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God is good, and grace abounds!

An in-depth study and exposure of tithing, giving, old testament law and new testament grace, for the purpose of setting straight the facts for people currently exposed to prosperity-message gospels.

Like never before, false doctrines are exposed, and people are encouraged to seek out truth.  It MATTERS where you worship, who prays for you, and who touches you spiritually.  Please read on. . .

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GRACE ALERT NEWS!  Welcome to Grace-land Mitch C.!  He who the Son sets Free, is free - indeed!  Enjoy that Bike, and know the Lord Loves you! Broadcasting the Grace  Message since 2000
     Have you ever noticed how some things you read are a complete waste of time, and yet somehow other articles totally change your life?  This site investigates actual scripture references to the law, grace, tithing and biblical principles, shining the light on the facts to dispel confusion, expose the traditions of men rather than God's will, and raise the bar of your discernment.   For you ardent and steadfast tithers, God is pleased with you, He loves you, and if you're willing to hear His word, He'll open your eyes to much bigger truths.   This information sharply divides the word of truth and the people who propel the traditions of men, or prefer to mask the truth from people.

This is a long read, but it's a very important subject, so I'll be impressed if you get through to the end.  There's a comment voting poll at the end, plus you can add in your own comments for the world to read as well.  This study may also even reveal a false gospel teaching subtly at work in your midst.  Hopefully this will dispel some confusion and concern, as the Holy Spirit teaches what He will, to change your life positively closer to your heavenly Father.  For those seeking even more truth on this subject, I encourage you with all I can muster to get one of the books on Tithes & Giving by respected authors below.

It's entirely likely that if you're in a church that is operating in a false gospel, and the traditions of men rather than scriptural truth, this will be a tremendously hard read for you.  This site will likely turn your stomach, because alot of it will go against what you have been taught.  Sorry about that, but our intention is to free you with truth.   We know that alot of people who are ready for solid food will relish the truth of the word of God, and devour it wholeheartedly.  Remember when everyone HAD to think that the earth was FLAT?  Religion can be similar in it's forceful thinking, but in biblical terms it is a stronghold of beliefs that needs to be broken, and correct scriptural understanding brought to light.  God puts His truth permanently down in scripture to set captives free - not to keep them captive.  To cut you free from traditions' bondage's means cutting through thick walls of beliefs and the investments of life and time we have in them, to get us to see the truth - and therefore operate in the freedom of that truth.   The real question is, will you actually see the truth that scripture offers and adjust?  Will you depend on the Holy spirit to teach you by His word?  We'll see.  I pray right here that God would by His Holy spirit shine the light of truth on your situation and teach you himself.

Please feel free to participate in the poll at the bottom, or add comments once you've read through it!  Note the keys throughout the text to highlight especially important text.

This is what we're going to explore...

Reader comments...

"Wow!!! I felt the Lord speak to me through this -it was so helpful, and I feel that a burden has been lifted off of my weary shoulders. The Lord has helped me through this horrible despair I was feeling, and I have hope.....Thank You"

"this was a great lesson.. .At last, after reading your site, God has confirmed his truth of giving, and thus I am free now to give cheerfully, and not of necessity, as I have for many years till now...thank you." 


"...this is just a quick note to encourage you to continue preaching  grace in a world where the love of God is rejected for a love of Mammon by  far too many Christians. He who the Son has set free is free indeed --and   I testify to that!"-signed, P.D.

"Our church has refrained from "demanding" tithing, but has not articulated a reasoning one way or another.  It just didn't seem quite right.  Now, the reasoning is beginning to gel, thanks to your Bible scholarship. Thank you again for putting your work on the Web." -signed, B.M.

Lots & lots more comments in the voting area!!! 

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Let's begin and take a look at what tithe-operating churches today typically do...Salvation is free

Types of Offerings vs. Lawful Statutes

Those who site that today we have to be paying tithes to be operating in the will of God, (and to get blessed) - will map out this scenario...

I operated in this mode for years as I was taught.  No, I wasn't looking for these revelations.  No, I wasn't wanting to find a way not to pay my tithes, and no, I didn't have a fight with my Pastor/Clergy/Vicar.  In fact I was a happy, and diligently devoted tither.  It's just that the word of God came to me and showed me something different.  And it rocked my world, since I believed in tithing completely.   But I believe the word of God is true and infallible, so I checked it out.   I hope you will too.  I really encourage you to go get your bible, and follow along with me.   I'll wait while you get it.   Tithe-promoters will frequently site reasons for not tithing as fear, greed, and poor teaching.  So lets get right into it, open up our Bibles, and let God teach us the facts, so there will be no need of fear and greed will have no placeWord

Let's look at it.  First of all, the word tithe just means 'tenth'.  In Genesis 14:20 "And he gave him a tenth of all."   Who did?  Who gave what?  Since you grabbed your bible, read the context above and below this... It seems apparent from the context that Melchizedek gave Abram a 10th of all, not Abram giving Melchezedek a 10th.  But is this correct?  While this scripture appears to show that Melchizedek actually gave Abram the 10th in context, one must read the whole of scripture to interpret scripture correctly.  It is clarified in Hebrews 7:4 where Paul indicates that it is Abram that gave the 10th to Melchizedek   So I submit what should be noted here is that Abram gave a 10th of all the spoils of war-because of his gratitude to God for victory in their battle for Lot, and therefore he gives an honoring gift to the king who came out to greet them (bearing gifts I might add)-which represents the authority of God in this context. Also, since it was also not Abram's work to engage in military battles, there is no precedent for tithing on it.  It was a one-time honoring gift.   This is a huge distinction.  Most importantly it sets a type of acceptable offering unto the Lord.  It doesn't set a pattern of tithe payments, but sets an acceptable type of offering. Goldkey.gif (924 bytes) Go ahead and read it again.  The word here in any bible is 'GAVE' - not 'paid'.  It is given to higher positional authority, out of respect and honor, and because of gratitude to God.  Note that Abram did not make a payment, as a lawful requirement.  There is a vast differentiation between paying a lawful tithe, and a grateful love offering.   Look at the difference in the two words...

