Eternal Security

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Loss of Salvation

Once a person comes to faith in Jesus Christ, they will be saved no matter whether or not they continue to believe.

It is possible for one to experience a faith for a time that is not saving faith. Such a one often falls away after a time.

A person might come to Christ and be saved and then, because of sin or unbelief, might lose that salvation and be lost.

Reads the parable of the sower and believes that only the first one is lost while the others merely suffer "loss of rewards."

The parable of the sower pictures some who initially experience a measure of spiritual growth, but who ultimately fall away and are not saved.

The parable of the sower tells of some who were initially saved but who lost their salvation because they did not endure.

Once saved, always saved; no matter what.

The perseverance of Godís elect is guaranteed by the work of the Holy Spirit.

Salvation is a matter of enduring to the end.


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