10.Don't Let Me Be Wrong
11.All I Do
12.Miles Away
13.24 Reasons
14.Matter Of Pride
15.Just Wanna Love You
17.Don't Know What You're Doing
18.Where Were You
19.Get To You
20.Just Wanna Love You

Tracks 1-11 are from the Love On The Rebound album

Tracks 12-18 are BBC recordings

Tracks 19-21 are Island singles

Tommy Evans (With Bob Jackson and The Dodgers) - Badfinger Records - BB016

This CD contains BBC performances + the Island singles

The Fortunes - Featuring Bob Jackson

Some Bridges - Demon Records??

1. How 'm I Gonna Sleep (Tom Finn)
2. Climb On
3. The Best Thing
4. I Can't Make You Love Me
5. Some Bridges ( Jackson Browne)
6. I've Been Wrong Before ( Randy Newman)
7. Please Remember Me
8. Tonight
9. You And You Alone ( Vince Gill )
11.In This Life
12.The Last Worthless Evening
13.I Can Let Go Now

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