Almost immediately following Abram's 10th offering, is another type example of acceptable offering style, in Gen 28:20 - Jacob vows to the Lord to give him a 10th of everything.   He'd just been told that his seed would be as of the dust of the earth(vs 14), and he was in awe and gratitude.  So this too is a type of acceptable gratitude offering, still not a lawful requirement.  Jacob's gratitude to the Lord causes him to vow a 10th to Him.  Gratitude.  Jacob is so moved that he expresses that he will give a tenth of everything to God if God be with him.  This is a heartfelt personal vow to God.   You must realize that this offering type is a giving grateful heart attitude - not one that is being forced to pay an amount because he has to pay.  If anything these passages indicate the acceptable grateful offering type that is ideal to our heavenly Father, not a lawful commandment or requirement.

It isn't until way into Leviticus 27 that the Lord spoke to Moses at Mt. Sinai and set the commandments and statutes of the Lord into LAW.  So then the tenth or 'tithe' then at that pointGoldkey.gif (924 bytes) becomes a lawful requirement of the Lord.  Also read Num 18:21, and Neh 12:44 where it clearly shows that tithing is now become part of the law.   Also in Heb 7:5 "And those indeed of the sons of Levi who receive the priest's office have commandment in the Law to collect a tenth from the people, that is, from their brethren, although these are descended from Abraham." Tithing was never voluntary under Mosaic Law, it is a commandment, it was the law.  Few would argue this fundamental issue.   Fewer still properly fulfill this observance by actually sitting down at the alter with their offering and eat itDeut 14:23 !  

The tithe is setup at Mount Sinai to become the inheritance for the Levite priests, and thus the tithe becomes incorporated into the Law as civil law to the people of Israel.  The Moral Law or 'The Law of Moses', the Ceremonial Laws, and the Civil laws- collectively referred to as the 'Torah' (the 1st 5 books of the Bible), or generally, as the LAW - is thus created.

So, the statutes of the Lord given at Mt. Sinai now incorporates the necessity to give a tenth of an person's increase.  It is  a lawful requirement.

To review:

The law thus established, it is imperative that the law's fulfillment be carried out in every detail.  Until...Jesus, the shephard.

  The Law is fulfilled...

  The 10 commandments - or Mosaic laws - were given to Moses first and they are now written onto our hearts.  In Jer 31:33,  Heb 8:10 and   Heb 10:16 "...this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts"So he did.  They're written onto your own heart - you inherently know it is wrong to kill people for example.   These laws are present within us, so ignoring them isn't the issue.  They are fulfilled through Christ who said " Love the Lord your God with all your heart..."etc.    So, if we love God, we will want to follow these laws written on our hearts, and to an external extent - live our lives accordingly.  By Christ coming to fulfill the laws, it is obvious that we need to accept Christ into our hearts to fulfill the law.   You should also see that we're not advocating that there is no law anymore.   Rather, the law is fulfilled in Christ!  Continuing to observe O.T. Civil and ceremonial laws of the O.T. however, are done away with.

In all 4 cases, the original word for 'Law' here is the 'whole law' in the greekThis indicates the whole law as in the 'Torah'.   If you're tracking this biblical truth - it means just exactly what it says.  You are no longer under the "Torah" - the whole law.  I didn't say that - this is what the scripture is saying.  

In these first 4 cases - the comment about not being under the law is an augmentation of the context the author is discussing.   The contexts are different, and in all cases the point is emphasized by the point that he is after all - not under the law.  As an expert in the law, the Apostle Paul is pointing out the obvious.  As an expert in the law, he would simply have indicated a specific canceling of a portion of the law if it was applicable. But the very fact that he repeatedly indicates the whole law is cancelled should call attention to this very fact.

So let me ask you...  Are you a new testament believer?   Do you believe the Christ died on the cross for you?  FANTASTIC!  Do you believe the law of tithing is still a principle to operate by?  Whoops!  The two concepts are opposed to each other.  Read the scriptures in your own bible!  Don't take my word for it.   Pick it up, open to Romans 6:14 and start reading.  

What about "pressed down-shaken together"?  What about "will a man rob God?"  What about Malachi 3?

  Great questions.   Glad you asked.  These are all issues tithe-promoters use to get you to tithe.

Start reading Malachi.  It's not that long of a read, go ahead and read it through.  Imagine yourself alive in the middle east 430 years before Christ showed up.   There's no McDonalds, and no Starbucks, and the law still is very much in effect as these were old Testament times, these tithe issues were completely valid.  Christ hadn't come yet had he?  Not for another 430 years!   Complete fulfillment of the law was required to get blessed by God in those times.  Malachi starts by saying in Chapter 1, that Israel was bringing unacceptable offerings to the temple.  Then he lambastes the priests in Chapter 2, siting the contemptible ways, departing of the way and calling evil good, and good evil among other things.  Malachi is calling them on the carpet because they had corrupted the temple and the covenant ways, rendering the tithe unacceptable to God so they were robbing God of the opportunity to bless the people.  As such, the land was in disarray, and their were problems all over the place.  The priests (vs 2:1) AND the people of Israel were robbing God of the opportunity to bless!  They weren't physically robbing God - God owns everything already.   But look at chapter 3 - Malachi is saying that soon another one will come (Christ) who (in verse 4) will make the offering acceptable again as it was in the days of old.  This could scarcely be more accurate - to point out that the best offering is proper gratitude offerings.  

The concept of robbing God today by not paying your tithes is therefore a lie from the pit.   This isn't talking about new-testament tithers robbing God if they don't tithe.  It's talking about O.T. Israel  that should have been fulfilling their tithing covenants properly to fulfill the Mt. Sinai commandments so God could bless them.  No, it's not a principle that gets carried through the cross either, Jesus nailed it to the cross. (Col 2:14)  

The real robbers today -are those that withhold the total truth of scripture from the saints, which robs the saints of the intended blessings God has for them due to their misguided teachings which hold them to O.T. bondages and law that are no longer even in effect.   So you tell me, who are the robbers now?  It's not the saints.  Ask yourself who's withholding these truths from you or who's turning you back to O.T. Principles, or who is pressing you to hold to O.T. laws and principles like tithing.  It sure isn't God.  It's clergy and church policies- pushing the traditions of men, holding fast themselves and whole congregations  - to bad bible doctrine.  Sadly, even clergy that have been presented with these truths often turn their backs on the messengers and word of God, and promote tithing anyway to sustain their churches.  Reasons sited include the economy, they don't trust the people to give enough to sustain the church, the traditions of the denomination, even church policies.  Fortunately, scripture can teach them the same as everyone else if they really want to hear God's word.

