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Radio antenna tower site pictures s Loading Transmitter Sites From Hell,relax,enjoy,receive Corporations like CheapChannel ,The late Citadel,Capstar,AMFM,CRB,CITC,HICKS,CCC,
   You are now about to enter the bowels of Radio Hell...
the inside guts and grueling roads of  which the
creature known as the Radio Engineer must travel.

  Always in need an yet rarely ever given a nod,
the radio engineer treks his way up steep unforgiving mountainsides to rescue
the signals that penetrate our lives.
When a station transmitter is off the air the Radio Engineer is the MOST important person in the station.
On call 24 hours 7 days a week, there's nary a break. Equipment and danger lurks around every corner.
These transmitter sites are in very hard to reach and hard to get to places.
This page will give you a pictoral glimpse into the ongoing
battle to keep commercial Radio Stations on the air and food on the table. ( Bookmark this page now and let the learning begin ;)

This month's PTR looks at the world of Hip Hop and how this genre of
music has cecome a vehicle for communication and revolution around
the world. In this program, we hear from one Michael Franti, of
Spearhead , one of music's most consciousgroups. Michael talks
about the band's newest album , politics, prejudice, life and where we
need to go in achieving social justice. Real Audio (29:56)
rock the nation , a music real-video

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To all those wanting or calling for protest / direct action,
to fight for media freedom, there is already an action planned.

Friday, March 22 from 3:00 - 6:00pm
FCC Building 445 12th Street NW; Washington, DC
this will be a fantastic event

*NEW* Sacramento Independent Media Center
the future Sac IMC Newswire. hosted on the Flag server for now.

Lies, intrigue, illicit affairs, kidnapping, snitches, and drug abuse. Sound like the stuff of a daytime TV soap opera?
corporate radio PD chronicles
No, just a typical day at one of the radio stations
If you are interested in radio, if you want a career in radio, if you LISTEN to radio, this is a "must read."

Click here to listen to the news about the california pg&e and Bush's friends at ENRON Power Scam / REAL NEWS from LOCAL indy reporters

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and now .... the stations......
* *
Corporate Owned       Local
  Citadel   Clear Channel      Z-SPANISH           but Unclustered  Independent COMBO's Low Power
KDJK 103.9  KKME  96.7 KLOC 920 KWIN 97.7  KCBC  770   Sacramento IMC KRVR  105.5 Lincon 1610
KKhK 104.1 KQOD 100.1 KTDO  89.9 KWNN 98.3 KAZV TV 14 KVIN  1390 KRJC  660
KATM 103.3  KUYL 1280 KZMS 97.1 KJOY 97.3 KWG  1140 KBDG   90.9
KHOP  95.1  KFIV  1360 KCVR 1570 EAS/EBS KSTN 107.5 Lick 106.7
KAML  970  KOSO  93.1 KMIX 100.9  KTRB  860  Ranch 93.9 FM KSTN AM KCSS  91.9
KJSN  102.3 Randof LPTV UHF 49 KCJH Stockton Tower LPFM Story
  Group Contesting scam HAM Radio KLBQ 92.5 Cell Phone KHJC  RPMRADIO. NET
2-Way Radio UHF-TV 19 KKBN 93.5 Youth Media MicroRadio. NET
KSJO KRVQ 14?? vacuum tube KADV 90.5 FM Sac TV towers Low Power FM
MicroWave Active Denial System WTC New York F.C.C. KMEG 92.7 Audio archive Indy Media NewsReal WASHDC IMC radio
LA's KillRadio Public AccessTV
Pentagon Stinkbomb LAPD radio MexicoCity IMC
Radio UNAM

 Great site to learn all about community radio stations
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08 Jul 01 | Americas Congressman 'admits affair' with intern.
funny how every corporate media outlet reports this democrat affair even the BBC
but is not intrested in the sex affairs of republicans like Rudy Giuliani (R) or Newt Gingrich

Main stream media tells you all the bad news about Gray Davis while not reporting on republicans!
corporate media is trying hard to keep any democrat from getting to the white house.

sound like a hit from the Office of Strategic Influence media jake'ers

Here Radio Pro's talk about fixing sad state of 'corporate radio'
Lending Support
 Prroud to be a 'BRB Radio'...Here Radio Pro's talk about fixing sad state of 'corporate radio'
Responsible Radio

we have received information that BRB is off the air , anyone know more ?????

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Rockin' Rhythm and Blues from the 1940's thru the early 60's now Streaming on " SOUNDSATIONAL " !

Chapter 11: Radio and Television on the Internet

FM/TV towers from the Northeast. (New England, & New York)at:

 Great info on shortwave and Europe Radio Pirates

Sam O'Neil : Radio voice-over's Kick ASS Voice Imaging

New York Radio and TV
UHF T.V. antenna's   what is the best UHF TV antenna for VHF/UHF T.V. signals

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Independent Online News Sources: The L.I.O.N.S. Den!

Radio Free Exile programs live original music, poetry, interviews and commentary,
thanks to the auspices of Transient Neighborhood Radio.
Free-Casting sporadically from an undisclosed location in Hollywood, CA,
the small FM transmitter beams a signal to the Los Angeles Area.

