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Sony VAIO computers, Sony DVD Camcorder Reviews, Sony CLIE Discounts
Sony EPSON Stylus Photo 960 - Yellow Ink Cartridge - VS-T033420 Engineered to give your customers the highest resolution and color saturation possible, this quick-drying, dye-based ink offers optimum performance and productivity with superior resistance to smudging and bleeding. ... Sony Optical Digital Connecting Cable with Interchangeable Plug Adaptor - POC-20AP Sony's POC-20AP Optical Digital Connecting Cable with Interchangeable Plug Adaptor features new design for plug and cable, connects HiFi Decks (CD player, DVD player, etc.) to AV Receiver, MD Deck, connects HiFi Decks, CD player, DVD player, AV Receiver to Portable MD player, connects Portable CD player to AV Receiver, MD Deck and connects Portable CD Player to Portable MD Player. ... Sony CD-R Media 80min/700MB - 48X - 30CDQ80LSXKIT Sony's 30CDQ80LSXKIT CD-R media provides 700MB of permanent data storage or 80 minutes of digital audio recording and delivers the mechanical precision needed to meet today's high-speed recording requirements. ... Sony VAIO 5GHz Wireless LAN Pro Router Access Point & 802.11a Ethernet Converter - PCWAA500KIT1 Save $149.99* and create a wireless network in your home or office. This special bundle comes with an 802.11a Access Point (PCWA-A500) and Ethernet Converter (PCWA-DE50) to turn your desktop PC into a wireless network device! The high-speed transfer rate of up to 54Mbps makes it possible to stream video content smoothly and send large files across the network quickly. The 802.11a (5GHz) format does not interfere with other devices such as microwave ovens and cordless phones, so your network won't get disconnected.*$99.99 instant savings + $50 mail-in rebate ... Sony Super Zoom Microphone - ECM-Z60 Sony's ECM-Z60 Super Zoom Microphone is the clear choice for recording lectures, speeches, seminars, and other situations where the speaker is distant from your recording position. Features of the ECM-Z60 include: a Super Uni-Directional Characteristic, a phase-tube technique to avoid electrical noise interference, a Gold plated L-shape Miniplug, and a Foldable mic stand for easy carrying and set-up. ... Sony DSC-P8 Cyber-shot Digital Camera with 100 Free 4x6 ImageStation Prints - DSCP8KITIS The DSC-P8 Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera combines exceptional image quality with compact design, delivering 3.2 megapixel effective resolution with a 3X optical lens and intelligent features, like 3 area multi-point AF for sharply-focused shots even in low light conditions and Sonys AF Illuminator that briefly illuminates the subject for an accurate focus lock. The multi-burst function captures 16 320x240 frames with 3 selectable intervals for convenient motion analysis.Versatile MPEG movie modes are highlighted with MPEG VX mode, which captures VGA (640 x 480) high frame rate (16 frames per second) audio/video clips with length limited only by the capacity of the media. You can even edit in MPEG clips in the camera with 6X cue/review & divide/delete. Add to that a lightning-fast USB 2.0 interface, and this is a camera that will keep up with you and with technology for a long time to come. ... Sony Electronics Sony Online Store ~

Sony Online Electrical Shop: At Sony Online Electrical Shop Your Money Buys More! …

Sony Website really does have something for everyone, and provides an incredible range of top-quality Sony products at low, low prices!
  • Tube TVs, Projection TVs, Sony Flat Panel TVs, Sony Plasma WEGA, LCD WEGA, HDTVs, LocationFree TVs and more - Sony has a huge range.
  • Plasma televisions from Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung, Philips, Daewoo Electrical …
  • Cyber-shot Enthusiast, Cyber-shot Point & Shoot, Cyber-shot, Mavica … The best cameras at the best prices!
  • Projection TV's from Sony are amazing … Rear projection and front projection TVs, Sony has lots to choose from.
  • TVs, Audio, Home Theater, DVR, DVD Players/Recorders, VCRs,Remote Controls - whatever your home entertainment needs, you'll find it all at Sony Website
  • Digital Photo Printers from Sony offer some of the best features and prices available - buying a digital photo printer from Sony is money well spent!
So, whatever Sony products you're looking for, for business or home, check the Sony Website before you buy. You'll find in-depth technical information, specifications and you'll also be able to purchase any additional Sony accessories or consumables if neccessary. Best of all, when you purchase direct from Sony, you can have everything delivered right to your door, with your satisfaction guaranteed!

Home Audio at Sony Electronics: DVD, VHS VCR, HiFi, Theater -

Sony Electronics is the leading manufacturer and reseller of home entertainment products, personal computer-related products and services … and much more!

Sony is comprised of several different operating divisions, including the Home Products Division, Personal Mobile and Imaging Division and Information Technology Products Division to name but a few. The Sony Style website, the official Sony Electronics retail website, is operated under Sony's e-Solutions division - Sony also has Sony Style stores in several major cities. The Sony Home Products Division has responsibility for:
  • Sony HDTVs, Flat-panel Plasma and Sony LCD WEGA TVs, FD Trinitron WEGA CRT televisions, Sony CRT rear projection TVs, and Grand WEGA LCD rear projection televisions
  • HD and Direct TV receivers
  • DVD-video players/recorders, VCRs, Super Audio CD players, and home theater-in-a-box systems
  • Hi-Fi components (AV receivers), shelf systems and speakers
while the Sony Personal Mobile and Imaging Division has responsibilities for:
  • Sony Walkman personal stereos, MiniDisc Walkman players/recorders and personal digital music players
  • Sony Handycam camcorders
  • Sony Cybershot and Sony Mavica digital still cameras
  • Sony Car stereo products
  • Sony Digital photo home printers
  • Sony Memory Stick flash media
The Sony Information Technology Products Division is the division with responsibility for the fabulous range of VAIO computers, Sony CLIE handheld devices, branded computer displays and professional projectors and RoomLink home network media receiver - amongst others!

Click here to go directly to the Sony Electronics web site.

Plasma televisions, digital cameras, printers … Settle for nothing less than the best - shop CompUSA !

CompUSA operates approximately 225 stores in 90 major metropolitan markets. These CompUSA Superstores serve retail, corporate, government and education customers and include technical service departments. CompUSA's inventory includes all major brands of computers and information products including Apple, Compaq, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, Toshiba and more. CompUSA also carries more than 2,000 software titles. Many of the CompUSA stores include classroom training facilities.

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Plasma TV Discounts at CompUSA Plasma TV Website will leave your head spinning … CompUSA plasma television deals are real bargains!

  • Plasma Televisions from Panasonic, Plasma TV Discounts from Pioneer, Plasma TV deals from Samsung, Philips plasma televisions, Best Plasma Television Price from Daewoo … At CompUSA "Plasma TV" is just another name for "bargain"
  • Widescreen televisions and Projection TV and LCD television deals at CompUSA cannot be beaten. Best prices all round!
  • Widescreen HDTV Monitors, TV/DVD Combo, LCD Drop Down TV, Real Flat TV, LCD HDTV - all at CompUSA!

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