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Maplins Online Shop, UK: The Leading UK Electrical Store - Save

     Maplins Electrical, UK - Maplins Online Shop, UK: The Leading UK Electrical Store - Save online at Maplins Electrical Store is so easy!

Maplin is one of the UK's biggest electrical retailers, offering a huge range of products online, backed by the quality and service guarantees expected from one of the UK's leading brands. Maplin Electrical offers customers a vast range of over electrical products online including a constantly updated range of online exclusives. From Washing Machines, Widescreen TV's to the Latest in Home Computing - Maplins caters for everyone.

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Maplins Online Shop, UK: The Leading UK Electrical Store - Save

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Maplins Online Shop, UK: The Leading UK Electrical Store - Save

Maplin's Electrical Stores @ - Online Shopping at Maplins Website is so Easy!

Maplins Online Shop, UK: The Leading UK Electrical Store - Save Axial Electrolytic Capacitors ( GenElect 100uF 35V ) A range of axial leaded capacitors with values from 1 to 4700 µF at voltages of 10 to 450V. Load life of 2000h at 850<sup>o</sup>C. Operating temperatures of 40 to +850<sup>o</sup>C. Leakage current not more than 0.03CV or 4 µA (whichever is greater CapcitanceVoltageNumber(dia x height)Order µF(DC)(mm )Code11002222021391084.5 x 10AT00A2-21002222021392284.5 x 10AT01B10252222030361094.5 x 10AT02C10632222021381094.5 x 10AT03D22632222021382296.0 x 10AT04E47162222132254794.5 x 10AT05F47632222021384796.5 x 18AT06G4745022220431747918 x 40AT07H100102222021341014.5 x 10AT08J100402222021371016.5 x 18AT09K100632222021381018.0 x 18AT10L220162222031352218.0 x 18AT11M2204022220213722110 x 18AT12N470102222021344716.5 x 18AT13P470162222021354718.0 x 18AT14Q4702522220213647110 x 18AT15R4706322220211847112.5 x 30AT16S10001622220219051810.0 x 25AT18U10004022220211710212.5 x 30AT19V10006322220211810218.0 x 30AT20W22004022220211722218.0 x 30AT21X22006322220211822221.0 x 40AT23A47004022220211747221.0 x 40AT24B ... Universal Phone Holder ( Univ Car Phone Chgr ) · Keep your phone secure where you want to see it· Adjustable universal grip phone holder and suction mounted· Suitable for most mobile phones· Easy repositioning· Padded side supports and quick release button · Easily mount your cell phone the interior of your vehicle’s windshield Easily mount your cell phone the interior of your vehicles windshield. Padded jaws adjust to fit almost any size phone. The adjustable windshield mount lets you position your phone at just the right location for easy access. You can quickly detach and transfer to another vehicle as needed. ... 3-Channel Radio Controlled Helicopter ( 3ch R/C Helicopter ) · Full 3-channel flight with control of up/down, rotate left/right and forward/backwards motion· Fully assembled and ready to fly· Includes rechargeable battery and charger for up to 12 minutes of flying time· Dual rotor design for easy and stable flight· Suitable for ages 14 + Available separately are spares and replacement batteries.Spares (3-Channel Radio Controlled Helicopter ( 3ch R/C Helicopter ) 3-Channel Radio Controlled Helicopter ( 3ch R/C Helicopter ) Maplin, Maplins ... Miniature General Purpose ABS Box 1551 Series ( Mini ABS 50x50x20 Bk ) · Miniature enclosures· ABS plastic· Lap joint construction· Designed to meet IP54 Miniature enclosures moulded in a choice of black or grey general purpose ABS plastic, features a satin texture finish, two PC board standoffs moulded into interior, lap joint construction. Lid adds 3mm to height and is secured with two self-tapping #4 x 0.5 inch Phillips screws. Order CodeHamm ond Part No.Ext. dimensionsColour(l x w x h)N49FK1551MBK35 x 35 x 20mm BlackN51FK1551PBK40 x 40 x 20mm BlackN78BQ1551GBK50 x 35 x 17mm BlackN53FK1551RBK50 x 50 x 20mm BlackN79BQ1551HBK60 x 35 x 17mm BlackN80BQ1551KBK80 x 40 x 17mm BlackN50FK1551MGY35 x 35 x 20mm GreyN52FK1551PGY40 x 40 x 20mm GreySC78K1551GGY50 x 35 x 17mm GreyN54FK1551RGY50 x 50 x 20mm GreySC79L1551HGY60 x 35 x 17mm GreySC80B1551KGY80 x 40 x 17mm Grey ... Rotating Dome Lighting Effect ( 15W SES Pygmy ) Rotating Dome Lighting Effect ( 15W SES Pygmy ) Maplin, Maplins ... 10/100 Ethernet PCMCIA Laptop Card ( 10/100 Cardbus ) · 10 Base-T and 100Base-TX (IEEE 802.3 & 802.3u) specification· Supports full or half duplex operation· Plug and Play ... Aviva Travel Insurance, JD Williams, Laura Ashley, Car Phone Warehouse, Littlewoods UK, Freemen Euroffice - Maplins Shopping Index Best Value, Best Prices! - Maplins Online Shop, UK: The Leading UK Electrical Store - Save