God was never going to suffer if he didn't get a particular corn allotment, or oil, or grain offering!   He doesn't live off them you know.  He's not sitting in heaven on a mountain of corn, grain and oil contemplating bread recipes, and He's not going to go hungry.  He accepted them as offerings - which went to the levite priests to run the temple- and that which was burnt on the alter - symbolically rose to heaven - as a sign that He got their obedient grateful heart offerings to Him.  God has always been after our grateful heart attitudes - not our corn!  If you actually read the whole context of Malachi (and I recommend you do) you'll see the whole issue laid out.   In Mal 3:4 he's talking about Christ's coming - "to make the offering pleasant again as it was before the Law was brought(at Mt. Sinai)- which should confirm to you the acceptable offering type but that the current nation then had not brought the tithe, and they were to fear the Lord, and observe the proper ordinances.  Right up unto the last word it's a warning to those people to get back to doing what the law currently required of them until the Day of Christ.    Then...Heb 7:12 "For the priesthood being changed, there is made of necessity a change also of the law". The Law is therefore changed.   So that's Malachi in context.  In Truth.   Separated from the garbage shoveled on saints today by bad doctrinal preaching.   

The Law therefore being completed and fulfilled for those that truly accept Christ, therefore all aspects of the law, including tithes are no longer a lawful requirement.   We are free to now resume the standard of giving set in Genesis as acceptable types of offerings unto the Lord.  This is where the teaching has so frequently gone off track. 

The actual Biblical tithe and offering map actually is....
  • The Acceptable type of offerings is initially demonstrated in Genesis with Abram and Jacob.
  • The Law is given by God at Mt. Sinai and tithing then becomes a lawful requirement.
  • Christ's sacrifice on the cross fulfilled the law.
  • We are to be dead to the law, we are no longer under the law.
  • Christ became our only high priest, and the priesthood is changed forever.
  • The acceptable offering type may now be resumed, and grace is now our standard.
  • Have a grateful heart for what Jesus has done on the cross for you.
  • Give according to what God puts in your hand.  2cor 8:12

"Thanks for shedding light on probably the most misunderstood topic among Christians today.  Tithing and Rapture "doctrines" have bound and paralyzed countless Christians and robbed them of true spiritual sight."   - readers comment

For thousands of you that know the Lord and understand gratitude and right giving, and want to give - go for it.   Remember, this site was created especially for those Christians that have been subjected to a lopsided prosperity-oriented gospel, and have been wrapped up tight in having to tithe to get blessed, and subsequently are either all bound up in false teaching, or are on the cusp of realizing this, and need complete clarification of this vital subject to get released fully into the knowledge (and relationship) of the Lord.


So ... the scriptures clearly indicate that without doubt ...

Holding fast to the O.T. Law with tithing principles therefore is one of Satan's bondages - since scripture so clearly nullifies it, and eradicates it.   Remember, Satan works to keep people in bondages, not God.  And satan works by building issues as strongholds - ways of thinking - that hold people in bondages.

*   *   *

Now, even though the law is completed in Christ, there were those even in New Testament times that were being pressed by teachers to go back and observe the old ways of the law, specifically circumcisions, and other observances of the law.  You will see that entire books were written to persuade good brothers in Christ the errors of their ways.   These errors have crept their way even into the church doctrines of today.   What Paul is saying is that if churches allow themselves to adopt the law's practices and requirements again, it amounts to a different gospel, one that subtly leads believers astray from the truth.

"Now, there are those who would have you go back to observing the ways of the law"...

The Book of Galatians was written because they were hearing a different gospel:

"God loves a cheerful giver, not a fearful giver!" Lord at the helm  Is He at the helm - or is your "fearfully adhering to the law" at the helm?

Now having said all that - the law is fully fulfilled in Christ to those that accept the work of the cross.  But the law is still in effect for those that don't accept the work of the cross.  The law is still operational, and God is still in it, so the whole law is in effect if you operate in that way.  But if you accept the work of the cross, it is fulfilled.  So choose one way or the other.    If we do insist to operate as if the whole law is still in effect, then we do need to pay our tithes monthly, and fulfill every lawful duty of O.T. law as if the whole law applies.   Blood sacrifices, atonement sacrifices, new moon ceremonies, washings, ritual sprinklings, gathering of corn, oil, wine, grain, lambs, bulls, tithe eating, the works.  Anything less, and God's law is broken, you're a hypocrite, and therefore under a curse.  Anything less, and you aren't fulfilling the law's requirements of you.  Anything less, and you're working diligently against yourself.  Incidentally, Christ is also become of no effect unto you. (Gal 5:4)  And by the way, true fulfillment of the tithe means bringing your corn, wine, and oil (The 10th portion of your increase) and bringing it to your church, sitting down before the alter, and eating it.  Not giving it to the Pastor, eating it.  Deut 14:23.  So if you're intent on keeping the tithe law alive and being all bound up in it's fulfillment, at least do it properly.    

So, the whole Law is still in effect, the law which we can operate fully by, or be justified by Faith in Jesus Christ and receive the promises of Abraham.

Let's take another look at the issue of  the entire law, or the 'Torah'.  If Jesus was just fulfilling the ceremonial law, or the Civil law, or the moral (or Mosaic)  laws then Paul would have simply said that.  But the fact that it is referred to as the 'Law', encompasses the whole law - all parts.  Not just bits of it.  This is why it is so vital that Christ-believing people see the entirety of the scope of the fulfillment.  This is truly a huge part of the atonement of Christ.  To rob yourself of the whole blessing of seeing the whole law changed,  is to deny yourself to see the whole amount of the work of the cross.

But, if we stand on the word that says that Christ came to fulfill the (whole) law, then if you can accept that, and realize that He came to be the sin offering permanently for us, and that He became the permanent first fruit's offering for us, and the law (which is the whole law, not just the civil part, or the ceremonial part, or the moral part) has no effect (bondage,) on us any more.  If you don't believe the law is fully completed, then the Apostle Paul, (who wrote Galatians, Corinthians, Romans, not to mention the rest), where he expounds at length on the end and death of the law repeatedly, and that Christ's believers are no longer under the law, must have totally wasted his precious jail time writing all these works under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  Add to that - Ephesians 2:15.  .."Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; "  Christ abolished in his flesh, the law or commandments contained in ordinances.  The law is abolished.  As in ... Done. Over. Ended.  Halted.  No more.  Zippo.  Gonzo.   Wiped clean.  Zero'd.  Finito.   Kaput.  Or just plain abolished.   Christ came to fulfill it all as you bring Him into your heart.   Believe it.

