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Hi scott,

I also have a 755CX but i had to install linux by hand ... i should have
found your *great* page a little bit earlier :-)

Some additional things i encountered :

1. If you boot with loadlin and MWave Drivers, than you can use either
EMM386.EXE or APM support :-(

2. if I boot linux with the standard RedHat 6.1 kernel in "mode3x" than
the text mode is quite messed up ... but you can change :

change your /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/video.S ... the relevant part should
look like this:

! A special hack allowing to force specific BIOS mode ID along with specific
! dimensions. Especially useful for certain X-Window graphics mode hacks
! (e.g., 800x600 modes on IBM ThinkPad).
#define VIDEO_GFX_BIOS_AX 0x4f02        /* 800x600 on ThinkPad */
#define VIDEO_GFX_BIOS_BX 0x0102
#define VIDEO_GFX_DUMMY_RESOLUTION 0x6425       /* 100x37 */

than compile the kernel and add "vga=0x0F08" to your loadlin line and you
have a nice 100x37 textmode

BUT: the last line of the screen is not correct ...

so use also SVGATextMode 100x37x8_SVGA ... I could mail you my complete
/etc/Textmode, if you are interessted ...

Greetings and best wishes ...


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