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  • George Walter Kornegay
    (b.) bet. 1816-1817 N.C.
  • Married: 1st wife
  • Clarissa Rouse
    (b.) abt.1823 N.C.
  • Children:
  • (F) Sarah Kornegay
  • (M) John Willis Kornegay
  • (M) James Polk Kornegay
  • (M) Joseph Kornegay

  • John Willis Kornegay
    (b.)December 31, 1843 N.C.
  • Married:
  • Everline Branton
    (b.)October 19, 1851 Alabama
  • Children:
  • (M) George Washington Kornegay
  • (M) Robert P. Kornegay
  • (F) Mary Magdeline Kornegay
  • (M) JH Kornegay
  • (M) Samuel E. Kornegay
  • (F) MJ Kornegay
  • (M) James Amos Kornegay
  • (F) UJ Kornegay

  • Samuel E. Kornegay
    (b.) Dothan,Alabama
  • Married:
  • Charlotte "Lottie" Mae Swann
  • Children:
  • (M) Willie "Snookum" Kornegay
  • (F) Lilly Kornegay
  • (M) Madison "Niece" Kornegay
  • (F) Pearl Gertrude Kornegay
  • (F) Hattie Elen Luciele Kornegay
  • (F) Lorraine Kornegay
  • (M) J.W." Pug" Kornegay
  • (M) Crawford "Saint Boy" Kornegay

  • Hattie Elen Luciele Kornegay
    (b.)February 15, 1912
  • Married: October 18,1928 ,in Houston County Alabama
  • T. J. Kirkland
    (b.) February 10, 1910
  • Children:
  • (M) T. J. Jr. "Dute" Kirkland
  • (M) Private Kirkland
  • (F) Private Kirkland
  • (M) Private Kirkland
  • (F) Sarah Nell Kirkland
  • (F) Private Kirkland
  • (M) Private Kirkland
  • (M) Private Kirkland

  • Married: 2nd wife,
    December 19, 1855, in Jackson Duval Co. Florida
  • Sophia Godwin
  • Children:
  • (F) Prudence A. P. Kornegay
  • (M) Jonah R. Kornegay


George W. Kornegay was born between 1816 and 1817 in North Carolina. Most researchers believe that his parents were. William Kornegay II and Charlotte Daniel. George W. Kornegay is mentioned in item #8 of the will of William Kornegay II.

He married Clarissa Rouse in North Carolina about 1841, and had four children. I am not sure how that marriage ended, but it is my understanding that Clarissa was found during the 1850 census in North Carolina living by herself with four children.

On December 19, 1855 in Jacksonville,Duval County,Florida, George W. married Sophia Godwin. Sophia was born between 1827 and 1828. They lived in Dale County Alabama where in the 1860's George W. was employed as a school teacher,and in the 1870's as a farmer. Sophia and George had two children.

John Willis Kornegay enlisted in the Army of the CSA May 27,1861 at the age of 19. He served in co. F of the 2nd N. Carolina Regiment , and was attached to Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. He was with Robert E. Lee's army at Appomattox when he surrendered.

John Willis must have gone to live with or visit his father after the war, because in abt. 1871 he married Everline Branton in Dothan Alabama. He and Everline had eight children.



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