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Maplin Online Electrical Store, UK
Maplin Electrical, UK
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Maplin Direct, UK: Save up to 50% Today with Electrical Specials at Maplin …

★ Buy Direct from Maplin Online Store

Maplin Website really does have something for everyone, and provides an incredible range of top-quality brand-names at low, low prices!
  • Buy wireless products from Linksys, D-Link, NETGEAR, TRENDware, Hawking Technology and more - Maplin has a huge range.
  • Plasma televisions from Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung, Philips, Daewoo Electrical …
  • Maplin Desktop PC Memory Upgrades, Printer Memory Upgrades
  • Projection TV's from Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Apex Digital … Maplin has literally hundreds of televisions to choose from.
  • TVs, Audio, Home Theater, DVR, DVD Players/Recorders, VCRs, A/V Cables, Remote Controls
  • Plasma TV's from Maplin feature some of the best prices available - buying a plasma TV from Maplin is money wisely spent!

You'll find more than just the best prices at Maplin Website … You'll also find all the top electronics brand-names. Take a look at just some of the top names you'll find online at Maplin Electrical:
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So, whether you're looking for a great deal on a digital TV, or the best price on a Sony DVD camcorder, or any one of a thousand other best-ever prices, you'll find that Maplin Electrical is a great place to start!

Select the following Maplin link to buy electronics components, laptops, cameras and more, at the Maplin UK Website

Maplin Electrical is one of the UK's leading Electrical retailers, offering the most competitive choice of mainly branded, quality products at consistently the lowest prices in the local market. The core range of Maplin products include TV, video, audio, Cooking, MDA, Small domestic appliances, Communications, Multimedia, Electronics and New technology accessories. Maplin Stores are unrelated to the Dixons Stores Group - which includes Dixons, Currys, PC World and The Link.

The wide array of products on offer at Maplin is forever changing, with new products being added all the time. However, listed below you'll find a small selection of some current Maplin offers to take advantage of:

1.3W Zener Diodes ( BZX85C 8V2 ), at Maplins
A range of medium dissipation Zener diodes from the BZX85C series.

B grade Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring System ( B Grade WL Tyre Met ), at Maplin
Alerts you of low or high tyre pressures to ensure a safe drive Includes four wireless tyre pressure sensors and one in-car display unit Audible and visual warnings if the pressure falls below user-preset levels Fast leakage alert if pressure drops by more than 1.5 PSI within 12 seconds Tamper-proof tyre pressure sensors with replaceable CR1632 batteries Batteries last an average of 2 years on typical usage Pressure sensor range of 050 PSI 1.5 PSI Sensors read tyre pressure every 4 seconds with 5 minute updates to monitor Sensor unit works off DC 824V input for versatility Also monitors tyres temperature Can be used with up to eight sensors in total simultaneously WarningThis system can effectively monitor air pressure and temperature within the tyre but it cannot prevent traffic accidents. Use of this system requires the end-user to ensure that the vehicle is in a road-worthy condition before use including verifying the condition and pressure of the vehicles tyres. This system is designed as a safety tool to help drivers understand when their tyres are approaching an unsafe condition. Improper driving habits or careless driving can cause tyre damage and this system can not warn for all such conditions encountered whilst driving that may result in tyre failure. This system is not a substitute for regular tyre inspection and any necessary maintenance but is designed only as an aid to monitoring tyres. Unsafe driving poor road conditions other drivers tyre load restrictions overloading of a vehicle and tyre manufacturer specifications are all salient factors in the longevity and safety of any tyre. As such the driver of any vehicle equipped with this system is strongly advised to educate themselves with the specific peak operating requirements of their vehicles tyres as specified by the tyre manufacturer and to ensure this system is correctly configured to respond to those requirements.

