Historical Books of the Old Testament (Powerpoints)

John Stevenson
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The following Powerpoint presentations were designed for a series of classes on the Historical Books of the Old Testament at Park Road Presbyterian Church. They are available for downloading and use. Corresponding Video Presentations are available on this website.


The Book of Joshua: Introduction
Joshua 1: Opening Charge
Joshua 2: Two Spies, a Prostitute, and a Confession of Faith
Joshua 3-5: Passage and Remembrance
Joshua 5-8: Jericho and Ai
Joshua 9: The Gibeon Deception and the Battle for Southern Canaan
Joshua 11: The Northern Campaign
Joshua 13-21: The Distribution of the Land
Joshua 22-24: Joshua’s Call to Continuance


The Book of Judges: Introduction
Judges 1-2: The Partial and the Pattern
Judges 3:1-11: The Othniel Narrative
Judges 3:12-31: The Ehud Narrative
Judges 4 - 5: The Deborah Narrative
Judges 6 - 8: The Gideon Narrative
Judges 9: The Abimelech Narrative
Judges 10-11: The Jephthah Narrative
Judges 13-16: The Samson Narrative
Judges 17-18: Worship Wars
Judges 19-21: Civil War


Ruth 1: Story of Three Widows
Ruth 2-3: Under His Wings
Ruth 4: What Happened in the Gate


1st Samuel 1: The Birth of Samuel
1st Samuel 2:11-36: Samuel and the Sons of Eli
1st Samuel 3: Hearing God
1st Samuel 4-7: The Adventures of the Lost Ark
1st Samuel 8-10: Quest for a King
1st Samuel 11: The Redeemer-King
1st Samuel 12: Covenant Renewal
1st Samuel 13-14: Waiting on God
1st Samuel 15-16: Rejected and Accepted
1st Samuel 17: David and Goliath
1st Samuel 18-19: David and Saul
1st Samuel 20: David and Jonathan
1st Samuel 21-23: David and the Nations
1st Samuel 24-26: David: Honor and Shame
1st Samuel 27: David at Ziklag
1st Samuel 28-31: The Last Days of Saul


Nehemiah 1: Prayer and a Heart for Return
Nehemiah 2: Casting a Vision for Change
Nehemiah 3-4: Facing Opposition - Part 1
Nehemiah 5-6: Facing Opposition - Part 2
Nehemiah 7-8: Dedication
Nehemiah 9-10: Call for National Repentance
Nehemiah 11-12: Celebration
Nehemiah 13: Never Go Back

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