If we do observe our Savior's work, then we are not to be under the law anymore.   Lawful acts like tithing are not required anymore - It's not a principle to be carried along through the cross, it's a re-observance of the law. It's not something that comes through the cross - Christ nailed it to the cross(Col 2:14)

Christ did say to the Pharisees -it is good to pay the tithe - because He (as of that moment) had not yet fulfilled the law, and he was speaking to those people still operating in the law - and it would be required of them to pay tithes.   He hadn't been nailed to the cross yet had he?  When He said on the Cross - "It is finished".  He wasn't kidding!  The law is also finished.  And Paul new that explicitly - or he wouldn't have had to travel around and minister to Jews and gentiles that the law was fulfilled would he?  It was them that were so diligently undertaking the ordinances of the law in order to get right with God, even though they had supposedly already accepted the gospel of Christ and the finishing work of the cross. 

An understanding of the importance of the law, it's integral part of the workings of everyday life for the Jews in the time of Christ's 1st coming, is imperative to understand how important it was that Christ came to fulfill the law.   It wasn't just Christ's teachings of kingdom principles, healings, and truths that so enraged the Pharisees and Saducees (the religions leaders, clergy, pastors, highly visible preachers of that time), - it did, but it's also that He also came to end the rituals and lawful requirements that so fundamentally sustained them- sustained their ministries, sustained their salaries, sustained their persona's, sustained their job titles, positions and power bases.  But Christ wasn't at all concerned about sustaining them was he?  Not -at -all.  He said in Mt 15:14 "Let them (the Pharisees) alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. "  Pretty harsh sounding words.  And this is the leader of the Christian Church speaking about church leadership.  But they weren't listening to him were they?  They (the pharisees) are spoken of by Christ in John 8:48  ...   " He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God ".   They are not of God, and they know NOT the Father they say they do.  They were only interested in their own agenda, in their own jobs and the power they wielded,  in maintaining their doctrinal traditions, in upholding their positions of power, of insisting on their way.  In fact they were secretly plotting to put Christ and His kingdom agenda away!  Anyone in leadership today putting down the words of Christ, suppressing the truth of scripture, putting down the messengers of God, or preventing the message of God from being taught, amounts to a modern day Pharisee.   Here's an sobering conclusion to this observation... Read verse 59..Scripture indicates that what Jesus did then, He walked out from the midst of them, and passed them by.   That should really get you thinking.  At the point where Christ's invitation to change to His word's teachings is rejected, as with the Pharisee's - the modern day Pharisee's put themselves into a position of opposition with their own savior.  Ouch.  This is a very uncomfortable issue for me, as a few of my own very closest friends and ministers who have heard the truth of scripture on these issues have openly rejected the truth, just as the Pharisees did with Christ.  I am very concerned for these ministers, and I hope those that have received the truth of scripture will pray for the Spirit to change the hearts of these men.

So let us truly give from a perspective of gratitude for what Christ has done for us!  For He has justified us by faith. 

Grateful Giving

Therefore, give out of your love for God AND Most importantly - your gratitude for what He has done for you on the cross, not out of a compulsion to observe some principle, tradition, or Law.   Not to get blessings, or to try to ask for more - or to stretch your faith.  (there's one you've probably heard more than once). A grateful heart is one that gives with the right spirit - the right motives.  It does not give to get. (pressed down, shaken together...that's the prosperity message).  It does not give to enact some principle (read - law)-A grateful heart just gives because of gratitude unto our living God.  He is worthy.   He is just.  He is capable.  And He sees our heart attitude. 

You're now free to give cheerfully, perhaps even above and beyond what the Law would have required of you!  WOW!

Previously, we were bound to the Law, because we observed the rituals and principles of the law, so the whole law exists (Gal 5:3), including it's punishments and rewards.    So you see- if you accept what Christ did on the cross for you, you are not in bondage that the law held you in, but you are free from a need to observe the lawful requirement and without a perspective of bondage to the law.  But if you accept the work of Christ, and yet still operate your life and worship as if the law is still in effect, then the cross is of no effect to you any more.  Read GAL 2:21 :

"I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain." 

So make your decision:  Choose the road of the law, or the road of grace.  It should be abundantly clear why the Bible says "He who the Son set's free, is free indeed!"  For He came to set the captives free - from the law, sin, and death. To make the blind see (physically and spiritually), and to declare the day of the Lord. Are you seeing this truth yet?  For those who are in fact new testament believers, you are totally choosing to believe the work of the cross for your life.  The law is no longer binding you.  

The Law of tithing is therefore abolished - but now you're free to give voluntarily and cheerfully according to what God gives you.   Perhaps 10 percent will  be just a starting point for you. But - Not under duress, or compulsion.   Freely give according to what God has given you.  That's 2cor 8:12   If you give of yourself and your time, this too is an honorable and acceptable offering unto Him.  Remember that it is good to bring offerings into your local assembly- they do have bills to pay.  The assembly is there to give you good spiritual food, and for fellowship.  If the assembly's doctrine is good, the food will be good.   Unfortunately, if the assembly's doctrine is concentrating on you going back to (observing) the law, then their message is conflicting with the grace message of Christ, and is therefore in conflict with the message of scripture.  It's food is therefore tainted.  Like yeast, a little bit works through the whole batch, and the whole loaf is affected.  If you can discern this, then you can still participate in the blessings the Lord has there for you, and yet reject the yeast bits as they come.  Nobody said you have to eat the whole loaf.   God will meet you there and you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how much God works through a tainted loaf.

Many churches today have actually received the message of grace, and operate abundantly.  (Thanks for all the emails people! WOW.)  If you know your church is working this way, perhaps email me - I get asked all the time where Grace churches are operating.  Generally though, if you see a church operating in a proper grace mode, they won't be heavily pushing tithing or any other Old Testament principle.  Also, the church won't be a revolving door for Christians seeking the Lord. 

Now we come to the prosperity gospel, one of the big false gospels of today's churches, and how they operate in the law, and not in grace.

A Different Gospel

There is likely a different gospel operating in your midst if you are consistently noticing this... 