UT60E RMS Autoranging Digital Multimeter with PC Interface (used) ( B Grade Uni-T UT60E ), at Maplin
Professional multimeter capable of measuring true RMS AC Autoranging selection RS232 PC interface cable and software supplied Accurate DCAC voltage and current measurements Resistance capacitance temperature diode and continuity can easily be measured Extended features include temperature frequency and duty cycle

STV Sonic Mouse and Rat Repeller 3 Pack ( Mouse & Rat Rep 3 pk ), at Maplins
Powerfull ultrasonic repeller inaudible to humans Safe to use near children cats and dogs Perfect for use in homes offices restaurant and commercial premises At least 37 square metres coverage Easy to use plug it in and switch on LED power on indicator Uses no poisons or traps Complete home protection 24 hours a day Sonic mouse and rat repellers produce over 100 decibels of ultrasound at constantly changing frequencies. The unit operates at frequencies that are too high for humans cats and dogs to hear but are within the hearing range of mice and rats. Each unit protects an area of at least 37 square metres from rodent infestation.

Corsair CX500M 500W ATX 80+ Bronze PC Power Supply ( Corsair Modular 500W ), at Maplins
500W continuous power with over-voltage and over-power protection - maximum reliability and compatibility Modular cabling system - lets you use only the cables you need keeping your system tidy 80 PLUS Bronze Certified efficiency - up to 85 high power efficiency to save you money Corsair engineering and quality control - only the best components are used for unrivalled quality Black housing and all-black sleeved cables and connectors - looks cutting edge in any system Large diameter 120mm thermally controlled fan - effective exceptionally quiet cooling 3 year warranty and lifetime access to Corsairs legendary technical support and customer service The ideal choice for value-conscious system builders and upgradersCorsairs CX Series modular power supply units are an excellent choice for basic system builds and desktop PC computer upgrades offering high reliability low noise and easy installation. The flexible modular cabling system lets you use only the cables you need and 80 PLUS Bronze Certified efficiency means less excess heat lower noise and lower power bills. The large-diameter thermally controlled fan makes the CX Series quieter whilst idle and the large diameter reduces noise even when youre pushing your system hard.Finished off with matte black finish black-sleeved cables and black connectors to help give your system a restrained high-tech look.Specification Dimensions 150mm x 86mm x 160mm Modular semi Power 500 Watts 80 Plus Bronze ATX connector 1 EPS connector 1 PCI-E connectors 2 4-pin peripheral connectors 4 SATA connectors 5 Floppy connector 1 MTBF mean time between failures 100000 hours

ION House Party Compact Speaker System with Built-in Lighting ( House Party ), at Maplin
Streams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth music player Works with iPad iPhone iPod touch Android devices and more Projects colourful light patterns that pulsate with your music Compact ultra-portable design

Green Case/LCD Protector/Car Charger/In Car Holder - BlackBerry 9860 Torch ( Green Case/LCD Prote ), at Maplins
4 items include a ProGel Soft Skin Case LCD Screen Protector In Car Charger rotating suction mount holder. Includes ProGel Soft Skin Case for your device ultimate in Style and Protection3 Layer LCD Screen Protector with Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and a 1224v tangle proof In Car Charger.

Universal Projector Lamp GLH-334 ( GLH-334 Lamp ), at Maplin
Supplied as a full module for easy installation Identical output as original manufacturers part Lifespan 2000 Hours Fitting instructions included Wattage 220W Ballast Type DC High quality replacement lamp suitable for use in a range of projectors. For full compatibility see table.Caution Avoid touching the lamp during installation as grease deposits on the glass can greatly reduce lamp lifespan.

Cerulian Wireless Deskset ( Multimedia K&M Set ), at Maplin
Full size slim wireless multimedia keyboard Full size wireless 5 button mouse 2.4GHz GFSK Autolink technology Keyboard comes with 9 Hotkeys 6 are programmable Keyboard comes with deluxe palmrest 1000 1600 DPI switchable Mouse come with 5 programmable buttons and 1 dpi switch Nano USB receiver This Slim wireless keyboard and mouse set is a perfect replacement for your home keyboard and mouse. With the Nano dongle you can fit it and forget. It works well with either a laptop or PC. With the added 9 Hotkeys on the keyboard making jobs like opening a web browser or email client easier along with controlling your volume and music. The mouse also has 5 buttons for more control while navigating web pages or office documents. The keyboard also comes with a deluxe palm rest for added comfort.