The KRUD Radio Cartoon Archive is located here.
 Check out KRUD Radio

Lumenati has more streaming mp3 radio sites

Get your business or ideas on the Internet

We would like you to help find Chandra Levy
and to NOT VOTE for Gary Condit or any one ELSE from the 2 main CORPORATE PARTYS
and just for fun right click save-as & download this funny mp3 song about Gary Condit , you will like it!
or you can stream the gary condut song with real-player

Read more about congresman Gary Condit 's VOTING record from news radio expert John Anderson
Gary Conduit money break-out on this page!
The Radio Hall of Shame: Gary Condit

 #1 book Personal History by newspaper owner Katharine Graham .  Read Rebels on the AIR by Jesse Walker
......... Rebels on the Air : An Alternative
Read the review on this book Rebels on the AIR

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Whats the next big media protest ???Las Vegas BABY !!!




Radio's big bully
Dirty tricks and crappy programming:
Welcome to the world of Clear Channel,
 Click here to read about the tricks of Clear Channel Radio CCU

the biggest station owner/master in America.- - - - - - - - - - - -
By Eric Boehlert April 30, 2001 (5 pages Very good reporting ;)

K-Ci Hailey pleads no contest to lewd conduct charges.
Charges stem from a performance Hailey gave at Clear Channel's
KIIS-FM's Jingle Ball in December. Hailey allegedly pulled his pants down
in front of a full audience of children and parents at the Shrine Auditorium.
Hailey pled no contest in Los Angeles Superior Court. Will be sentenced on
June 5th and is expected to get a fineand a longer police record.
Thank you inside radio for this labor information!

This from
CBS/Viacom gets to keep UPN under new (lack of )rules from FCC.
FCC lifted ban on any merger between UPN and the WB television
networks. The four major networks are still banned from merging with one
another but the amended rule allows for any one of them to buy UPN or WB.
Lifting the ban allows Viacom to keep UPN which it was ordered to sell when
it merged with CBS last year.

all our support go's out to the gals at the top of the FCC ...
put your foot down ! Draw a goverment picket line _____________________
We Will protest here and now Before Digital takes over the airwavs
former Clear Channel employees

BR> Check out our old web site of pictures of the World Trade center Towers and antenna's
Photo's of the World Trade center New York City Roof.

indymedia newscast from new york's WTC

Click on this picture to play the New York independent 9-11 Newscast
using 'streaming mp3' winamp or REALPLAYER
( direct the aplet to your C:\Program Files\Winamp )
or on the web surf here

Clear Channel Radio Station Tortures and Kills in Feast of Cruelty, Ask about the video!
Radio stations owned and operated by Clear Channel Communications, Inc., have a history of abusing and killing
animals. The most recent example of cruelty to animals and macho cowardice exhibited by employees of Clear
Channel Communications, Inc., occurred in the parking lot of WXTB-98 Rock in Tampa, Florida, on Tuesday,
February 27, 2001.

According to witnesses and listeners of WXTB, a boar was brought to the radio station's parking lot
where he was tied up and castrated, then had his throat slit while fully conscious. The boar's screams were heard
across the airwaves. Instead of showing remorse for this heartless and obscene act of cruelty toward animals, the
radio station has made light of the public's concerns


Contact:( Lowry Mays Chair CEO Clear Channel Communications Inc,Public File or clear channel mall msnbc etc
200 E. Basse Road San Antonio, Texas 78209 request line 210-822-2828 telix: 210-822-2299
over night change radio format , yea that company!

George Lucas' Biography

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television sets ... and, of course, airing programs in HDTV The People's Radio! Click Now!
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make your own media , cable public access TV shows... here is how, and it's FREE

crooks in Congress approved media deregulation in the TELCOM act of 1996 ,
since then basic cable rates have risen an average of 38 percent,
rising annually at a rate of two to three times the rate of inflation.

Z-SPANISH radio info
who owns Z-SPANISH broadcasting mexican radio info ?

Bay Area viewers who have high-definition television sets ... and, of course, airing programs in HDTV 6.78 radio 444 5.41 trade 417 5.08 world 383 4.67 center 330 4.02 transmitter 179 2.18 pictures 158 1.92 stations 134 1.63 california 133 1.62 of 128 1.56 fm 122 1.48 tower 116 1.41 new 113 1.37 york 112 1.36 the 103 1.25 towers 102 1.24 mp3 99 1.20 picture 98 1.19 and 94 1.14 wtc 85 1.03 station 74 0.90 schematics 72 0.87 tv 69 0.84 modesto 64 0.78 sites 58 0.70 broadcast 50 0.61 in 43 0.52 site 42 0.51 inside 42 0.51 antenna 42 0.51 cell 42 0.51 tour 38 0.46 photo 37 0.45 pirate 37 0.45 city 35 0.42 hell 32 0.39 stockton 32 0.39 rock 32 0.39 television 32 0.39 audio 31 0.37 am 29 0.35 pics 29 0.35 satelite 28 0.34 channel 27 0.32 trasmitters 26 0.31 967 26 0.31 frequencys 25 0.30 to 25 0.30 phone 24 0.29 on 24 0.29 ca 24 0.29 clasic