            (You'll see alot of  high-profile television ministries follow that theme.  Just letting you know... )

Any ONE of these could indicate the false gospel in operation, certainly more than a few is a dead ringer.  You got all of em?  Suffering yikes.   Without telling you explicitly what to do, I will point out that the bible says to 'FLEE' (1Tim 6:11) !!!  God has so much more that that for you in fellowships that adhere to the true Gospel of Christ.

I'm especially alarmed by the message that - "If you're a Christian, then you don't have to pray and ask God for what you should give, you just automatically tithe."  Only the spirit of the anti-Christ would attempt to dissuade a Christian from actually seeking direction from their Father in Heaven, and presume to set in their minds that they don't need to pray, or that they just do it.  Sounds harsh right?  Think about it for a moment.  It's total blasphemy.  God is obviously totally against such a philosophy that would separate Him from His people.   The other side of these issues should be obvious by now...

Get the picture?  I wanted to put a key next to every one of those, but I'm hoping you realize the importance of not twisting scripture, and seeing the truth.   There's the biblically right way to see these issues, and the scripture-twisting wrong way.  You should be able to start seeing that the god of prosperity works a different way than the Lord Jesus Christ.  And the god of prosperity is pushing a different gospel than the one Christ originally gave his church.  He said to ...

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these (other) things shall be added unto you!

Not to  -

Ministries teaching these different prosperity-seeking gospels are not accurately teaching the gospel of Christ - they're supporting different gospels.   In some cases it has actually  progressed to cult status.   Oh, they won't see themselves as a cult, but the doctrinal actions identify them as a cult.  Look at the way a ministry or church operates -  In some extreme cases, people that question church doctrine, or speak out against these ministries are banished, ex-communicated, or simply asked to leave.  Anyone believing anything other than their church-approved doctrines is frowned upon, and may lead to 'actions' by the church leadership.  They may be banned from services, spoken ill of as 'people of bad attitude', or even asked to leave the church unless they change their perspectives.   People may be called on the carpet for speaking an actual bible scripture that is 'contrary to the church position'.   Leadership may label you as subversives, or 'wolves in sheeps clothing', and may even seek to put you out of the church with the witness of an elder.   In many cases people are declined church membership unless they commit to tithe policies.   Often elders or deacons cannot attain those positions unless they endorse the church doctrine and policies.   That holds them in bondage to the truth, even when put right under their noses.   (Seen it many times)  Those that do engage or outright question the leadership on these issues are reprimanded or 'corrected', and some have even been put down as subversives from the pulpit.    Part of the definition of what a cult is enters into the realm of control and manipulation of members, so all of these issues fall into those categories.

So if you are 'put out of the church' for these reasons - Congratulations!  A Cult is a good thing to be out of.   You will be moving considerably forward.   You are questioning the false gospels, questioning bad doctrines.  If there is nothing wrong with these places, you won't have a problem questioning them, and they'll respect you for asking and probing.  If God wants you to move on to something better with Him - this could very well be the signal to move on.   The word of God does separate the Holy from the Un-Holy.  Did you know that the root of the word 'Holy' - is  - 'set apart'.?   There's another truth for you.   So if God is setting you apart, He is moving you into Holiness.  Hmmm.  I can hear you thinking right now.   Ask yourself what God is teaching you about your situation.  Remember HE loves you, and respects you, and wants you to follow Christ and His word.

I believe that Christ even used the Pharisees and Saducees to His own advantage, so I leave the judging up to Christ.   If you find that you are in a situation such as those above, I recommend that you personally seek God's direction.  Believe me, God is big enough to show you the truth of the Gospel of Christ.  Don't be surprised if you find yourself looking for a better place to fellowship- there are tons of places.  God is not soley in that one place, He is present and available everywhere for the believer.  Actually, He should be IN you, if you're a spirit-filled believer.

So much depends on the focal points.  If Christ is allowed to work in the majority, the majority He shall rule.  But if the focus is constantly on the prosperity gospel, He is pushed to the periphery.  Oh, they will have other programs running and occasionally get people saved, but saved into what?  A different gospel-teaching church.  How happy do you think Christ is to know what's going on in there?  Ouch. 

  Television ministry broadcasts recently pushing these prosperity gospel messages have incorporated many of these subtle prosperity seeking concepts, all wrapped up in a 'God wants to bless you' sincerity.  Well, God does want to bless you, but not through coercion tactics, not through principles of giving - to - get, and definitely not through the 'money-back' concept.    God is not in the profit-and-loss business.   Christ over-turned the money-changers tables in the temple, and He was MAD!  He's not focused on your giving so you can get back even more.  The God of prosperity, commerce and money does want you to seek this gospel though.  The God of financial prosperity wants very much for you to focus on giving and getting. The God of financial prosperity has crafted this very cozy concept to the max, has blessed certain prosperity gospel teachers to convince them,  and has alot of sincere Christians absolutely sucked in.    (Mad at me yet?)  We're just getting started.  If this irks you - you're in it up to your neck.  And you're in like flynn with the God of prosperity.  Just so's you know - the God of prosperity isn't the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, or the Father of Jesus Christ.  Instead he resembles a certain golden calf the Israelites created soon after being released from captivity in Egypt.  Hundreds of you have seen this already, and many have emailed me and confirmed what you see going on.  Way to go.   Like Paul, I just wish these false gospel teachers would smarten up or go away, but woe to them that lead God's people astray.  Now if you're mad, get mad at the liar.  It just won't do you any good to get mad at me, because I'm not broadcasting a false prosperity-oriented gospel show now am I !   I won't be minting platinum coins for you, sending you calendars, inscribing plaques with ceramic eagles on it, or anything else. You can't buy God's blessings for you by sending me one dime. Now if you're raving mad right now - that's the truth of God shining His light on this darkness -so it hurts, it makes you mad, as it shines light on the darkness of lies.  You can get your back up and dig in and continue in your belief, or you can seek the word of God and re-align your life accordingly.   The choice is still yours.  The golden god of financial prosperity is ready and willing to tickle your ears some more - just turn on the T.V.   Notice that some programs don't push giving, but have books or tapes to offer you - those ministries are generally ok. 