B Grade Official Xbox 360 Wireless Controller ( B Grade MS Xbox Pad ), at Maplins
Genuine Microsoft pad Standard Xbox 360 controller as supplied with the console Wireless Rechargeable Enjoy wire free gaming action with the wireless black controller. Gives you up to 40 hours of life once fully charged and can operate up to a distance of 9 metres 30 feet

Maplin 6.35mm Mono Jack to 2 Phono Plugs 0.2m Cable Black ( 6.35mm 2 Phono Plg ), at Maplin
Moulded connectors Overall length 200mm A 14 6.35mm mono plug to 2 phono plugs lead.

B Grade 10 inch Yarvik™ Touchscreen Internet Tablet - Android™ 2.3 ( B Grade 10in Tablet ), at Maplin
Yarvik Ultra-responsive Multi-touch capacitive display with Swipe and Pinch to Zoom 10 25.4 cm LCD screen 1024 x 600 Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread operating system High-speed 1GHz processor 8GB Capacity easily upgraded up to 32GB via Micro SD Connect to the Internet wirelessly with high-speed networking support Wi-Fi 802.11 bgn Download and enjoy popular apps and games from the Getjar marketplace Access to a world of Games News Social Networking Software Books Sports results everything is right under your fingertips Plays popular video music and photo formats Built in 2.1MP Web Camera perfect for use with video communication apps or just for capturing videos and images With fast and easy access to the latest news and information the Yavik tablet will keep you connected to the world Connect and enjoy 1080p HD video on your HDTV via the HDMI out Portrait or landscape view with automatic G-Sensor orientation detection 7.4v 6500mAh Rechargeable lithium-Ion battery 3 hours Video 10 hours music The tablet comes with a powerful 1 GHZ processor and a clear capacitive screen with a resolution of 10240600 pixels and an aspect ratio of 169. This enables users of the tablet to view films and photos easily. The tablet can process the most used video formats such as AVI and MP4 but also 1080p HD films. It has a 1080p mini HDMI connection which means that you can also use it to play videos on an HD television via mirroring.You can use the built-in Wi-Fi connection to easily connect the tablet wireless to the Internet. Then you can use it to check your e-mail or surf the Internet. The Pinch to Zoom functionality enables you to enlarge websites and pictures in your browser or gallery or make them smaller. Swiping the screen helps you get through your photos easily.In order to be able to store all your videos music and other media on the tablet it comes with a storage capacity of 8GB. You can use the MicroSD slot to expand this with 32 GB at the max. With a fully loaded battery you can listen to music for up to 10 hours and watch videos for up to 3 hours. Because the tablet has a 2.1MP camera you can easily use a Chat App to chat with friends and family. The tablet also has a built-in speaker and microphone which enables you to hear each other via chat. Furthermore the tablet can be taken anywhere thanks to is handy size and weight of just 267x170x11 mm and 495 grams.Android 2.3 Gingerbread is the standard operating system for this tablet. The tablets also comes with a number of standard applications such as an alarm clock web browser photovideo browser and a music player.PACKAGE CONTENTS 10 Tablet Power adapter USB host cable Quick installation guide Manual

Maplin Replacement Wind Speed Sensor for N96FY ( N96FY AnemometerWhte ), at Maplin
Replacement wind speed sensor for use with wireless weather stations N96FY

Headphone Cable Tidy - Dachshund For Nokia E7 ( Headphone Cable Tidy ), at Maplin
Take a bite out of messy cables. Put your headphone wires through the legs and wind the cable around the body. Keeps your earphones tidy. Fun novelty design. Great gift for kids and adults.

Solar Panel Mounting Accessories ( 530mm PanelMount 2Pk ), at Maplins
An ideal way to fix solar panels on the roof or deck of motor homes caravans and boats The mounts can be safely bonded to the surface removing the need to drill holes Mounts also act as a wind deflector and maintain the correct air gap between the solar panel and the roof top deck The panel corner moulds protect the corners of the solar panels from damage The 180mm panel mounts Order Code L29BR can also be used in conjunction with the panel corner moulds Order Code L27BR and the 530mm panel mount Order Code L28BR Please note the 180mm panel mounts Order Code L29BR and 530mm panel mounts Order Code L28BR are sold in packs of 2. The corner panel mounts Order Code L27BR are sold in packs of 4.

