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Reader Queries Answered


Where can cycles be hired in Munnar?

Good question. I suppose you mean bicycles. Not motor cycles. The fact is, in most tourist resorts in Kerala, you can hire practically anything, and you don't even have to ask nicely. The particular item in question, namely bicycles can be found in most way side shops, colloqially called "murukkan kada" (murukkaan = pan - the stuff you chew if you are asking for cancer in the mouth, and kada = shop). Hiring one is not such a difficult thing, you may have to give a deposit or something. And will the guy fleece you? Most likely, yes. But converting from pound sterling to rupees, the amount of fleece is not going to be paticularly great.

We have known tourists who actually buy second hand motorcycles (and bicycles) and sell them when they go back. This behaviour is paticularly prevalant at the sea coast town called Varkala. That way you save on the deposit.

Can you find guides in Munnar?

Of course you can. Just land there! But you may not find many who will accompany you on a bicycle. Most of the travel agencies do not hire out guides to accompany guys on bicycles. Munnar is not a big place. You are not likely to get lost. Most people in Kerala speak and understand English, (although not for long maybe!). So getting directions is not that tough.


Who is the famous malayaam lyricist

The malayalam movie song industry was blessed with quite a few eminent lyricists. The most famous among them is probably Vayalar Ramavarma. (25-March-1928 to 27-Oct-1975). A quarter century after his untimely demise, he is still remembered for his haunting lyrics. Another famous lyricist is O.N.V.Kurup. who still continues to produce rather good phrases in hus songs. During the prime time of malayalam film music the trio comprising Vayalar, ONV and Sreekumaran Thampi dominated the scene. Other lyricists include such names as Yusuf Ali Kecheri, Bichu Thirumala, and several others.

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