*  *  *

Please re-read Galatians - the whole chapter - they too started to hear a different gospel - and accept it - and move in it - and they were getting totally rebuked for it by the Apostle Paul.  Yes they were Christian brothers, but no where else in the gospels does a church get so repeatedly rebuked with the word 'foolish'    -    Foolish, foolish!!   Yes, it's a prosperity seeking, different gospel.  The apostle Paul, the author of Galatians -warned about different gospels - and the leaders that pushed those different gospels...especially one's that took them back to re-observing the aspects of the law  Yes, there's differing gospels at work in this day and age too.  And so cleverly disguised as blessings of prosperity and being more useful to the kingdom if you can give more money.    Ever wonder why virtually no one in these church organizations are actually operating in true abundance?   Leadership is often baffled by why so many of their congregation are being 'attacked' with debt and plagued with problems.  The false gospel lies to them so much that they refuse to see the facts right in front of their eyes.   People have tried and tried and tried to tell them!  But they aren't listening and they don't want to hear the truth because currently they're so focused on the God of prosperity.    They focus in on the 1 or 2 that tithe,  that have suddenly come into some kind of prosperity, so they publicize the concept and attribute the increase to 'obeying the principles', and reinforce the 'God wants to bless you' theme.  You'll never hear them talk about the single mom who volunteered her time to help another despite her desperate financial need, who never has tithed, to see God supply her month after month.   Does God love her less?   You'll never hear that the volunteers in the children's' ministries or kitchens or gardens are serving the Lord in the best way possible, and they don't need to tithe!  You'll never hear about people who have received the grace message, and who bless others and ministries everywhere because God liberates them to give abundantly in every situation they come across.  That goes directly against the God of prosperity, and the prosperity gospel messages.  Perhaps you'll hear that 'those' people that aren't in agreement with the prosperity teachers - are all encountering debt problems, are 'problem people', or suffering in some obscure way.  Wake up.  Not only is that coercion, but there are people in every congregation that have gone bankrupt, have bad marriages, have business problems, cancers, strife - there's no difference there.  People aren't blessed more just because they're under the leadership of a prosperity gospel church.  In fact they're under real spiritual bondages and their very relationship to the Lord is in jeopardy.  Think about it. 

Christ did come to set the captives free.  Freedom from captivity includes slavery from sin, slavery from bondage's, and slavery from debt.  So God would never, ever put you (or coerce you) into a position of having to put yourself or your family into debt - or into unnecessary hardship - or make you feel that you need to stretch your faith by going into debt..  That would be contrary to effective stewardship wouldn't it?  Of course it would.  Only Satan would be interested in digging your hole deeper.  Only Satan would be interested in coercing you into giving- to get a blessing from God.  (He knows God doesn't work that way!!!)  Read below later, you'll hear of people that gave to get- and ended up going bankrupt.  Only Satan would be interested in coercing you to give - to get (or receive).  Or to seek the fathers' HAND.  Or to receive what God's wanting to do.  Or to receive your whole reward.  Or to receive your intended harvest this year.   Or to move in blessings.  Or to have your whole year blessed, instead of cursed.    I've even heard the blasphemous message that there must be something wrong with our ability to receive! 

If it's bad doctrine, it's a crock!  What an incredible  crock - all of it!  It's a different gospel - straight from the pit of hell.   And Satan will use the law to his advantage to dis-advantage you - all without your even knowing about it.   He knows all about obedient Christians - willing to be obedient even to their own detriment - usually because most of us are in fairly deep debt positions - so we're very vulnerable to wanting a blessing to get out of debt.  Also because most Christians don't read enough of the word to figure it out for themselves.  But God can not bless you in this way - because God  does not operate this way and He does not EVER do what is contrary to his own WORD.   For Him to bless you while you or your church operate in this way - would go contrary to his own word, and that makes Him out to be a liar - and He is not a liar!!! 

So if you or your church has been operating in this mode - recognize it - repent for it, and ask God's forgiveness.  It's not your fault - or God's fault.  The liar got in there somewhere, and he's operating by promoting the false prosperity seeking gospel.  Now you know, so by this simple revelation - a false gospel is cast out of your life.  Boom.  Gone.  (Abolished!)  You no longer need to operate from tradition or the law, and be bound by it.  And you can recognize the prosperity gospel when you see it.  And Satan no longer can operate on  you with the false gospel or coercion tactics - because you now can see these tactics plainly.   Once you see the lies, you don't go ahead and continue to operate in the lies do you?  Now you can move forward in the knowledge of the truth of the gospel of the Lord, and have the right perspective - the right attitude.  Now, even if the pulpit is prodding you for their first fruits offerings, or prodding you for large contributions - or subtly reminding you that your reward (30-60-100 fold!)  is awaiting you in your giving or any of the rest of the tactics above-   you're now awake to what's happening up there.  The false gospel is at work.   Recognize that -  But you're free to give according to your grateful heart - and your love for the God of Grace and mercy - and so you give from the perspective of the truth.  How much you give is up to you and God alone


-  Important -

God's acceptance


God does not measure your walk with him by how much money you give.   I don't know how to stress this any more than this.  I want to jump up and down and scream this - It's so important.  I can't believe the tactics employed on believers today by pastors/clergy to measure their congregations' walk - or their relationship with Jesus - by how much money they give.  It's absolutely mind-blowing.  Rest assured that GOD doesn't measure your worth in the kingdom by how much you give.  When you're free indeed, your desire to give unto God is between you and God - and your heart will dictate what you want to give.  Giving from a grateful heart should be your rule.  People that give of themselves - their time, their labours, their skills to the work of the kingdom are giving enormously to GodIn many cases they are the biggest givers in God's kingdom.  If this is all really new to you, you are absolutely in the right place.  God totally loves you.  I know of many instances where the biggest cheque writers were busy, busy, busy all day, but it's was the hard-up welfare mom that actually stepped into the neady person's life and actually helped them.  Ask the neady person where God's hand was. 