FuZion Pink Black Case, LCD Guard,Holder & Car Charger-BlackBerry 9700 Bold,9780 ( FuZion Pink Black Ca ), at Maplin
FuZion 2 Part HardSoft Case and LCD Screen Protector 1224V In Car Charger In car suction mount holder Custom made from hard poly resin and tough silicone case. Durability of a hard plastic case with the secure fit and added grip of a silicone skin. Snaps into place in seconds. Full access to All controls including and functions including headphones and camera. Designed so that you never need to remove your device for daily use. Includes 3 Layer Screen Protector with MicroFibre Cleaning Cloth. Suction pad allows you to mount the Universal Phone Holder to the windscreen. Adjustable stroboscope mount width 52-80mm. Flexible arm 165mm. Suction pad with lock switch.

Red & Green Pattern Laser Effect with DMX ( DMX Red Green Laser ), at Maplin
80mW red and 30mW green laser effect Over 200 red and green laser points Animated patterns 80 degree beam angle Sound-to-light sensitivity control 4-channel DMX operation Endless show creation possibilities XLR DMX in and out Tough all-metal chassis Fan cooled The Neo Neon Burst laser creates a really impressive new style effect - hundreds of tiny laser pins of light chase move and change in time to the music or controlled via a standard DMX lighting desk.Caution Please avoid direct eye exposure.

48-Port 10/100 Ethernet Switch SFE2010-G5 ( 48-Port 10/100 Ether ), at Maplin
The Linksys WebView Managed switch allows you to expand your network securely. Configuration of the switch is secured using SSL for Web access. SFE2010 is optimized for maximizing the system availability with fully redundant Stacking Redundant Power options and Dual Images for resilient firmware upgrades. The SFE2010 is able to secure the network through IEEE 802.1Q VLANs IEEE 802.1X port authentication Access Control Lists ACL DOS Prevention and MAC-based filtering.

Murano Solar Garden Globe Midnight ( Murano Midnight Lght ), at Maplin
Installs in seconds no assembly Infinity Maxi solar cell 1 x AA rechargeable battery approx. life 2 years standard replacement part 1 white super bright LED Hand blown and stained glass gives each pieces total individuality Powder coated aluminium post and ground stake Manual onoff switch gives total control Switches on automatically at dusk if on setting is selected Up to 8 hours run time per night Use as a solar light plant stake or unique piece of garden art Supplied with detailed user instructions Murano blends modern technology with centuries old skills of hand blowing glass. Each unique glass globe contains embedded luminescent crystal which once dark give a wonderful glow but when you add in a super bright white LED bulb powered by our state of the art solar cell the effect is truly wondrous. Once dark the Midnight globe appears to magically float in the air looking as it does very much like planet Earth truly inspiring

Wireless IP Candy Bar Cam with 3G Access ( Wireless IP CandyCam ), at Maplin
View your propertyI via the Internet from any where in the world CCTV through the internet with no wires Easy Plug n Play IP camera Simple ID and password setup No more DDNS settings Easy access to the camera from anywhere in the world IDPassword Protection Video management software provides control over up to 16 IP cameras Each camera has a web server so that you can access it over the web Transmitting and recording in enhanced MPEG-4 compression High resolution up to 640 x 480 pixels Email FTP notification for motion detection Built-in clock automatically synchronises the time by NTP protocol Connect up to 20 users simultaneously RTSP supports viewing on 3G mobile phone Built-in microphone for synchronised audio monitoring Online firmware upgrade Watchdog function prevents system failure IP Candy Bar Cam provides the easiest way to install. Just connect to the Internet and its all done. With the highly implemented software there is no problem connecting up to 16 IP cameras recording video and receiving motion detection notification. 3G mobile viewing is supported as well.

iPhone 4 - Official Justin Bieber Phone Clip Case ( iPhone 4 - Official ), at Maplin
This iPhone 4 case features superb photographic quality gloss finish Convenient Clip Case design Easy-access button covers Dockable while in top case Reinforced impact zones Official licensed product This superb quality phone cover features official licensed images all in a durable shatterproof premium protective clip case. The design allows easy-access to all buttons and is printed to the highest standard onto a reinforced impact resistant polycarbonate shell. Ideal to protect one of your most valuable possessions this original and exclusive licensed product allows you to make your phone individual and is perfect for any gifting occasion.

