Poetic Books Applied Learning Paper

Write a paper that can be used in a Bible study in your church, so it must have practical application to life.

1.      Write a paper on a specific passage from the Poetic Books that can be used in a Bible study in your church, so it must have practical application to life.

2.      Choose a specific passage from the Psalms or other wisdom literature of the Bible. It can be as brief as a single verse, but it should not be longer than a chapter.

3.      Find helpful resources such as commentaries, Bible dictionaries or encyclopedias to help understand the meaning of the verses.

4.      Take notes from the resources mentioned above and properly document the notes using the APA style. Dont plagiarize, but dont just string many quotes together.

5.      Explain what the Bible teaches on your theme.

a.       Make a detailed outline of your topic to help develop your paper. Take each point in the outline and develop it into a paragraph.

b.      Explain the meaning of each verse.

c.       Include the type of poetic parallelism used in the verses.

d.      If there is a disagreement or controversy over some part of your issue or a verse, what is your opinion and give reasons for your opinion.

e.       Include practical principles and applications to life based on each verse.

Important questions for application:

      How does this truth apply to my life in four spheres: in my personal life, in my family, at work, in my church, and in my neighborhood?

      In view of this truth, what specific changes should I make in my life? In other words, am I applying this truth? If not why not? Was it ignorance, rebellion, indifference?

      How do I propose to carry out these changes?

Is there a promise to claim? Is there a command to obey?

Is there a sin to confess? Is there an example to follow?

Is there a behavior to change? Is there an encouragement to receive?

Is there an insight to gain? Is there an issue to pray about?

Is there a difficulty to explore?


6.      Include a Reference List and proper APA format throughout the paper.