Also, a number of you have expressed concern that the biggest tithers seem to be the most materially blessed - so they must be doing something right, especially since the pulpit spotlights them for doing well and contributing well because they've tithed.   Well, if the resulting formula for being spiritually blessed means to be blessed with financial riches, then the most spiritually blessed people on earth may be Mr. Gates, or a certain Sultan or two.  Get the idea?  They aren't linked at all, that's the lie speaking.  It's another crock. If the pulpit is putting the spotlight on those that are getting materially blessed because they're tithing, then they're putting the spotlight on their own agenda. That's got to be confusing, and since God is not the author of confusion, it must be a teaching that's outside the word of God that's putting forth the confusion.  The widow in Mark 12:42 was spotlighted by Christ, who gave gratefully even though she had unfulfilled needs of her own.  He never highlighted the rich who gave their regular 10%.  And while we're at it, show me just one disciple of Christ that was converted from rags to riches by tithing!  Not one was made rich, and not one of them tithed.  In fact only Judas, who's focus was on money, not on Jesus, sold out Jesus for 30 silver pieces and got his just reward - the 30 pieces, and death.  The rags-to-riches 'God wants to bless you' if you just tithe message is a total blasphemous crock. (There, I feel better now!).

As my own first revelations on these concepts above started to gel, I was directed to begin to rid myself of my immediate debts.  God does not want us to operate in debt - owing anything to no man, which also puts us in bondage to those debts, so it was clear cut for me.  I started paying off all credit card debt, and began to offer to the Lord what my heart allowed out of what I had (2Cor 8:12), and was I ever blessed by God!!!!  I started to see incredible revelations in the word, and my discernment meter started to go off the chart.  But what did my clergy start to do?  First thing they questioned was my giving.  Of course they would - it's their measuring stick. They were unaware of the other opportunities and ministries God was leading me to give to- I was being more led by the spirit in my giving. But God showed me again, that He does not measure me or you by how much we give.  He doesn't value our worth by how much we give.  (You were bought with a valuable price - a price He already paid in full - you can't buy his acceptance or anything else from God no matter how much you give). He doesn't even position you in His church by how much you give, although the church leadership certainly may.   But don't be goaded into feeling that you aren't doing the right thing if you're not giving to the maximum.  You now know where that is coming from.-The False gospel, and the father of lies.  Concentrate on your walk personally with your heavenly Father, and know the truth. 

Recognize the difference between the false gospel and the true gospel. Recognize that Christ came to set the captives free - indeed.  He's setting you free right now.  Freedom from the false gospels, freedom from operating by those spirits, freedom from bondages, freedom from lies.

Now re-read your Bibles - in 2Cor 8:12.   "for if the heart is willing then the gift to God is acceptable out of what you have, not out of what you do not have".  This is so key.  Reread this until it's memorized.  God's word sets you free.   Not some web page.  Not what somebody's told you.  Just God's word.  2cor 9:7 says: "Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver".

If your heart is willing - then give out of what you have at hand -even if it's just your time and effort.   It is biblically UNACCEPTABLE to GOD if you give out of what you don't have!  Do you see that?   It's unacceptable to go into debt - or put your family into hardship - or to give some exorbitant amount hoping to get blessed exorbitantly.  You may know of people who've taken out bank loans in the thousands to put down as offerings, or tithes, hoping to get blessed.   This goes directly contrary to 2Cor.18:12.  Having faith in God is one thing, but that's just dumb.  You pastors, clergy, or church leadership that encourage or endorse this activity should be ashamed of yourselves.   In fact, why don't YOU pay back your endorsed congregations' debt obligations for them?!?  That would be a good start.

Love God.  He set's you free.  And give according to what God puts on your heart to give.  Give to your local church assembly if you can- they need to pay their bills and salaries too after all.  Give with the right heart, by the right spirit, by the true gospel -not the false gospel.

Concluding comments

Pray for your local congregation.  Trust me, God knows what's going on.  Your walk with the Lord is vitally affected by the gospel you accept. 

God wants greater things for the church - not lessor.    Pray for the leadership and the people that God put there... that they may see the truth of the whole gospel - and be patient.  Very patient.  Extremely painfully patient.  Long-sufferingly patient.   Many believers have known these truths for several years, and while some have chosen to move on (which is fine), others have received a call to take up the cross and pray for their church - to build them up, and on to their own maturity and growth in Christ.  This is love is it not?  How many times have they done the same for you?  More than you realize to be sure.    Some have advocated to me that we should be warning Christians to FLEE from the wolves in the pulpit, and there is a measure of truth to this.  But I believe that this site should not be directing sheep in their actions, but pointing them to the Father, and the truth of scripture, and letting Him direct your steps, not me.  If He says stay, then stay.  But if He says Go, then go.  Father knows best.

Remember, the leaders of your church have been faithfully following what they believe God has revealed to them too.   Have faith that God will speak to them.   Also know that if they don't listen, He has demonstrated that He WILL pass them by.   (John 8:59)  If you notice that He has already passed by, you might be wanting to follow Him though. The word says of Christ that  "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me"(John 10:27) .  Therefore seek him personally.  Don't rely on the current wind of doctrine to reveal something to you.  God speaks directly to you through his revealed word in scripture. Anything that detracts from you getting into the word should be suspect.  

We must know that God is truly at work in the Christian church today,  but it's when our FOCUS moves toward the prosperity gospel or traditional O.T. principles, it skews the Gospel message and subsequent perspectives of the Word get lopsided.  Since it amounts to a different gospel, it's akin to the yeast concept - a little works it's way through the whole batch, and the whole loaf is affected.  If you've ever done a study of yeast in your bible, you'll know how much God hates yeast - bad doctrine.  Our main focus should be on the truth of scripture and kingdom living, not on prosperity messages.  This skewing of the gospel does not mean that Christ leaves the Church, -  quite the contrary.  He loves His church- which is the body of believers, and the ministers He puts in charge are there because He called them there.  But we are called to lean into the truth, and to recognize the skewing of false doctrine when presented with it and reject that.  As we gently and lovingly share these revelations with leadership (Caution! only if led to), there should be a re-alignment of the doctrine and pulpit messages back on track with the word.   If they dogmatically refuse to budge, then they are only putting themselves on the line with their Lord, or they're serving the god of prosperity instead.  You don't need to.  Our heavenly Father God will still be with the true body of believers in the Church, meeting with individual believers at the point of their needs, and you will still be able to fellowship with Him daily anywhere - it's just that your perspective of the Gospel is now way more in line with scripture, and Christ is free to give you more revelation and enter into a closer relationship with you because you have rejected a tradition of men, or a false doctrine, or even a false god.  Try not to get prideful about it, just pray that the whole truth will come to other fellow believers. 