Numark C3USB - 5-Channel Rack DJ Mixer with USB I/O ( Numark C3USB Mixer ), at Maplin
Maximum flexibility minimum hassle Five-channel rack DJ mixer Inputs three phono RCA eight line RCA three mic 14 jack Outputs balanced XLR master RCA record RCA zone RCA headphone 14 stereo jack Two USB jacks each assignable to input or output USB input for connecting computers for audio input USB output for recording gigs to computer Three-band EQ each channel Microphone channel with EQ Replaceable assignable crossfader No software drivers needed for use with Windows XPVista or Mac OS X Works with almost any audio recording software Todays DJ uses more types of media than ever before. Not only do DJs mix vinyl CD MP3 and hard disk but karaoke speeches and computer slide-shows create ever-increasing complexity. C3USB builds on the worlds most popular mobile DJ mixer design adding the flexibility of USB for easy on-the-fly connection to laptops for audio input and output for recording to Mac or PC.C3USB has two USB ports each assignable as an input or output. As inputs incoming audio can be mixed like any other input. As outputs you can send your mix out to a connected computer for recording. Because it employs plug-and-play USB C3USB connects to almost any Mac or PC with no drivers needed and works with nearly all audio playback and recording software.C3USB features a wide assortment of input and output connections a three-band EQ on each channel and many other features that will make your gigs fun and entertaining not tough and frustrating.Whatever twist the gig throws at you C3USB has you covered - its the right mobile mixer for every situation.

Weatherproof Boxes ( IP55 Box 130x90x60 ), at Maplins
Durable and hard wearing Resistant to shock and various environmental agents Light grey ABS techno-polymer has high impact resistance and strength sealed and rated to IP55 or IP65 Working temperature -15anddegC to 60anddegC Internal fixing pillars to allow increased internal working area A range of external waterproof boxes in a self extinguishing thermoplastic material which is highly resistant to impact heat chemical and atmospheric agents. The medium size is also available with a transparent polycarbonate cover.

Headphone Extension Cord with Volume Control ( H/Phone Volume Cont ), at Maplin
Extender lead for headphones Suitable for all personal stereos Add a volume control to your existing headphones Pocket clip for easier portability

Slim External Blu-Ray Combo DVD-RW ( Blu Ray Slim Ext USB ), at Maplin
Combo Ultra Slim Blu-Ray Reader and DVD Rewriter optical drive Blu-ray Disc format allows for large amounts of high definition video and audio content on a single disc Playback Blu-Ray and DVD films Burn DVDs and CDs with the combo DVD-Rewriter High-speed reading and writing of DVD and CD formats Slot loading mechanism for horizontal and vertical use USB 2.0 interface Black Casing Bezel colorBlack bezel Disc Loading MethodSlot loading mechanism for horizontal and vertical use Max. Transfer Speed Read BD 2x CLV DVD 8x CAV CD-ROM 24x CAV Max. Transfer Speed Write DVD-R 8x CAV DVD-R DL 4x ZCLV DVD-RW 4x ZCLV DVD-RAM 5x ZCLV CD-R 16x ZCLV CD-RW 10x ZCLV Supported Media Formats BD-ROM BD-ROM DL BD-R BD-R DL BD-RE BD-RE DL DVD-ROM DVD-ROM DL DVDR DVDR DL DVDRW DVD-R DVD-R DL DVD-RW DVD-RAM Ver.2 CD-DA CD-ROM Mode 1 and mode 2 CD-ROM XA Mode 2 form 1 and form 2 Photo CD Single and multiple sessions CD Extra CD-R CD-RW and CD-TEXT Buffer Memory Capacity 4.5 MByte Access Time Random BD 320ms DVD 200ms CD 190ms DVD-RAM 250ms Dimensions 128mm x 12.7mm x 129mm

