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White Shadow's Cheap Ass Web Page

No cheap-ass GMing off of a bull or white wolf for me. This was done on new years eve of 2000

To anyone who doubted me when I said res killing a pet gives good gains, look who just GM'd vet :) I had been res killing Raven (the mare) but I kept crashing, so I only have a pic of the last .1 I gained. And some people thought it needed helped, so they started healing it too. Snow was tearing it up until then.

I thought this was pretty cool

This is the 4th purple llama of death that I've seen in UO.

This is the 5th hehe. It wasn't mine tho, Chablis summoned this one.

OMG, i'm gonna kill kenny

who is this mystic llama herder i keep running into?

This is OSI's idea of being politically correct huh?

This is just plain fun. This is a picture of my team while we were in Bosnia. That was loads of fun, aside from being locked inside of camp all the time. We were actually on our way over there when the attacks happened on September 11, 2001. When we found out what happened, there wasn't a single one of us that didn't want to get back on the plane and head a little further east.

Anyway, this is my cheap ass web page. I'll re-design it and make it look all fancy and stuff whenever I get around to it.