Since it's ultimately Christ's church, let Him deal with them in the manner that they are able to receive.  It's not our responsibility to try to ensure that church leadership is on par with the Word, just to lovingly and gently share the truth with them if confronted, and to demonstrate the love and grace of Christ in our lives.  God is way bigger than these kinds of theological problems, and He works with individual believers to mold us and shape us into His image - one issue at a time.  God does work mightily in a congregation despite major theological differences.  Why?  See Luke 3:17.

I believe that in this day, Christ is refining His church, and although the world advocates tolerance, I believe God is showing believers in Christ the discernment of seeking Him and His word more towards the truth, and away from mediocre or tainted doctrines, away from ungodly sources of power (magic), and getting ready to see His return.  In today's age of the internet and the global availability of the Word of God, there is more and more ways for true believers to press into the truths of scripture and reject bad doctrines.  With the vast selection of churches, doctrines, and virtually unlimited available fellowships, we have little excuse if we adhere to false teachings when so much of the truth is out there. 

Believers who have stepped out of prosperity gospel churches are truly amazed at just how incredibly 'free' they feel, the bondages being lifted, the spiritual discernment returning and much much more.  They just didn't really fully realize the extent of the bondages or mis-information and coercion until they had left.  They just had a 'feeling' something was wrong.  Read through some of our readers' comments below in the voting section and you'll see what I mean.  If you are in the middle of a prosperity gospel church, and are beginning to realize the truth about things - trust me, there are alot of people who have figured it out and left, and there is a vast network of support people and churches in your own community that would just love to fellowship with someone who has the discernment of the grace of God in their lives.  You will be so amazed. 

What ever you do, do not go around whispering into ears...stirring up dissent within a congregation, posting notices on cars, or pulling down church leadership.  That's not the right thing to do.  Believe you me, God is quite aware of the blasphemies surrounding the false Gospels in churches, and He will work through them despite this - and His retribution upon false Gospel teachers will be way more severe than anything you could ever dream up.  So that's not the purpose of this website - the purpose is to help you discern the truth of the gospel of grace.

Now this knowledge of the truth of God's grace globally shines a huge spotlight on the lies and the leaders propagating those lies and false gospels.  It stands as a global witness against them for all to see- worldwide - and they know it.  I've got the hate mail to prove it, and we've felt the spiritual battle from the get-go.   (Please pray for me).   For the thousands of Christians around the world that have already seen these truths, and have received clarification - your own witness is noted.   Your comments at the bottom are witness.  The word of God is witness.  The spirit bears witness to the truth and now, the Spirit of the Lord will move forward with the truth of the Gospel in your lives.  Hopefully you will be leaving behind the false gospels and moving forward towards a closer relationship with God.

Ultimately it is best if we can find ourselves at a point where we want to be generous Christian givers - giving abundantly however God leads us.  We can ALL do this.  I hope you will see that I am advocating that Christian giving is good.  Personally, I try to give always, in all ways ready to see what God would have me do.  Since everything I have is God's in the first place, its up to me to be a good steward to everything He puts through my hands.  As for this website, I have been motivated to expound that the false gospels, and the prosperity movements have tried to poison the pathway to right giving, by mandating the law of tithing, twisting scriptures to their advantages, and all the rest of that.  Remember it is more blessed to give, than receive, and that he who sows generously reaps generously.  These are good scriptural doctrines.  But these godly scriptures should not be twisted to leverage our giving like the "give-to-get-back" prosperity messages.  Its these other falsehoods and false teachers who have (as in Malachi's day) made the tithe and offerings unacceptable all over again.  My goal is to get people to see the whole picture and to get on track with proper Christian perspectives with their giving, and become closer to the Lord.   Incidentally, as it was the scene in Malachi's day (where people had made their tithes and offerings unacceptable), as it is again today, positioned just before Christs' Appearing.    So too, comes my next message to you . . . the same ministry message that John the Baptist cried out to announce the Lord's coming. . . Mark 1:3: "Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make His paths straight. . ." shall now be heard throughout the Land once more to announce the beginning of the return of Christ. 

Prepare your hearts.  Get Ready.  Repent, and be filled with the Spirit of God, in immersion as John demonstrated, and wait on the Lord.

Romans 11:5  "Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace."


If you totally hate this site, that's absolute proof you're in a false gospel/prosperity scene!  Yikes!  Please, Wake up!  You have been duped.


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    If you're checking, you'll notice that no person or ministry is slandered or mentioned in this site.  This is because we do not want to be an 'accusor of the bretheren', as some are so quick to accuse.  Rather, this information is given to help your discernment, to grown your relationship to the Lord, not to put down ministries.    Undoubtably there will be some that will be so immersed in the lies that they feel this is slandering to them personally, but I encourage them to recognise this is a call to reveal the truth, not to slam their ministry.   

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Many thanks to all of you new testament believers who have been emailing me with revelation, wonderful encouragement, and personal perspectives.  I  am so amazed at what God is doing the world over, and greatly encouraged by your responses.   Believers all over the world are hearing the Lord one by one, searching out scripture personally, rejecting bad doctrine,  and coming into greater understanding and relationship with Him!  Just look at the counter below.  So many of you are now set free!   PRAISE GOD!   We're not in the least bit worried about people voting this site as "complete Rot" in the poll, as it's partly there to show us the vast numbers of people fooled by the lies & traditions of men, who really need the truth of God to set them free too.    Actually, I expected alot more 'rot' votes - because thousands of Christians are stuck in incorrect traditional thinking and prosperity gospels and need to be set free, but it appears that the ones that actually are reading carefully through these scriptures are people that are either on the cusp of this truth and are seeking clarification, or people who the Lord's already given these truths to - and they're finding this as confirmation.  The people that are most stuck in the prosperity gospels, are the ones unfortunately that outright hate this site, skim through the text without a thought, just to vote 'rot' and throw curses at me.  Well, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink - even if the very purpose of this site is to give him the very water he needs.   Let it never be said that God didn't provide the water.


It's simply our responsibility to "study and show ourselves approved", and to "present the gospel to all nations".   That's what this site attempts to do.  No big ministry name, and no denominational hype.    I'm not giving my name (not because I don't want to stand behind this) or a divinity degree,  because they're just not important.   The scripture and the facts are.   Only the false teachers would want to have a name - because they want someone to slam, and point their fingers at.  This denies them even that opportunity.  They have only themselves to blame for not following God's own Word.    This site is here to shine the light of the word, and let God do his bit to make Berean's out of those who want real truth. 

"He who the Son set's free, is free  -indeed."

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