Maplin 5.1A Jelly USB Charging Station ( Jelly 5.1A USB PSU ), at Maplin
The Jelly is a 5.1A USB charger powerful enough to charge 1 Tablet and 3 Smart Phones together at maximum speed Its the size of a large coffee cup and the power cord fits neatly inside the silicone cover The cover is removable to make the Jelly a compact and lightweight charger for travel use It works well left on the desk at home or the office to share a central charging point Most of us have multiple devices and it can be annoying when youve only got the space to charge one at a time. Often you have to unplug a USB device from you PC or laptop so that you can charge one of your devices. The Jelly connects directly to your power socket and provides 4 USB ports for you to plug your devices into. The Jelly is powerful enough to charge your tablet and 3 smart phones at maximum speed all at the same time. The black silicone sleeve also houses the 1.2m power cord. You can uncurl the cord from the sleeve to get the length you need without have wires trailing across your desk or floor. The sleeve is also removable so you can use just the charging unit which make the charger even more portable than it ready is.

Fujifilm FinePix S4800 Digital Camera Red ( Fujifilm FinePix S48 ), at Maplin
The FinePix S4800 is an excellent choice for enthusiast photographers looking for a new camera to advance their photography skills without having to invest heavily in a DSLR system. 720p30fps movie recording is as easy as taking pictures with a dedicated movie recording button to start recording instantly. Get creative with 3D shooting motion panorama auto-stitching and other fun shooting modes.

Marking Chalk White ( Marking Chalk Wht ), at Maplins
Micro fine quality chalks Contained in an airtight container with pouring spout 225g

Pink Case,LCD Screen Protector,Car & Mains Charger-BlackBerry 9700 Bold, 9780 ( Pink Case LCD Screen ), at Maplin
High Quality Clip On Flip Case 3 Layer LCD Screen Protector with Cleaning Cloth High Quality In Car Charger Approved 3 Pin UK Mains Charger Crystal case like protection with the durability of a silicone specifically made for your device. They are each made from a special tough gel which makes it flexible like a silicone but tougher than a crystal case. The unique tough gel material provides the ultimate protection for your phone. The rubberized tough gel skin provides protection and extra grip which minimizes the chance of dropping your device. Additional mains charger for your device perfect for charging your device at work or as a replacement for the original mains charger. Simply plug in and charge works in conjunction with your devices battery to automatically stop charging once the battery is full.

LightwaveRF PIR Switch Chrome ( LW Wall PIR Ch ), at Maplins
PIR Control switch Works as part of the LightwaveRF home automation system Variable delay for lighting applications Range of finishes available When triggered the LightwaveRF Connect Wall Mountable PIR Movement Sensor will activate any number of LightwaveRF devices such as Dimmer Switches or Power Sockets. A variable delay period can be set after which those paired LightwaveRF devices then turn themselves off again. The PIR has many energy saving and security applications such as in areas which are rarely used but require automatic lighting or electric heating for short periods. It is battery operated and wireless and therefore can be located anywhere indoors.Available in 5 finishesN13LL - Stainless SteelN12LL - ChromeN11LL - Black ChromeN10LL - BrassN14LL - White

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Maplin UK check their prices daily against other retailers making sure they have consistently low prices. Maplin has more to offer than any other online retailer, with their excellent customer service, the Maplin low price guarantee of Everyday Low Prices, 24 Hr Helpline, delivery 7 days a week and expert installation, all backed by a nation-wide network of over 400 stores. Shopping online at Maplin UK, customers can be sure they are getting the best price!

Maplin Electrical website offers UK customers a vast range of Electrical products online including a constantly updated range of Web exclusives. From Washing Machines, Widescreen TV's to the Latest in Home Computing, Maplin caters for everyone!

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