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Signing Nokias Asparagus

Welcome to the world of Signing Nokias Asparagus

Signing Nokias asparagus is literally two girls having a laugh but making some classic music at the same time.
Signing Nokias Asparagus sometimes known as 'The Twoddle Twins' can usually be found around Reading probably doing something stupid.

Take a few minutes to sign the scribble pages. Healthy language prefered but if ya must...

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Cheers guys n ladies. Now, for your personal pleasure, take a look at a few of the links to get a better idea.
Please bare in mind that this site is still being made. So bits are missing. Don't blame yourself!!

The music side of it - Signing Nokias Asaparagus
Biography. All about us.
The page thats full of other pages...oh yeah...links.